Date: 28th August 2019 at 12:00pm
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Following the hugely disappointing defeat to Newcastle United last weekend, Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino will be looking for a reaction from whatever first team squad he chooses to select for this Sunday’s derby encounter with Arsenal.

Making the short trip to the Emirates Stadium for the game, it’s not just a return to winning ways and three points that we’ll be looking for, as both sides are playing for the bragging rights.

Unai Emery appears to have a few doubts of his own as we head into the game, and with injuries to Juan Foyth and Ryan Sessegnon being of a lengthier nature, we’ll simply have to see if Poch can call on Tanguy Ndombele, Dele Alli or Kyle Walker-Peters for this one.

Three games in, there’s certainly no reason to panic, but even for those fans who feel this season is a transition period as Poch reshapes the squad for the future, we want to be celebrating the win at the end of this one.

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229 Replies to “Spurs Look To Cause A Disruption In The Library – Three Points From Arsenal Would Be Perfect – Match Thread”

  • The worrying thing is that bookmakers probably aren’t going to suspend betting on something without good cause, I think that would likely be something more substantial than a rumour coming out of the taxpayers stadium.

  • These rumours of Poch leaving, probably the know it all press, but I ask “why would he jack it in 1 year into a 5 year contract?” ok! there are problems he has probably not come up against before, but for me it doesn’t make sense, or maybe I am a senile old git!

    As for the NLD I am with other’s, not that confident and not sure which Spurs team will turn up, hopefully the best one for our/fans sake’s as well as the team itself. COYS

  • Regards Poch jacking it in, I forgot to add…maybe it’s time for him to prove his worth and what a great coach/manager he really is. COYS

  • Poch proved his quality at least 3 years ago. It’s those that employ him that have failed him at every turn imaginable. I don’t want to see him leave but I’d completely understand if he did. Poch clarified in the summer that he was not in charge of transfers/contracts, so any unrest we are seeing in the team now is the fault of those that employ him.

    Anyway, can’t see past Arsenal for this game especially with the game being at theirs. If we can muster a solid performance that stretches beyond a 30-40 minute spell, we might actually get something from the game. But it’s been a while since that happened.

  • TQ2S….agreed on your last post.

    LS….I wasn’t questioning Poch on his ability as a great coach, as I think he is, what I was trying to say was that he is in a position he hasn’t come across before, ie discord from 2 or 3 players, so now prove even more how great a coach he is. COYS

  • Can’t see Levy sacking Poch or him leaving quite frankly especially only 1 year into a new 5 year contract – it’s too costly for either side. There’s the old Levy dream I think of Mourinho but like I say it would be too costly to get rid off Poch and anyway he’s done a great job so far so no reason to want him to leave.

  • B108 – seen you mention it a few times now regarding Eriksen – would be great if he did sign a new contract but can’t see it happening myself. He’s available on a free next summer so why ruin his chances of a bumper pay out?! Juve are rumoured to be getting rid off Dybala and even Pjanic – they have Ramsey but could well then be in for Eriksen if they sell the other 2. Madrid are still in for a play-maker but they’re now being strongly linked with Fernandes so I guess Eriksen sees out his contract and moves on a free next summer possibly to Juve who love a free transfer.

  • Anyone else a bit concerned about sponsorship deals – we signed for 15 years with Nike at £30m a season apparently and £40m a season with AIA for 8 years but I’m worried we’ve been sold short here possibly because of the new stadium costs and having proof of funding for the foreseeable future to cover such. Arseanal have just signed with Adidas for 5 years at £60m each and Liverpool are about to sign a record breaking deal with Nike aswell potentially £75m+ (what Utd are on) so why are we so bloody cheap – regular top 4 now, CL final last year, etc?! I wonder if our deal is performance related and increases the better we do and year on year % wise – finding it hard to believe Levy would settle so cheaply when our rivals (as they all are now) are getting much more and top dollar out of their contracts!!! Anyone got any info or opinion on this?! Very interested as it will affect our ability to offer competitive wages and fund future transfers especially if we are to move away from the net spend ideal followed so far…..!

  • Still no stadium naming rights either – bit concerned with this aswell as we could do with the money! Not very happy sponsorship wise – no naming rights for the stadium, apparently low contracts for kit and shirt sponsorship, etc – I would almost question how the club is being run if it weren’t for the money that Lewis and Levy have involved in us – guess we’re not as big as I and some other’s think we are yet – regular top 4 now, CL final last year, good squad, top youth academy according to the pundits, etc – what more do we have to do to match our rivals?! I guess we better start winning trophies LOL! And yes I’m a share-holder aswell as a fan so talking from the pocket which as strong as talking from the heart!

  • Not a clue LS but doubt it’s anything major. We have lot’s of little sponsors but the main guys are Nike and AIA. Wonder what a sleeve deal is worth?! Can’t be that much for Levy not to be all over it, after all we were the first to get different shirt sponsors for league and cup games. That said it’s been 2 years so don’t know what’s going on there. Hope it’s not the same with stadium naming rights – we could do with the money. Lo Celso loan deal could be a sign of us not having the dough up front and needing to push it into next year’s accounts who knows but it’s not normal for us to sign a big player like this – it’s more a continental thing although I think it’s a good tactic to see if the player adapts and performs if not then not lumbered – so a good way to do future business where opportunity presents itself!

  • LS – just read shirt sleeve should be worth about 20% of main shirt sponsor – that means in 2 season’s we’ve lost out on upto £16m. That’s a lot of money so not sure what the club/Levy are playing at?! Also stadium naming rights could be worth £100’s of millions over the lifespan of the stadium and we have to tap into this ASAP!


    Just read the above – interesting as regards prices quoted as nowhere near as high as some including myself might have thought – maybe it’s why Levy’s not come up with anything yet. Still if we get £4m a year over 25 years that’s £100m which is quite a bit of lolly. I agree with the writer – people are always talking of the stadium name but never really the shirt sponsor so it’s a bit baffling that Arse, etc signed away so cheaply.

    Sleeve sponsor is another where we need to get our skates on and make some dough – £8m over 25 years (not that we’d sign that long) is worth £200m which again is a lot of lolly. Here’s hoping we can sort something out ASAP on both fronts.

  • While shirt sleeve adverts has financial merit.. what we already have on the shirts.. Club Badge AIA Nike… do we really want to look like walking (or running) advertising billboards?? Rugby clubs have shown what this is like.. Perhaps Levy & co. want to keep spurs strip as close to original pre Premier League and i’m sure there are fans who agree? I think we are ok as we are now.

    SO while we are in 1st year of new stadium, and financial income is being assessed along with merchandising, players transfer budget in & out… wages, for all club staff, running costs of WHL, Enfield as well..£m’s a year Business Rates to Harringey Council / Enfield Council etc. Will be under Levy’s astute management decisions. Perhaps VS members will post their views on this?

  • B108 ….. It’s a bit difficult to have a view that matters on this subject. Without specific knowledge of all the financial workings of THFC it remains as guesswork and speculation, all of which is irrelevant. All we can do is trust in Levy’s business acumen to balance the books in a way that promotes the Spurs project. And one thing is sure, Levy has few peers in that regard.

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