Date: 10th August 2017 at 4:24pm
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It was only yesterday when Poch told talkSPORT that he was hoping to bring in between two and four new players during this transfer window. Well, that’s fine and dandy but if you believe some of what you read then Tottenham are linked with more player exits than incoming.

Let me begin with our current squad who, over the last couple of days are being linked with moves away from WHL. Or should that read Wembley? Oh, and I’m not going to even mention that certain left-back who claims / indicated, call it what you will that he wouldn’t mind a Manchester move.

Spurs striker Vincent Janssen is a target for French side Marseille

Source – Daily Mirror

Eric Dier has attracted interest from Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga champions are ready to make a £50m offer for the England midfielder

Source – The Sun

Barcelona are preparing to make a bid for England and Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli, 21, after selling Neymar for £200m

Source – The Express

Possible incoming

I’m not going to mention Ross Barkley as I have a feeling Daniel Levy is holding out for a ‘basement bargain’ deal, with a possible cheeky little £20m bid on the final day of the transfer window.

Tottenham have targeted Ajax’s £35m-rated Colombia defender Davinson Sanchez as their first summer signing

Source – The Sun

Tottenham have joined Juventus in the race for Valencia right-back Joao Cancelo

Source – Daily Mail

There are one or two other links but I would have to venture way back into July and beyond. And to be honest they look as likely as becoming Spurs players as the two I’ve mentioned above.

This transfer window, as with many before are exciting as watching paint dry.



8 Replies to “Spurs Linked With More Player Exits Than Incoming”

  • For Christ sake Levy increase that bloody wage structure otherwise you are going to lose all your good players.

  • The wage situation is going to put our recent success in jeopardy. The players can get double the money at most clubs in the PL. Sorry to say we have to start paying the going rate. Spurs may be building a new stadium but we have a lot of money from last season.

  • We have loads of money to spend – the massive increase in Sky money, the Champions League money, the players sales, the increased sponsorship, the naming rights for the new stadium to come.
    Levy simply refuses to spend it. Look at the money West Ham, Watford etc are spending on players wages. If they can afford it, we certainly can. These clubs are showing ambition. Who would want to come to Spurs now that the clubs complete lack of ambition has been exposed. You can forget about Barkley. He will go to Chelsea for £35m.
    We are being ripped off with ticket prices, with the ticket exchange scheme and now with the lack of investment in the squad.

  • Spot on Doncaster, but what’s new. We have always been involved in a race to the bottom wages wise. The difference is that we are now paying our best players approximately 50% of what they can get virtually anywhere else in the PL, the gap has grown and an exodus will not be far away. I wonder how Levy would like it if he dropped into the bottom 50% of chairman earnings in the league, rather than being at the top. If he manages to sell Rose just think how big a bonus he will be due. The Walker deal has brought home to our guys just what is available elsewhere.

  • Of course nobody else in the PL is expecting our master negotiator Mr Levy to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the transfer window, and swoop. It will take everybody completely by surprise and catch them all with their guard down, after all it has never been tried before. Of course it won’t give anybody the opportunity to dust of their unwanted non movers to shove into the shop window at a bargain price, as many have done before in similar circumstances. Never mind if that’s what humours him, let him play his phony mind games, bless him, he thinks he is winning.

  • I can’t believe this newspaper rubbish is being treated as serious journalism. has this site got that desperate ?

  • Jod – you really are a happy soul aren’t you? If you or for that matter anyone else wants my position then i’d hand VS over quicker than a prossy can drop their underwear.

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