Date: 28th November 2017 at 6:58pm
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Spurs Line-up; back to the future for foxes

Lloris, Dier, Sanchez, Vert, Aurier, Rose

Sissoko, Dembele

Ericksen, Alli, Kane.

Stronger starting line-up, than against West Brom, but hold your fingers in the crossed position for Dembele, him lasting more than 45 mins will be a big test.

And we welcome back Lamela, he`ll will get time too, if we`re winning.


8 Replies to “Spurs Line-up; back to the future for foxes”

  • If I wanted to be critical I would ask, What’s the point of this article? Surely, it is covered by the Game article. No offence to CS for borrowing half of his name!

  • Hey Geof, steady on! Just like HK, I have a trade mark rights on it!

    Welcome back Erik. Here’s wishing you an injury free full recovery to your best form. We need it!

  • I am so disgruntled I have not read the article. However after watching the last 3 games ?critically? I feel the following reason is the cause for our poor form. 1) The team last year always had 3 attackers who were the focus of the attack and could be countered on to score (Eriksen, Alli, King and Son). I say 3 because all 4 named seldom played together. Whatever, the final ball was always to the person who had the best chance to score. The result was a high shots on goal total, a high shots on target total and a lot of goals. The last 3 games and possibly more, it seems the entire point of the attack is to get the ball to Harry Kane. I have noticed players in excellent position to take a shot with high probability of scoring, stop and look for Kane and force a pass into him which is either intercepted or has him surrounded by 2 or 3 defenders. IMHO this have caused our attack to be toothless and easy to defend. This must be changed for us to get back on track.

    This has additionally made the form of Eriksen and Alli look like crap with both looking useless at times. Because of this we are throwing everybody into attack towards the end of games to try to play catch-up, leaving us open to counters. I really hope Poch can address this foolish attention on Kane and return to the attack being focused on a three prong goal scoring threat.

  • jvd …. As I just commented on the other thread, we have virtually the same players as last season (minus Walker) but we’re not playing the same football. I think your point has something to do with this.

  • jvd, I think you have a point there. This actually started near the end of last season when Kane was going all out to overtake Lukaku for the golden boot. Everyone was helping/finding Kane and it worked. (was it he scored 7 goals in two games?). Seems they have carried over that pattern in to this season. But again, the fingers should be pointing at Poch. IMO, Poch is getting away lightly during this poor run of form as fans/posters pick on individuals and collective effort of players. At the end of the day, it’s the conductor who directs the orchestra and chooses the players to suit.

  • CS …. I remember when the conductor used to give you a ticket on the bus. Maybe MP needs to buy a ticket when the ‘parkers’ come to town.

  • Aye Geof, them were the day, the poor guy up and down those double deckers!. Loved those machines… Loved the way Spurs USED to play only a few months back… seems like years ago!

  • CS …. True. We should never have beaten Madrid …. we tempted the football gods and it’s been downhill ever since. Hopefully, we’ll get flogged by Apoel and it will start our resurgence!!

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