Date: 12th July 2020 at 6:29pm
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Tottenham Hotspur
2 – 1

White Hart Lane

Premier League

12/07/2020 4:30 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Michael Oliver

Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal
Son Heung-Min (19), Alderweireld (81) Lacazette (16)
Lloris Martinez
Alderweireld David Luiz
Sanchez Kolasinac 84
Bellerin 84
Sissoko Ceballos
Lo Celso
84 Tierney 84
Lucas Moura 82 Pepe
Kane Lacazette
Son Heung-Min Aubameyang


82 Saka
Skipp 84 Willock 84
Nelson 84
Cedric Soares 84

Game Statistics

15 Goal attempts 13
9 On Target 4
6 Corners 5
16 Fouls 11
5 Yellow Cards 3
0 Red Cards 0
37 % 63

Following on from the bore draw against Bournemouth, Tottenham Hotspur were back in action today as we welcomed Arsenal to White Hart Lane for the North London Derby.

Gulp – after the Bournemouth display I was looking forward to this game so much, I forgot to do a match thread, so apologies are in order to the fine folks of Vital Spurs.

It was certainly a bright start with both sides looking to attack (and both seeming unable to defend) and as the visitors opened the scoring 16 minutes in, Spurs responded quickly with Son Heung-Min drawing us level just three minutes later.

The chances for both sides kept coming, but it was 1-1 at the break and as the second half progressed, it looked like it would end up a point apiece. Spurs had the better chances really, but Arsenal made more of the second period and had greater control.

With nine minutes left, Toby Alderweireld popped up to give us the bragging rights as he got his head on the end of a Sonny delivery and that was the game. More than deserved by the end of it, and without woodwork, we might have seen another goal or two.

Three points, bragging rights and something to smile about again.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Vertonghen, Lamela, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Gedson Fernandes, Tanganga.

Unused Arse Subs:

Papastathopoulos, Torreira, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Macey.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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43 Replies to “Spurs Late Show Seals A Lively London Derby – Match Stats”

  • BelgianSpur – If City’s ban has been overturned then its game over. No one can compete with an oil state. Not us, not United, not billionaires like Abramovich. Given the “gun” in this case is an unlimited supply of oil money I’m curious where exactly we (or any other club for that matter) get one from.

  • BS, it really isn’t Levy’s fault that City’s ban has been overruled in spite of their obvious flouting of the FFP rules. 😉

    When football is eventually back to normal and THFC can start earning the big dollars that our stadium is set up to bring… Then we can better judge ENIC’s worth to the club, long-term…

    Meanwhile, it is incredible circumstances of pandemic proportions, completely out of Levy’s control, that sees this huge club project put on hold.

    To make judgements on this project right now, even if there were no pandemic, is ridiculous. After not one full season yet to be played in the new stadium. But knowing that even without the football and now without the crowds, there have been numerous big-money events cancelled/postponed that would have seen our profits rocket. And no doubt our player spending increased…..

    I dare to say it but I think that it’s you that’s being naive in all this.

  • With City getting away with their financial form of a gun-crime, what’s the betting that we win our remaining 3 matches, other results go for us and we finish in 5th?

    An in inverted form of Spursiness, designed to increase our woes…..

  • Simple regards MC….Money talks, end of.

    As another said Moura was our mom yesterday, he fought battled for every thing, but for me his greediness didnt help him or others.

    4 out of 6 v the Gooners, helps to make up for a pretty poor season, an understatement there I think LOL! COYS

  • What sad news for Serge. With an actual gun crime having seen his brother shot dead in France in the early hours of this morning….

  • It was much better yesterday but it seems to me that this is the only way Jose knows how to win. He sets the team up defensively and plays long balls up to Kane. He gets the attacking players playing as defenders and hopes for an opposition mistake or missed opposition chances (Aubameyang yesterday). It is simply not sustainable to play this way – Arsenal are not Man City , they are little more than a mid table team at the moment and yet this is all Jose has. Jose is not the way forward, despite yesterdays result he still needs to go.

  • 5th no longer good for CL then, so not now and especially not next season! Also that means we need to finish atleast 7th now I believe to get EL for next season. Things just got a lot harder for us especially in the short term unfortunately………!

    Good to see Lucas getting some decent praise on here from several posters today – a few of us like Stan and Geof and myself have backed him quite a bit for a while now and great to see him turn in a MOTM performance against a good side in Arse yesterday – long may it continue – what I especially liked were the 2 passes in on goal from him for HK10 – 2 sublime balls…….! Hopefully with a more regular run and the team performing consistently well – he can showcase his talent and get in amongst the goals and assists frequently – great work ethic and excellent skills aswell – bodes well!

  • Yes commiserations to Serge for his brothers death.

    DH….sorry cannot agree with you there, yes a mistake by a Gooner got us a goal, but if Son had been defending he wouldn’t have been able to take advantage.

    Also a mistake by Aurier got them their goal, its football, it happens, lets give your most hated JM a full season, though I am not a lover of his, I will at least give him that.

    Also to be honest if our front men hadn’t been so greedy or even poor in the decision making we could quite easily have scored 3 or 4 more.

    Our lot who got Poch the sack are learning a new way to play for them and I believe it is starting to bare fruit. COYS

  • EJ …. To be honest I’ve never seen anything but endeavour from Lucas. No footballer is perfect and they all make mistakes (including Lucas), but that’s football.

  • HT – it’s very simple in the end. The stadium was supposed to be the dawn of a new era. Quite simply, it hasn’t been.

    Sure, one can point to circumstances, context etc. The cynic in me will just call that “excuses”.

    Until A) the stadium starts delivering the financial windfall it was supposedly going to, and B) said money is actually reinvested in the squad, the doubts and the questioning are legitimate. Until proven wrong, I will be sticking to my guns. And I just don’t understand how refusing to believe in something which isn’t real (yet) is naive. If anything, it’s pragmatic.

    But you go on believing in fairies if you want to. To each his own.

    • Er, Okay… But the stadium and all the events that were planned were real, weren’t they? And crazy unforeseen circumstances have since postponed such events, haven’t they?. I haven’t made this up, have I? Maybe I was dreaming? Bloody nightmare, more like…. Is it just me or is covid-19 just a figment of my imagination?

      And we definitely haven’t played 1 full season at the new stadium yet……. At least I think that’s right… And it has been 4 months or so since the season was so rudely interrupted by that pandemic thing, hasn’t it?

      What I do know though is; I do like fairies… Such beautiful, magical creatures…..

      • ….. In other words if you see this pandemic as merely excuses then I can only mock such a comment…..
        I can’t possibly take that seriously along with you saying it’s supposed to be the start of a new era whilst dismissing C-19 as a hindrance to that new dawn… A new dawn that found itself almost immediately in darkness…

        Jesus, the stadium was barely opened before it then shut down in a lockdown…. This is not fantastical it’s fact……

        I was merely pointing out that this is too early to judge such a thing when that thing is closed to everything it was set up for and to play to large, big money spending crowds… Concerts, NFL rugby etc… And as a 7 day a week, 365 days a year community hub, with sports clubs, dining, drinking etc…. This is true… It hasn’t happened but it will of course still happen… If not, then we may as well knock the stadium down and start afresh on the Tottenham marshes…

        I’d be up for that… Me and the fairies!

        • Well that’s the point isn’t it? Under Levy, the phrase “it’s too early to judge” or “give him time” or “we’re building for the future” has been thrown at fans so many times… How long are fans supposed to wait? How long are they willing to?

          It’s just yet another setback in Levy’s “grand plan”… I’m not saying everything is under Levy’s control, or entirely his fault, but I am just looking at the cold hard reality that we are currently saddled with massive amounts of debt, and few opportunities for revenue.

          As I said, I think there were plenty of alternatives (building a cheaper, simpler stadium being one), which would not have impacted us quite to the same extent.

          Again, you talk up the future, based on what you think is supposed to happen, but that’s also speculation (and if anything, recent events should have taught you that what is supposed to happen doesn’t necessarily).

          I will wait until the stadium actually delivers before I call it a resounding success. Right now, it’s a financial hole.

          Apparently, some fans wanted to fly a “Levy Out” banner before the NLD. It seems like I am far from the only one questioning the direction of the club, and the speed at which were are progressing.

          • Well it goes without saying that the stadium isn’t a resounding success, before it is an actual resounding success! But how on earth could it be so soon after opening and yet with no paying customers etc…? But to somehow presume that it probably won’t be is just negativity for the sake of it. When all I am saying is that its purpose is to progress the world standing of THFC, I can’t for the life of me see why that is a bad thing.

            But it does seem very obvious to me that the more money Spurs will eventually get to make from all the extra non-football revenues alongside the football, the more money the club will have to spend on it’s playing staff… That is kind of the whole point of it… Otherwise, why bother?

          • BS….that about “fans wanting to fly a LEVY OUT banner” was a bloody hoax and fraud to con money/dosh out of unsuspecting fans.

            By the way I am more with HT there in your debate with him, some of your points are quite honestly opinions after the horse has bolted, well that’s my opinion anyway, cheers mate still keep safe. COYS

  • jod -” If City’s ban has been overturned then its game over. No one can compete with an oil state. Not us, not United, not billionaires like Abramovich. Given the “gun” in this case is an unlimited supply of oil money I’m curious where exactly we (or any other club for that matter) get one from.”

    Liverpool aren’t exactly struggling at the moment. Go ask them what the magic formula is.

    But if anything, they’re proof that it obviously can be done.

  • Geof – agreed – Lucas always puts in a shift and is very technical/skillful aswell – very good player but then he’s played nearly 40 times for Brazil – so easily forgotten…..! Interesting that yesterday he played mostly on the LW and his best work going forwards came from there – nice to see he can operate on either flank just like Sonny and even Bergwijn – good to have that versatility also.

    Personally I want to see Lo Celso, Dele, Sonny and HK10 occupy the 1st team 4 attacking slots regularly (similar to when it was Eriksen, Dele, Sonny and HK10 in their pomp – unfortunately I don’t think JM agrees and wants to go with 2 proper fast skillful wing forwards either side of HK10 with a no.10 sitting in the hole – so be it – hope it works out fully for us) but there will still be plenty of opportunity and games for the likes of Moura and Bergwijn to play and flourish with my system – great that we have these options!

  • Looks like we’ll be fighting for 7th as I suggested a while back ago and maybe a EL place aswell – hopefully Leicester can beat Sheff Utd this week and we do the same to Newcastle putting us in the driving seat – then carry the form onto the last 2 games against Leicester at home and Palace away! 3 difficult games but hopefully we can carry yesterday’s result forwards and keep going until the end of the season!

  • Lucas was great… But all that good defending he did is a new thing. I haven’t seen that before.

    I have seen him put in a lot of effort before this but without much end product a lot of the time… Both in defence and in attack.

    I doubt we will see this every time he plays though…. I don’t think he’s got it in him to keep defending like that and still be effective going forward. But he was both vs Arsenal… We’ll see….

    I like Lucas but not necessarily as a regular.

  • Stats eh, EJ?

    Since 2011, Moura has made 35 Apps for Brazil, scoring just 4 goals. In the past 5 years he has made just 4 apps for them… And I’m pretty sure he was a sub most of the time and the only major world competition he has played in for Brazil is the 2012 Olympics. He made one start vs NZ and played 3 matches from the bench…. Not exactly Pele is he? 😉

  • Fair play HT – but to play as a winger for Brazil given the competition you have to be pretty tasty even if it’s mostly from the bench, etc just to get into the squad is already good going! 35 caps are 35 caps and like I say for Brazil as a winger I think it suggests you’re pretty decent at playing football! For around £25m in the modern game we got a very good deal and it has more or less proven so IMHO – in his first proper season he got 15 goals which is a pretty decent tally including taking us to the CL final when we were pretty much dead and buried there!

    I like you also like Lucas but as I stated above and again pretty much agree would prefer to have Lo Celso, Dele, Sonny and HK10 as the regulars for myself but I still think there is plenty of opportunity as I also stated for Moura and Bergwijn to get lots of game time and be inflential, so I think he’s still an important member of our squad!

  • EJ, I agree….. It’s my sarcasm and humour that’s all. After all, I will always point out that we have a squad full of Internationals. Some have played for their countries more than others and, with good or not so good International teams. But playing for your country is always a recognition of talent. I mean there is a lot of competition for those players out there…

    I know that Jose was a fan of Lucas before he came to Spurs and so maybe he can bring out the best in him… And I was very impressed with him vs Arsenal.

  • Hi HT – no worries lol and another good post as usual! Furthermore as regards Lucas – he did get 19 goals in his last full season for PSG and then in his first full season for us got 15 goals (this season only 7 but it’s not really been a good season all round for any of us) so he is certainly an interesting player to have – very quick and very tricky and hard working too – like you say hopefully JM can get the best out of him and there’s definitely talent to work with there so I’n happy we’ve got him in the squad!

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