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It’s that time of year. It’s a wonder. We wonder how we will go in the league. We wonder how we will go in the League Cup. We wonder how we will go in the FA Cup. We wonder how we will go in the Champions League. Isn’t it wonderful!

So what would we like to see happen?

Assuming (an educated assumption) that the PL title and domestic Cups for the new season will go to clubs who finished in the top six places last season, it would be fair to say that, once again, we are in the mix.

My hope for this season is the same as last season …. a top four finish and a good run in the cups. And I think anything less than a QF in the CL would be disappointing. It’s quite probable that supporters of the top six clubs have the same hope as me. The competition is so fierce that eventual winners are uncertain.

City is probably the exception and would be the club that most pundits pick to win something. Liverpool will be a favourite of the pundits, too. But Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and United are not just there to make up the numbers. In reality, there are no guarantees for any of these six clubs.

I don’t think there are any significant changes to the City and Liverpool teams. United shouldn’t be much better than last season and Chelsea probably won’t be as good without Hazard to rely on.

As far as we are concerned I believe we are in a much better place than we were at the start of last season …. in terms of both the squad and where we are playing. Barring a catastrophic amount of injuries our bench looks quite formidable and as I said on one of the threads, it looks like the best squad we’ve ever had in terms of depth.

The major factor that will influence what happens is how all of the new players will fit in with their new clubs. The first few games will be interesting. Some will make a mark and some won’t. That’s always a gamble no matter how good a player’s resume looks.

Then again, there is the possibility that one or two lesser fancied clubs could throw their hat in the ring …. at least for a while. That’s the joy of the Premier League.

So …. who’s wondering?

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73 Replies to “Spurs – It’s A Wonder!”

  • jod – when you say “first the very fact you can now think of top four as a par score shows just how far we have actually come in the past few years”, the biggest difference between you and me is that I have come to this conclusions a couple of seasons ago, and I feel we should have kicked on already/shown more ambition sooner.

    I understand and recognise the need to continue getting the CL money in. This being said, I still reject the notion that “getting top 4 is like getting a trophy”.

    I also take PY’s point that getting CL through winning the EL is a tough road. But nobody said it was going to be easy.

    I also think that with a bit of luck in the draw, the standard of teams we’d come up against in the EL would be lower than in the PL. That’s how competitive the PL has gotten. Give me a 2 leg tie against the likes of AC Milan over having to play City in the league any day.

  • BS….your comment “give me a 2 leg tie against the likes of AC Milan over having to play City in the league any day”, fair point and agreeable, but it does have its pro’s and con’s, thus showing how we need “that!” strong squad having to play extra games, plus it entails travelling further afield. COYS

  • 62….having just read your post of 1.38am, it seems Spurs will have another “First” to add to our tally over the years, that is winning the Caraboa cup and Lge cup in a single season, only having the crack with you mate, Lol! COYS

  • Have to say I agree with most here. We only have a chance of winning up to 4 trophies every season. Winning any of them is tough and requires the right players, coaching and mentality.

    With the way thing are now our main target has to be to try and win the Premier League & Champions League. If in doing so, or trying to we happen to stumble on an FA Cup, League Cup, “hurray!” Let’s drink from the silver Cup, however winning one of these at the expense of Champions League football is sure fire way of losing your best players, and failing to attract new ones: just look at Manure: they struggle to sign players who are currently with Champions League teams now and we’re a far more attractive proposition, even if the wage packet is far lower.

    As for the Europa league, I’ve never liked the fact Champions League teams are dropped into it and I now feel it’s more of a “win an undeserved CL place” competition for the likes of the Woolwich. If we dropped out of the top 4 and won it, I’m not sure I could truly celebrate it as a trophy win!

    Having said all that and now repositioned my Spurs-tinted glasses, let’s go win the Quad! COYS!

  • I actually think that giving the EL winners a place in the following year’s CL is the best thing that could have been done for that competition. Before that, there was no real incentive to have a go. Now, at least, there is a good reason to take it seriously.

  • PLY …. Yes, there are four competitions we could win. But at least five other clubs want to win three of them just as much and will make it difficult in the domestic competitions. There might well be a couple of less fancied outsiders making it difficult. too. As for the other competition, there will be every top club in Europe trying to win it as well, which will certainly make that competition difficult. It’s a matter of one-game-at-a-time and let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride. The main thing is that we are in the mix and, in football, anything could happen.

  • Geofspurs… the statement “lets buckle up” or could it even be “lets buckle on” our Spurs that is Lol! COYS

  • Agree BS – with a CL spot the EL becomes worth winning as well as being a piece of silverware. Still rather get to the QF’s/SF’s of CL than win EL though – more money in it – so long as get a minimum of top 4 in the league to guarantee CL footy again in the following season. It really is all about the money – as a fan and share-holder right now we need all the money we can get – to get on top of the stadium repayments and also to strengthen the squad and keep it as competitive as possible and also the wages to keep everyone as happy as possible.

  • Wouldn’t mind winning a EL just to say we won it and have the trophy in the cabinet, then obviously it’s the Prem and CL. With the stadium and training ground sorted – slowly but surely it’ll be about building a squad to match – as Poch said last season in the last few year’s we were there or thereabouts but then had to concentrate on the infra-structure so had to negate the on field for a bit but now hopefully we can get back to concentrating on the on field again as the off field takes care of itself.

  • Oh, a wonder it is indeed!

    Where will we finish in the league? Will we win a trophy? Will our football be pretty enough? Lots and lots of questions to boggle the mind of many a supporter of many a club over the course of a season.

    Personally, I think another top 4 finish would be sufficient, especially as Poch pointed out Levy’s remit for him was to have a CL ready team by the time we had completed the stadium, so we were already 2-3 seasons ahead in our project. I think many were either not aware of, or chose to ignore, this crucial piece of information and so created an expectation that our growth / progress should should continue on the same curve, all the while dismissing that of all the top 6 clubs we are last in line when it comes to past and recent history, finances and ability to sign players (wages and club status).

    As stated previously, I think qualifying for CL 4 times in a row (historic achievement) has demonstrated how consistent we are and were worthy of being labelled “good/excellent seasons” for a progressing club.

    If we had won a trophy it would’ve been the icing on the cake.

    To simply say now “we need to win a trophy” seems to dismiss that City (domestic treble) and Liverpool (CL) were outstanding throughout the season and will want to win trophies too. Have we done enough to close the gap or overtake them? It’s hard to say yes simply because we didn’t buy Messi.

    Are we capable of challenging them for the top honours? I believe so, and with a bit of luck could be celebrating come March/May.

    In all, qualifying for CL in the league is the cake and makes for a good season, while FA and EFL Cup are the icing.

    This is why, despite winning 3 FA Cups in 4 years, the goners ran Wenger out of town because too much icing with no cake can become sickly sweet.

    Give me cake any day! COYS!!!!!!!

  • BelgianSpur – We’ll just have to agree to disagree, “showing ambition” without the money to back it up sounds like Leeds United to me. We’ve built the infrastructure, grown the revenues and now we can actually compete with all but the Manchester clubs. In the real world I can’t see any other way we could have done it.

  • melloSPUR…..very good post there, so true and I completely agree, I will also have a piece of the same cake. COYS

  • I got a message from a cousin, who lives in Tottenham, he says two rumour’s doing the round, 1…CE has agreed a 4 year contract, 2…Dybala is coming to join us in Jan, once his “image rights” bull is sorted, I have to wonder what this is all about, are they true or just the usual media bull. COYs

  • jod – as discussed many times before, we have had a ridiculously low “wages to turnover” ratio, for as long as we have been owned by ENIC.

    We could have easily grown the wage bill, whilst still remaining within very reasonable/prudent thresholds, in previous seasons.

    That isn’t “doing a Leeds”, that is just spending everything we can whilst remaining financially viable.

    We’ve erred so far on the other side of the spectrum that questioning the owners’ desire to win is a very reasonable conclusion.

  • BS …. The ‘low wages to turnover’ comment you made allowed Spurs to fund a fantastic training centre and an even more fantastic stadium. It was all part of the longer term plan you frequently seem to ignore. We are now exactly where we want to be. It’s the here-and-now that matters, not what has happened in the past …. good or bad. Why not just enjoy the present instead of complaining about things from the past that cannot be changed.

  • Pompey, happy to share the plate with you good sir. Let’s hope the icing is on route after our recent foray in transfer window.

    Jod, no others have managed to force their way into the top of the PL and, as you rightly point out, had/have the infrastructure after taking that step to maintain it. Our consistent Europa League ‘L’ plate years helped to build a club able to handle the demands while our facilities and squad have prepared us for our Big 6 rivalry.

    I can’t recall another team through league qualification or one that has won a trophy, other than the mighty Spurs, that has managed 2-3+ straight seasons in Europe – Everton, Wet Spam, Burnley, Newcastle, “Leicester”… most go on to flirt with relegation the following season then sack their manager and continue the cycle.

    I’d be interested to hear of any other comparable clubs who have a more successful model of club growth within the last 10 years – we haven’t finished lower than 6th in that time. Utd and Chelsea have once each with Liverpool 3 times (Big 4!?)

    I’m with you Geofspur, and a fair few others, who view things more half full than half empty going into this season, as we have for a while with our consistent improvement in the major competitions.

    The future’s bright and lily white!

  • I have to agree with BS regarding our history under ENIC of low wages to turnover. We have now built the training ground and the stadium so we might be able to become more competitive on fees and wages etc, to become rivals to the real top clubs. I would suggest the jury is still out on whether this is ENIC’s true objective, or whether as a result of the increased gate receipts from the now 60,000+ capacity stadium, and the incredible reported match day hospitality revenues, the profitability, and the incredible increase in the capital value of the business, is all for their benifit rather than THFC’s. We will see in the next few windows whether our net spend bears comparison to the biggees, and whether we start to negotiate the contracts needed to retain our top players of Eriksen, Vertonghan, and Alderwiereld’s ilk, and to attract the best players away from rivals. The next 2 to 3 years will be telling in the history of this club. I sincerely hope those seeing the visions of success are right, but as a very elderly cynic I prefer to keep my powder dry, and wait and see.

  • I am having a problem with some opinions as in BS and his “low wages to turnover” and Franks’s “attract the best players away from rivals” where to begin….

    BS, as Geofspurs said look what we have built and where we are now going, forward! if our wages were so poor why have so many of our “stars” stayed, ok one or two or three are now moaning, you have to ask why? is it because of their age they want one final big pay day before they retire, who knows.

    As for “attracting the best players from our rivals” I ask who? even though we are financially better off we still cannot compete with the wages paid/offered by the big money deep pocket sides, this leads me to whom I think is to so-called blame, Poch himself, he wants young players, academy and proven, his choice only, no make waits, those he knows! will fit into his system not those that are older and will take longer to fit, hope I am clear here with what I think is the Spurs/Poch philosophy. COYS

  • I wonder indeed. I wonder the fans on this site that have come to the conclusion that Christian Eriksen wasn’t trying and sulking ????? Well if that’s Eriksen in his supposed “not trying and sulking mood”I’ll have him everyday of the week thank you,All of a sudden Eriksen is number one villain????? Remind me please but what exactly has he done wrong because as far as I know he’s entitled to run down his contract if he likes or move abroad .He may not have had is best season last season but to conclude that’s because he had his turned by Madrid is bullshit to be quiet honest.Whats Della Alli excuse ????,Harry Kane was average last season but that was down to tiredness from the World Cup well was Eriksen not at the World Cup ??? If you take the time to look at facts you might actually see that Eriksen covers more ground game after game and season after season .I want Eriksen to sign a new deal but the fans should acknowledge that he’s been entirely professional since he’s been at our club.

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