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It’s that time of year. It’s a wonder. We wonder how we will go in the league. We wonder how we will go in the League Cup. We wonder how we will go in the FA Cup. We wonder how we will go in the Champions League. Isn’t it wonderful!

So what would we like to see happen?

Assuming (an educated assumption) that the PL title and domestic Cups for the new season will go to clubs who finished in the top six places last season, it would be fair to say that, once again, we are in the mix.

My hope for this season is the same as last season …. a top four finish and a good run in the cups. And I think anything less than a QF in the CL would be disappointing. It’s quite probable that supporters of the top six clubs have the same hope as me. The competition is so fierce that eventual winners are uncertain.

City is probably the exception and would be the club that most pundits pick to win something. Liverpool will be a favourite of the pundits, too. But Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and United are not just there to make up the numbers. In reality, there are no guarantees for any of these six clubs.

I don’t think there are any significant changes to the City and Liverpool teams. United shouldn’t be much better than last season and Chelsea probably won’t be as good without Hazard to rely on.

As far as we are concerned I believe we are in a much better place than we were at the start of last season …. in terms of both the squad and where we are playing. Barring a catastrophic amount of injuries our bench looks quite formidable and as I said on one of the threads, it looks like the best squad we’ve ever had in terms of depth.

The major factor that will influence what happens is how all of the new players will fit in with their new clubs. The first few games will be interesting. Some will make a mark and some won’t. That’s always a gamble no matter how good a player’s resume looks.

Then again, there is the possibility that one or two lesser fancied clubs could throw their hat in the ring …. at least for a while. That’s the joy of the Premier League.

So …. who’s wondering?

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73 Replies to “Spurs – It’s A Wonder!”

  • EJ …. In a sense, I think you are right when you say that the top four is a trophy in itself. Football has moved on from what it used to be. Trophies were certainly the target for all clubs in the past but finishing the season in the top four has now also become a prime target. Top four is a different kind of trophy …. it doesn’t provide silverware but it does provide entry to the CL (and therefore global recognition), lots of money, a huge psychological lift for everyone involved with the club, and it attracts better players which results in better football for the supporters. The affect of all of this is arguably more important than one piece of silverware.

    My personal feelings on this have changed in recent years due to us being so involved in CL football. A few years ago I would have taken a domestic cup over CL involvement, but not now. Were we to win the League Cup and miss out on the CL I don’t think the next season would be quite as exciting for any of us. Just my opinion. : – )

  • Geoff. Another thing to consider is the increasing likely hood of an elite euro league being established. Whether you are for or against it, to miss out would be disastrous. Top 4 must therefore always matter more than domestic competitions which may become irrelevant.

  • Arsene Wenger once said that finishing top four was now equivalent to a trophy. He got slated by Arsenal fans at the time but I suspect they understand what he was saying now. Often when people talk about the need to win trophies they they try and avoid answering the question about whether winning a trophy and missing out on top four is success. What you can say is with what, to me, is a stronger squad you have more chance of being able to rotate players when you are playing twice a week while maintaining performance levels. In turn this should give you a better chance of doing both.

  • For me its simple, a successful season = top 4 minimum thus CL the following season, if we were to go on win and one of the minor Cups also, then that is a bonus thus equaling an even more successful season, so as I said simple.

    Bring in more cash, CL over FA/LGE cups, this then results in more young world class talent coming in, so we get an even better squad. COYS

  • I’m wondering……………

    Sometimes I wonder why I spend,
    The lonely nights dreaming of a song,
    The melody haunts my reverie,
    And I am once again with you.
    When our love was new,
    And each kiss an inspiration,
    But that was long ago,
    Now my consolation,
    Is watching Tottenham Hotspur play

    You’ll need to be of a certain age to know the words, thanks Nat! :- )

  • I think everybody knows where I stand on this. Thankfully MP has himself said that anything short of a trophy this year will be considered a failure.

    I expect ambition, and ambition would imply that we do more than what we did last year.

    So to answer your question Geof, I expect CL qualification (whether that comes through the league or winning a European cup, I don’t care), and I really hope we win something too.

    If we finish 6th and win the Europa League, for example, I would consider that success.

  • LT …. That’s a good point about an elite Euro league. I hope it doesn’t happen but the money-driven-powers-that-be may well drive football in that direction. Football, as we knew it growing up, will then be changed forever.

  • BelgianSpur – Nicely dodged there, a new way to avoid the question. Winning the Europa would of course carry a champions league spot so where you finished in the league wouldn’t matter. The real question is would you consider an FA Cup win and sixth place a successful season ?

  • jod – as I said above, I consider CL qualification to be the minimum. So any failure to do so would not be considered successful, regardless of what happened elsewhere.

    But as I said, there’s nothing to say that this has to be achieved through the league.

    All of these articles are always angled in the way they are written, because the premise is almost always “top 4 or a trophy”.

    1) why are both necessarily mutually exclusive? Why couldn’t we finish in the top 4 and win something?
    2) the only point of top 4 is CL qualification. There is no pride in finishing 4th, in itself. Now that there are other routes to the CL than through the league, why ignore those?

    All of this being said, if top 4 is the only thing we achieve this year, I’m not sure that would be considered a “successful”season in my book – it would merely be a passing grade. A “successful” season (ie one to remember), for me, would have to imply more than that, at this stage in our development.

  • CL is a must for us nowadays, but i feel a trophy will also be needed this time around. Getting a much better rub of the green with injuries will be the key to my hopes. #COYS

  • BelgianSpur – Good answer. A few things follow of course. First the very fact you can now think of top four as a par score shows just how far we have actually come in the past few years. With six teams chasing four places though (assuming no one else over achieves this season) its not really as easy as some fans think. Secondly it lays down the priorities. First you make sure you get the league position, then you try and win some silverware. I’ve no doubt though people will still be bleating on about playing your strongest team in cup games even when we are playing twice a week every week. As I said a stronger squad should hopefully allow better rotation.

  • Howdo BS, hope all is well with yourself and family, how are you getting on with being a daddy now?

    You mentioned maybe say winning the Europa Lge to achieve the CL, and a trophy, for me that is probably the most difficult way of doing things, if it comes down to the be all and end all, ie a nice shiny trophy, then I think it should be minimum 4th in the Prem and win either the FA or Lge Cup, just a thought. COYS

  • Actually…… I agree with BS on this one. As long as we are in CL for next season it doesn’t matter how spurs do it. Either by getting knocked out of CL into Europa, ( a nice bit of silverware) and winning, thus CL 2020 – 2021. Or top 4 place, and a good run again in CL to final. with a LC or FA cup win.

    Levy & poch have to bring in a player in Jan. window… Dybala is pissed off with Juve. / Image rights owners, manager Sarrie says 6 players to be left out of their CL squad. So Dybala could hold on there and demand a transfer to spurs in Jan. and if not in Juve. CL squad play for us. Same could also apply to Fernandes, ??

  • End of the day it’s like RD said – we need to be aiming for CL and honour’s every season – it’s what the top team’s do and we’re now a top team. Just because we have not won a trophy in ages does not make us a small team, we are now regular’s in the top 4, regular’s in the CL and last year made the very final – we’re indeed a top team.

  • B108 – I think I’d go for Dybala who is proven in Italy whereas Fernandes is only proven in Portgual – a much lesser league (I’m half Portuguese by the way). Also Dybala is a forward which we could do with as have only HK10 and Sonny of that ilk whereas Fernandes is an AM. If we sell Eriksen would love to get both but can we afford them – doubt it! I’d take Dybala who can then also drop back and play RWF or ACM aswell.

  • To be honest though and looking at it realistically I think Lo Celso is already Eriksen’s replacement and Eriksen will be sold to balance this year’s transfer deals as we’re currently down quite a bit. Lo Celso’s fee is already in the main getting knocked back to next year!

  • Reading some reports in Newsnow – nice to see Sissoko getting praised by Louis Saha – he’s a beast of a man and we are now lucky to have him in our midfield. Do not understand those calling for Winks to partner N’Dombele regularly – it has to be Sissoko surely. There’ll be plenty of games for the 3 of them to play in and despite it not working out v Villa I’d still back all 3 of them to play together in a 3 man midfield (433 formation) especially against City/Liverpool – in the really tough games especially away from home where an extra CM instead of an AM in there could make the difference between getting something or being over-run completely. Hope Wanyama does not go – not much point Poch moaning about Liverpool’s abundance of CM’s last season to now start getting rid of some of our’s – Wanyama was quality in his first season and deserves his place in the squad. Dier aswell as can cover all sorts of position’s – DM, CM, CB, RB, etc – very versatile. Skippy coming on leaps and bounds aswell – the next Winksy hopefully and to become a vital squad member.

  • Going back to Eriksen – hope he does sign a new contract as reported and that we can afford to keep him on and then keep Lo Celso aswell next summer not to mention maybe a Dybala, etc being brought in to boost the forward line in January. Juve is up for debate they have Dybala, Ramsey and Pjanic all who can play the play-maker role so where would Chris fit?! Even if they sold Dybala (whose actually a forward anyway) they still have Ramsey and Pjanic who are both central attacking play-makers like Chris – can’t see it myself nor him wanting to go there. It’s either Madrid and I mean Real or he signs a new contract – doubt he’d swap us for Atletico – it’s a sideways move at best. I’m starting to believe he might stay especially with Poch and HK10 singing his praises. I reckon Real will go for Pogba after missing out on Neymar who goes back to Barca.

  • Carabao cup,fa cup,league cup,cl… all four and it’s a successful season …lol…coys.priority is top four and hopefully a trophy in the mix….coys

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