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Spurs Get Their Reward For Dominating Burnley Performance – Match Stats

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Tottenham Hotspur's foundations lie in another sport, which one?

Tottenham Hotspur
1 – 0

White Hart Lane

Premier League

15/05/2022 12:00 pm

Referee: Kevin Friend

Tottenham Hotspur Burnley
Kane (pen 45+8)
Emerson Royal 90 Roberts
Sanchez Long
Dier Collins
Davies Lowton 78
Sessegnon Taylor
Bentancur Brownhill
Hojbjerg Cork
Lucas Moura
79 McNeil
Son Heung-Min Cornet
Kane Barnes 78


Winks Weghorst 78
Rodon 90 Hennessey
79 Lennon 78
Gollini Bardsley
Bergwijn Mancini
Austin Thomas
White Dodgson
Scarlett Costelloe
Craig McGlynn

Game Statistics

21 Goal attempts 8
8 On Target 1
8 Corners 2
12 Fouls 8
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
69 % 31

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  • Niall D says:

    Evening folks
    Coming to the end of the season, thanks, Danny for this and all the other threads chum.
    Some of the banter has been great, some very good talking points, cheers chum. 👍😉
    I don’t know who said it, about Everton being home and dry but it looks like, Everton will have to put a shift in after all against a much depleted Arse.
    I don’t think it will be an easy two games for them in the run in.
    Re yesterday the stats do say it all really 21 shots 8 on target, Pope played a blinder.
    But we won, hopefully Norwich will have one eye on a deck chair in the Maldives at the weekend.
    Let’s hope the Toon do the business tonite.

  • PompeyYid says:

    “Ahwah the lads” come on you Geordies.

    Tripps to score 2 blinders, free kicks.

    Oh yes! thank you Danny for all your seasons hard work, most enjoyable. COYS

  • 123spurs says:

    Yes yes yes yes. It’s in our 👐

  • Niall D says:

    Just noticed that Newcastle are 2-0 up against Arse
    So much for Jods’ words of wisdom
    Let me see that at least 5 Ricky’s for ol Jod in the past few months:
    Kulu and Bente are Crap (February)
    We may as well finish 6th(March)
    Where do we get the money for the players (every week)
    Newcastle are going to give up the ghost as they’ve nothing to play for (May)
    Tell ya what if I were that wrong every time, I’d just give up posting
    Or at the very least I’d eat humble pie and say
    Ya know what I got it wrong
    But Jod it just ain’t in ya. 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hot Tottingham says:

    Toon Army!

  • Arky says:

    You lovely Magpies !!!

  • Allan says:

    Let’s wait until 18 00 hours on Sunday to hopefully congretulate Conte for an amazing job he will have done if we can achieve 4th .
    There were some on here questioning his appointment . With comments such as why appoint a manager like Conte for Spurs ?
    Where is the money to come from to satisfy his anbition ?
    He’ll be gone in the Summer !! Plus other negative comments .
    I never really thought that we had a sniff of 4th but hoped and will still hope that we will do it .
    Then down to Levy to fund the side to make us into a creditable unit and a joy to watch . Jod please don’t ask where the money is to come from !!
    Roll on Sunday !!

  • Niall D says:

    Hi Allan that was a great result tonite for us indeed
    However if (somehow) we slip up and get 5th, it was still a good ride
    But I can only see us now securing 4th place
    Unfortunately for Jod every silver lining has a cloud.
    Now he wasn’t the only one, I near saw, a positive response from 123, now that’s something you don’t see very often. 😉😂🤣🤣

  • Geofspurs says:

    I don’t doubt we’ll win at the weekend but the good thing is even a draw will do. Crazy season. Gotta love football!

  • Geofspurs says:

    Not sure how Newcastle did not win 8-0. I predict that they will be well in contention for a top four finish next season. If that doesn’t happen I will deny making any such prediction. LOL

  • wentworth says:

    Wow! One point and 4th is ours. But let’s get three with a thumping win and goals for Sonny.
    What an extraordinary end of season.
    We just need Levy to fully back Conte with some decent signings.
    We will get 4th won’t we?
    We can’t let this go.

  • jod says:

    Allan – Just because you don’t have an answer doesn’t mean I shouldn’t ask the question.

  • jod says:

    Niall D – Nice bit of rewriting history there. I never said “Kulu and Bente are Crap”, in fact I’m pretty sure I’ve never used the word “Bente”. What I did say was they haven’t “taken us to the next level” and I stand by that.

    As far as Europe goes what I actually said was if we can’t get champions league we’d be better off out of it. The europa is a poisoned chalice.

    Like Donald Trump you don’t seem to let the truth get in the way of the story you want to tell.

    As for last night’s match it wasn’t so much how good Newcastle were (plenty of effort, not that much quality) as how truly awful Arsenal were. I really expected much more from them, judging by his shell shocked interview afterwards so did their manager.

  • Geofspurs says:

    jod …. But, to be fair to both players, you stated that after ONE game!


    Not sure what game you watched but Newcastle looked full of quality to me. Arsenal had no answer to the energy coming at them for 90 minutes

  • Allan says:

    Of course you are entitled to your questions and opinions just as we all are on the site .
    However when posters attempt quite correctly to suggest selling players to generate some money to help replenish the team you respond with negative comments .
    Levy has wasted millions over the past few years on poor choices so let Conte and DOF , who appear to know the type of player we want , without paying stupid money guide us through with astute buys working within a realistic financial budget .

  • Niall D says:

    Jod I know what you had written at that time
    But let’s face it
    You had basically “written us off” in February
    You have been negative about Spurs since Contes’ arrival and actually cut the team and manager very little slack.
    Given where we have finished, and what Conte has done with some less than next level players for me is laudable.
    For me I’m going to enjoy the CL next year (if we get there).
    You did say to look at what we both said around February
    You got it wrong m8 accept it 😭🤣😂😭😭😭

  • PompeyYid says:

    Well the morning after the night before again! things in Spurs favour, finally! Thursday beat Gooners, 2 days later beat Burnley, last night Geordies tore one and gave the Gooners another meaning of the word arse…

    Can all this Spurs favour keep going? so 4th this n CL for next season or will we go all Spursy?

    Will Hugo to keep a clean sheet? thus setting a new record for himself, 16 cs’s in one season, which also means 4th, the rest we know.

    Are we even more nervous now? COYS

  • Hot Tottingham says:

    Some are saying that a Spurs draw versus Norwich will be enough to clinch the EPL 4th spot and to see us into the CL for next season.

    And what if we were to get a draw, but the Gooners go on to thrash the Toffees by a clear 16 goals or more?!

    It’s football! Anything can happen… HAHAHA!

  • Geofspurs says:

    HT …. Now you’ve made me really nervous!

  • Niall D says:

    Hi HT
    Hope that wasn’t a prediction m8
    As most of yours this season havnt been far off the mark m8😉.
    Perhaps we have now started to get rid of our Spur*y title
    I’ve a new one ARSEY sounds so much funnier and this season more appropriate 😂

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