Date: 27th March 2018 at 2:03pm
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Below are the remaining fixtures for the teams vying for a top four place this season. Spurs, United and Chelsea have eight games left; Liverpool have seven. Let’s have some fun and games with this! After each club’s fixtures I’ve predicted the amount of points I think they will manage from their remaining games. Okay, I know, obviously I’ll be wrong … but I’ve been there before.

SPURS: Chelsea (A), Stoke (A), City (H), Brighton (A), Watford (H), WBA (A), Leicester (H), Newcastle (H) …. Predicted points19.

CHELSEA: Spurs (H), WHU (H), Southampton (A), Burnley (A), Swansea (A), Pool (H), Newcastle (A), Hudderfield (H) …. Predicted points 17

LIVERPOOL: Palace (A), Everton (A), Bournemouth (H), WBA (A), Stoke (H), Chelsea (A), Brighton (H) …. Predicted points 19

UNITED: Swansea (H), City (A), WBA (H), Bournemouth (A), Arsenal (H), Brighton (A), Watford (H), WHU (A) …. Predicted points 17

So, according to me Spurs will finish in the top four …. and Chelsea won’t. Obviously I’ve based my predictions on the results that should happen according to current form. But, and it’s a big but, many of the opponents each of these teams will face will be fighting for survival, and that could result in some games not going according to form.

Although I believe the top four will probably be City, United, Liverpool, and Spurs, it will only take a couple of unexpected results to lift Spurs to a higher finish. It is entirely possible! After all, it is football so, at some stage, we can expect the unexpected. Right?

How do my predicted points and top four positions compare to yours?


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  • I think Utd may drop a few more points overall than us, hopefully with 2nd spot up for grabs with a few games to go. Liverpool should match us, though I hope we stay above them. Chelsea, providing we beat them on the weekend, should be out of the race. COYS!

  • if we can sustain our games against the likes of Stoke and Brighton then we just need a draw against the Chavs on Sunday to stay above them – the the joker in the pack will be City at Wembley cos they might, just might, win the prem title at Old Trafford the week before they meet us which means they wont need the points and take a holiday that day however we also need kane fit especially for City so a draw against the Chavs and a win against City and we should be there. Although I cant quite get my head around if we qualify in 4th place who do we have available in August to play the qualification rounds after the World Cup? That’s why I would prefer 3rd and hope united drop to 4th cos i cant see the Pool slipping up now but I can United especially with City Away and Bournemouth Away and the Gooners at United aint a gimme either!

  • Chelsea are thee for taken, how we don’t bottle it, if we can manage a win or a draw we will be 8.5 points clear which shud be enough and loss and there’s only one game in it, it’s our to lose, we have to learn from our past mistakes and don’t say oh it’s a learning curve and experience. The time is now.

  • Ahhh! I didn’t know that ! Thanks Guyver! Phew! That’s a relief! oh well in that case…..4th will do just dont blow it On Sunday lads! its the battle for 4th place then at the Bridge! wicked!

  • It’s in our hands to end up in the top four. If we gain the points, we’re in. That’s much better than Chelsea can say. But it’s a funny ol’ game, and life’s a funny ol’ life. Manure is in an odd condition. the not-so Special One has pretty much signaled that he’s going to turn over much of his squad after the season, and it must be quite unpleasant to play there these days. Chelsea’s surely on the verge of another turnover in managers. Poo, Citeh, and Spurs paragons of stability in comparison. I’d put a month’s income into a wager that we’ll be in the CL and in a new WHL next season, by any other name.

  • Guyver, unfortunately, it’s not until 2018/19 season that 4th place goes straight into group stage, so we have to ensure that we match Liverpool’s results for auto qualification. Would’ve been nice this year, but I was truly glad when Barcelona knocked out Chelsea in CL meaning they couldn’t repeat and take our place for next season. Would be ideal to go into the New Lane with CL, being the sole representatives from London 😉

  • The long-term health of English football, however, hangs on the stupidity of Theresa May’s negotiations over Brexit. Ouch! Depending on how that goes, it could become a dicey business to sign players who might want to be in Europe rather than on some idiosyncratic island off somewhere in the Atlantic like Iceland.

  • Can’t the Arse holes still get in CL via EL? Or have I been sleeping too much? Silver daggar in the heart, if you please.

  • I’ve fallen out of the changes to the rules about such things. Is there now a cap on how many English teams can get into CL? Would an English lower tier team like Arsenal getting into CL via Europa leave the fourth-place English team in or out?

  • Not that this should matter to us this year. I think we should end up at least in third. Manure is such a mess you could pass them into second. First seems too far a stretch this year. But what a nice way it would be to open our new home, no? Let’s dream the triple next year: EPL, FA Cup, and CL championship. Why the FARC not? (Força Armada Revolucionaria de Campeonato).

  • “I was truly glad when Barcelona knocked out Chelsea in CL meaning they couldn’t repeat and take our place for next season.” mello
    quite independent of its meaning in terms of our getting into CL, I was quite pleased that Barça knocked the Oligarch Skum from Chelskum.

  • Definitely glad about that, David O’Brien (Knocking the Chelskum…) just wanted ensure that it didn’t affect our beloved Spurs 😉 Just need to finish the job ourselves now.

  • Gary Onedaysoon, it appears I stand corrected. There’s a bit that does say “Group Stage: There will now be 26 teams automatically qualified as per the access list drawn up from the UEFA association coefficients at the end of 2016/17.” Happy days, once we make sure we get it. Thanks for that, geezer.

  • David O’Brien, if the goons win Europa they will be an added 5th team to CL (as ManUre managed last season. Let’s hope not then hahaha #WengerIn

  • Top four should be a doddle …. after all, we have the football gods on our side and Jesus sits on MP’s right shoulder. How can we miss?

  • Taking something from Chelsea would seem to settle it for us, but even if we get nothing from the game we still remain in front of the Blues and can stay optimistic. We haven’t looked as capable of beating Chelsea away for some time as we do now. It’s a nice position to be in!

  • Tottenham – 24 points
    Chelsea – 19 points
    Liverpool – 15 points
    Manure – 13 points

    Tottenham finish 2nd and Chelski miss out!

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