Date: 11th October 2018 at 4:11pm
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It was being reported yesterday evening that Tottenham Hotspur could be targeting the home Premier League clash against Burnley as our first proper outing to our new stadium after a summer of discontent.

A date of December 15 would tie in with manager Mauricio Pochettino’s earlier comments that he expected, and had been led to believe, we would now certainly be in the new White Hart Lane prior to the New Year but there are a number of questions that remain open to answer should the club be willing.

Why was the original date missed by such a margin?
Why was it called a safety certificate issue with talk of wiring when we didn’t even have the pitch down for a few more weeks?

And those are the two off the top of my head, but it’s enough to give an impression.

With the anger amongst many in the fanbase for how they feel they have been treated and led up the garden path, Spurs could do far worse than make this date happen and Daniel Levy fronts up, apologises for mistakes that weren’t in his control and admits that mistakes were made under our control to ensure a line is drawn so everyone can enjoy what we want to be a successful second half to the season.

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7 Replies to “Spurs Fans Now Have A Date For New Stadium – What Can Go Wrong With This One”

  • The wiring was the issue. All other work slowed down massively once the delay was announced. The pitch went down days ago because the pressure was off once the delay was announced and the same for the other work………..

  • do any of these experts realise the actual logistics of this project and to get it so close is a miracle-people build houses and miss deadline dates by a lot more.
    i think it has been an amazing achievement to get it in the present timescale and it looks fantastic.
    Patience is a virtue my friends

  • Why do people who have clearly never been involved in a major construction project keep commenting as if they knew what they were talking about ?

  • Most if not all major projects overrun due to many unforeseen circumstances. Having now retired after some 52years in electrical contracting 3 months delay is not bad at all!

  • For goodness sake grow some testicles and stop whingeing. It is what it is. Tribute to Daniel Levy and all the team for having the balls and vision to bring the Audere est facere into being. It will be well worth the wait. Instead of moaning about everything how about some positive praise. AUDERE EST FACERE .

  • I doubt that the problems on the pitch are a result of the delays in building the new stadium. Let’s not get too carried away unless the lads are losing a lot of matches.

    As to the stadium, I hope it gives us as many new years of Spurs football as did the WHL that we loved all those years. A few extra matches as Wembly? How many PL teams have been able to call Wembly home?

    What I want at the new stadium is that it carries the name WHL into the future. If it is to have some god-horrible commercial name (like the name of the place that Arse n’ holes play, with some Saudi/Iranian gulf airline), let’s at least see it as the XXX Stadium at WHL.

  • TK I agree with you there. (its me block d spurs ! new name now, for new stadium season ticket area)

    As to the stadium yes delays are always going to happen on any new build project. For example a client built 6 new townhouses a straightforward project…then JCB operator uncovered a grave yard from 200 years ago !. Delayed 4 months of non work whilst investigated etc. So Spurs stadium delay par for the course.

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