Date: 4th December 2017 at 1:09pm
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Vital Spurs fans Losing Belief in Pochettino.

Vital Spurs have nearly 15,000 members, in our latest poll for the first time we have seen Poch’s unofficial approval rating drop from around 95% to close to 70% in one of our biggest poll responses ever;

The Poll asked:

Do you still have faith that Poch can keep us on a progressive path?

Yes 69%
No 25%
Have no idea! 6%

You could infer or draw differing conclusions to this poll result; not least of which is that some of our fans are ‘fairweather’ or simply aren’t taking into account the difficulties he’s been facing.

What seems to have driven sentiment over the edge is of all people, Wenger’s latest comments, which are a tremendous and one could even say vicious put down of Poch and his thinking, Wenger might as well have called him a ‘loser’ what Wenger actually said:
Wenger was quoted by
the Express
as saying: ‘I am not Pochettino, I am Arsene Wenger’.

‘I am here to fight as long as I can, as long as mathematically it’s possible you have to fight. You cannot give any other message out.
‘The game today (v United) has to make us angry and even more determined.’

It’s clear that Wenger was directly referring to Poch surrendering all hope of winning the Premier League after our 1-1 home draw against West Brom.

Many Spurs fans were hugely disappointed at Poch for the manner in which gave up all hope of the title, especially as not so long ago he’d made it clear that domestic cups shouldn’t be our priority and that we were good enough to win the Champions league or the Premier league and that’s where our focus should be.

At the time, you could either believe Poch’s pronouncements were bold or rash. I thought the latter and many agreed; for a club starved of silverware and constantly attacked for a poor winning mentality, writing off domestic silverware seemed to me to be presumptive and not particularly smart, conceding the chase for the Premier League also begins to look like we were waving the white flag after the West Brom game, and hence our poor start yet again in the Watford game?

We are in a mini slump and Wenger’s comments have put fuel on the fire that’s been raging about Poch’s perceived poor decisions especially when it comes to team selections and his inability to change the direction of games where we’ve been struggling.

Personally, it’s my view that there are many all valid reasons why our results have dropped below what was expected, the question is now, can Poch change the perception of mental weakness and poor attitudes?


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  • ‘I am here to fight as long as I can, as long as mathematically it’s possible you have to fight. You cannot give any other message out

    Just reiterates what I said a while ago about Pochetino having the mentality of a loser and the differences between him and Wenger, Like I said Pochetino isn’t a winner, we refuses to bring in an experienced old head to steady the ship, why I don’t know because HE has no experience of winning anything and isn’t able to use an old managerial experienced head to pick up his young players again, he just doesn’t have the experience to take it ALL on his shoulders and he is too arrogant/stupid/scared/other, take your pick, to bring in an older player such as Abramovic to help take the strain off Harry. If he carries on in this way he will lose players to other clubs over the next two seasons and we will be left with pushing through young players who just aren’t ready because no one will want to come here with our wage structure, so all we get yet again are prospects which we will sell on to the bigger clubs for a goodly sum and then we’ll see them get domestic and European honours because we refuse to up the pay ceiling. We are STILL getting a seemingly high proportion of hamstring injuries not only in play but in training too, so maybe Poch’s training methods need a serious looking at too, as well as the medical staff.

  • As Poch has given up the Prem, how do you expect the players to fight tooth and nail for it when they know the manager isn’t up for the fight any more. They just give up too, and that attitude will carry on through into the FA cup as Poch doesn’t rate that either, just as it did in the League cup, or whatever you want to call it now. This is truly the attitude of someone who doesn’t have the winning mentality or the experience to lay down the law to his players and make them fight for everything. He also says how proud he is of the players when they lose and have a terrible game, why praise players up when they are rubbish, it does nothing apart from create a culture of complacency and laziness.

  • Its an interesting question whether chairmen or fans have quicker knee jerk reactions. Luckily there’s no chance Levy will take any notice. He’s a new stadium to finish building and pay for and his team is in a much better position than it was when Poch took over.

  • MP is good manager and a mini slump doesn’t change that. Whether he is a “winner” who will deliver a trophy remains to be seen, but all signs were positive only a few weeks ago, so he certainly deserves a bit of credit. Regarding Wenger’s comments, I can see both sides. Some will criticise MP for being honest, but I personally admire the honest stance. Of course, his earlier comments about targeting the PL and CL (and thereby undervaluing domestic cups) have backfired and make him look a bit silly, now that we are out of contention for the PL title and are a very long shot for the CL. But show me a manager who has never had to eat his words… I know that some fans will say that’s a losing attitude, but I believe that a club with limited recent success trophy-wise, and limited financial resources, has to be realistic and pick battles. Wenger can say what he wants, but he’s been targeting the title for the last 13 years and has failed – at some point he sounds like a broken record. I don’t know what’s worse: sounding delusional like Wenger, or seeming to lack ambition like MP.

  • Wow. Fickle fickle FICKLE fans! Yes he’s a young manager and yes he hasn’t had the chance to manage a team that could win much YET. But they’re a team LEARNING together. Clearly you lot don’t have the patience to build. Yet you exp CT it from your manager. Such hypocrisy… Be patient, the mistakes hit them all. They’re not idiots. By building pressure as fans and the media, you spur on the need for excuses. By showing patience you give them an environment where they can acknowledge their mistakes and improve next time. Anyway. Take it easy kids.

  • The top managers don’t rate MP he’s been called out by all of them, the lessor manages rate him because he was one of them a few seasons ago. MP’s has to improve massively as a manager before he will win trophies.

  • He Hasnt learnt from he’s mistakes and from past 2 season about teams parking the bus. Has he balls to drop Ali or ericksen to have 2 up kane is shattered 3 season non stop on he’s own.

  • We have so many set pieces but can’t score, we concede set piece and can’t defend them, what does poch do in training, he doesn’t leave from mistakes

  • Wait what? We breezed past lower opposition last season! There’s been so many small factors that have added up to cause our slump this season. You felt each one with a small twinge as it came on. Give the man the benefit of the doubt and some support at a tough time. He and the players deserve that much. It’s been been a few weeks of poor play ffs.

  • Palmover, what nonsense other managers have called Poch out. Every one of them at some point has praised how he has transformed Tottenham from a team that was scraping around 6th when he joined them, into one that has finished above nearly all of them for the last two seasons.

    Just out of interest, who would your shortlist of managers be who you think would be capable of challenging for the title whilst operating under our financial constraints, and would be willing to work to those targets and under those conditions?

  • All the praise goes to pep but really city are buying the league, they buy the ready made player and can offer double wages, and if that 50 mil player fails they will buy and 50mil player, how good wud pep be if he had spurs, pool wages and transfer budget same goes for Jose.

  • I am shocked at how Poch is being perceived because in all the time Poch has been with us he has shown positivity and fight. His mentality is a ‘winner’ and while he hasn’t achieved that yet he has come closer to the PL title than any other manager we have had recently.

    The other thing we need to understand is that winning isn’t all down to Poch. The players have to do their bit, the board, Levy have to do their bit and that takes a lot of effort and organising and time. A manager can only do so much, everyone has to work together and that includes us fans and yes I do think we fail the team and club at times. We are so quick to get on the managers and players and Levy’s back and it’s not useful. We are also quiet at games when the team needs lifting. Some say the players need to lift the crowd, well may be at times they do but its also mature and better to take responsiblility and try and help those who are struggling in life. When players are struggling to lift their game and the crowd why can’t fans help a bit more and why can’t we help by taking the intiative and stop having knee jerk reactions so quickly! or are we expecting everyone else to do their bit but not do our own!.

    How on earth some people think Poch is a loser is beyond me. He has been with us 3 years and in that time he has improved us and just as we were challenging for the PL title we moved out of WHL it came at a wrong time footballing wise but it happened and it will contribute to new challenges and that has had an effect.

    I think Poch aims high and that is why he prefers to go for the PL and CL and not the domestic cups, but we fell short in the CL last season and PL this season so far, but came closer than anyone else in the PL for the PL title, that is a good achievement from a group of players and manager who are building a togetherness, working hard to improve, its not easy.

    Also Poch has always said he wants to win every game, including domestic cups but he seems to have got a label that he doesn’t like domestic cups, I think that is unfair. He is simply being realsitic and choosing his preferences and tbh any team in our position would prefer to win the PL or CL, no point being in CL if you don’t want to win it.

    The difference between us and other top clubs in the PL is that they have stronger squads due to better recrutiment and more money.

    Arsenal have been fighting for the PL for years and failed but due to their money and stronger squad have managed to win a few domestic cups but they haven’t achieved the big cups/titles have they.

    The problem is you cannot say anything to the media because the pundits and media will use it against you as soon as they can and they do.

    As it stands the club is doing alright, the team have hit a blip for various reasons but there is no reason why Poch cannot pull them out of it and they learn from it, but if we as fans do what the media and pundits do and continue to criticise, get on their back, call them names, useless, inadequate then all we are doing is making it harder for them and basically laying the foundations for it to all fall apart, you reep what you sow, so to speak.

    I don’t see Poch being honest about the title being out of our reach as a negative thing, he is just being realistic, not delusional as Wenger could be seen to be doing. Are Arsenal really going to be able to win the PL title! as I say whatever you say to the meida and fans it is often used against you at the first opportunity. What we need to ask ourselves personally is ‘do we want to be that way’ or do we want to be better? get behind a young squad and manager and have faith that they can work through any challenges and keep faith in what I see as being a good time to be a Tottenham fan what with the progression seen under Poch and the new stadium.

    Lets not be one of those negative media, pundit who earn a living on making other people miserable and write and say negative things to have effect and lets be one of those people who afre positive and supportive and sow some good seeds and get behind everyone at the club, show the rest of the world, media that we are in it together and we are going to make this work, we have a duty as fans to do our bit and we need to remember how we would feel if people got on our backs for mistakes we make, or blips we have in our lives. These people are human and they are growing and learning together, let us do the same and change our stance and be a better person. COYS

  • It’s me the closest us winning the title we bottled it and ended up 3rd over 10 points behind.last season same again 2 up against chelsea and buckled. Also poch pick the players an formation and the subs as I said he ain’t learning from the past. He has been found out now no element of surprise just predictable spurs.and ashamed to admit poch won’t Win nothing, he’s closer to been sacked then win a cup, arse have been there worst for years yet have 3 fa cup in last few years yet our obsession with top 4 and cl.

  • 123spurs, you sound very short sighted. Teams have only “found poch out” in the last few weeks IF that’s what you want to call it. Believe me, the man is a hell of a lot more intelligent and perceptive when it comes to football than you or I, or even most managers out there.

    If it weren’t for his work, we’d be happily having a ball sitting in 8th, as our wage structure and spending dictate. Instead we’ve been consistently challenging at the top. If you can’t see what we’re building, and demand a title IMMEDIATELY as a right, then you’re as deluded as Wenger.

    I don’t know about you, but this team makes me want to scream my head off in support to push them over the final hurdle. When the team is having a tough time due to various factors – injuries, fitness, new pitch, young players, the media – youre meant to SUPPORT your team, lift them with encouragement. Unless you’re a depressed self destructive dependent, in which case learn to pick yourself up kid.

  • 3 years ago, when MP took over the shambles left behind by Sherwood and AVB, we’d have all laughed at the possibility, that any Spurs fan could complain about not winning the premiership title for 2 consecutive seasons.

  • I don’t demand a title but had 2 chances when utd and city were at there weakest and Leicester finished 10 points above us, u can laugh all u want about Wenger, he has achieved what none of the last 10 managers could even manage, let’s see so if poch can fin top 4, we are now 7th from second in a matter of few games,

  • As I said before we have a great 11 and any injuries to key position we struggle, Toby and waynama, other top 4 clubs has more injury to key players and still manage to get on with it.

  • It would be hard to find a manager willing to work under the financial restraints Poch is under and accept it while doing well. This is a tough patch due to various reasons. But Poch is still the right guy for us in my opinion.

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