Date: 18th March 2018 at 7:49pm
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Another semi-final booked for us, then, and it`s certainly a growing trend that I`m more than happy to get used to.

With Swansea going better in recent weeks I must admit I was a little wary of what they could do, especially with them at home.

Indeed, I saw our line-up and some of those being rested and thought that Poch had taken too big a risk but I was happily proved wrong as we strolled to an easy win and I`d go as far as saying we`re the favourites to win the Cup outright at the moment.

The reaction from the players on social media was upbeat, too, and so let`s take a look at the best of what was said from our fans after Super Jan took to Twitter to reflect on our progression – I was certainly impressed with him.


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  • For me, Vertonghen is the unsung hero of this Spurs team and the best centre half in the league. He’s been on top of his own game whilst helping Sanchez assimilate to a new league. On his outside, it’s also no coincidence that Davies has had his best season in a Spurs shirt.

  • Agreed Mutt. Said when Poch took the reins he shoukd have been our Capt. Leader on the pitch and no coincidence Sanchez has an almost seamless first season. Swapping fullbacks doesnt faze him either. Imagine how much better Luke Shaw would be next to Jan.

  • Coys – agree, but still can’t figure out what is going on with Shaw. Mourinho is many things, but even if he is being overly tough on the left back, there must be more to it. As an England fan, I’m a bit gutted that both Rose and Shaw aren’t on top form going into Russia. That puts a lot of pressure on Bertrand, another decent LB. At 28, I’m not sure he’d be on our radar though.

  • Said it last week – him and Dembele will be legend’s at the club when they hopefully retire with us or atleast in the main. Quality CB who can also play LB let’s not forget so perhaps MP might push him out to LB again like when he first came and allowed Bale to flourish in his final season. Aurier, Sanchez, Toby and Verts. Interesting to see actually as difficult to sit any of them out – it’s defo an option especially if we sell Danny Rose but can we really afford to let Rose go?! Good defensively and brilliant going forwards and coming into his prime now – let’s wait and see – a lot of question’s need answering in the next 6 months. As for Luke Shaw looks over-weight and where’s the recovery from that leg break – rather keep Danny Rose even if Shaw is 5 year’s younger – only if Rose wants to go back up north and I guess pocket some rocket wages but hopefully he’ll stay a part of what he’s helped build with us. Atleast there’s plenty of options in Verts, Davies and then the likes of Shaw, Bertrand, etc if he does go and let it be for £50m like Walker if that be the case.

  • Since you have been missing from VS all this time El Jefe, you have certainly come back with all guns blazing! I like it and I like your enthusiasm and positivity. Keep it rolling…

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