Date: 26th November 2018 at 7:21pm
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With an extremely solid victory over Chelsea in the weekend’s Premier League clash, it’s back to Champions League commitments for Tottenham Hotspur as we eye Wednesday evening’s clash against Inter Milan.

Spurs sit in third place in Group B with a win, draw and two losses to our name and with the victory coming over PSV Eindhoven in the last game, manager Mauricio Pochettino’s side will obviously be looking to make it back to back wins to close that small gap on the Italian side and give another boost to our hopes for qualification.

With September’s away clash to the Serie A side resulting in a 2-1 defeat, we all know it could’ve gone differently with their late goals on the evening, so again there is an element of revenge here and not repeating the same mistakes as we know we are capable of putting them to the sword.

Now, we just have to do it.

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56 Replies to “Spurs Eye Inter Milan Revenge In Midweek Clash – Match Thread”

  • Other than the few minutes of blunders, Spurs were the better team in the last match against this lot. Further, we played football, they tugged and pulled and played at borderline cheats. There is no reason that we cannot defeat this lot solidly. COYS. Play like Spurs and win playing beautiful football. Make us proud not only of a win but of how we win. Play beautiful football, not tug-a-jersey, fall-and-whine ball.

  • Remember the Golden Age of VS? When being first to comment on a new thread brought joy to one’s life?

    • Yep TK, Now I see you almost talking to yourself on the match day!… what was it….7 consecutive posts during the last game?!

      • There wasn’t anyone else to play with so I entertained myself until someone showed up. Coopsie never showed up.

  • Tails up! I’m going for a lowly 5-0 to us for this one
    Lamela (2)
    Dele (1)
    Moura (1)
    Kane (1)

  • This game is indeed a must win. We just need to play as we normally can, and a win is there to be had. Our players will be up for this as well from the result last time in Milan. Spurs 3 Milan 1.

    TK I do remember the VS days of 1st postings… I also had enjoyable moments and had double the 7 posts mentioned just now… It seems a poster named Brazil Spurs was a contender…. i wonder where he is now …lol

  • Block D – so that’s what, the 7th must win game in a row now? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This game is a must win to stay alive, but even if we do win this, I expect the last game to be the decisive one. We have to go to Barca while Inter host PSV.

    PSV will most likely be eliminated by then, so I don’t expect them to put up much of a fight against Inter. We just have to hope that Barca have already won the group and decide to switch off . That’s our only hope.

    As I have been saying, I still view this as a long shot. Not impossible, but neither is winning the lottery.

  • Spurs do not need teams to switch off in order for us to beat them… Not even Barca… We just need to be switched on as least as much as they are on the day.

    We can beat Inter and Barca. We can also draw or lose… But the players will no doubt be doing their very best to first beat Inter and then Barca… As a supporter, this is all I want from them. What will be will be…

  • I too remember those days…..golden if definitely wasnt, was glad when the summer holidays finished!!!

    Will be another tough game, but one we should be winning

  • With Barca scoring so early in the last game and our form having picked up a good bit since that match, the perception of a golf in class in their favour is an untrue reflection in my view. I see us stuffing Inter tomorrow. If we do, it becomes a cup final against Barca and probably a throw away game for them.

  • Thats how I see it too BS, with the Barca game, hoping they not at their best and their minds elsewhere is the only real way i can see us beating them, hopefully Suarez will be out too.

  • There are very few teams in world football who are better than us. I’d rank Barca as one of them.

    Even if we are at our best, if they are too, I struggle to see how we can beat them in their home. They are that good. We will need a bit of fortune in my opinion.

  • I think we will beat inter but I think itโ€™s unlikely that we will beat Barca at their place. They donโ€™t play throwaway games, especially not at home. They will do what Barca do best, no not playing good football but diving biting cheating and hacking. I used to like Barca a lot, but they have evolved from that team that was undisputedly the worlds best to a bunch of cheating diving dirty bastards. I absolutely hate Barcelona now and I hope when we play them we match them in a fight like the infamous battle of Stamford Bridge a few years ago. Learning to fight these dirty teams like juve is another step we have to take if we want to succeed in European football. But yes inter will go down tomorrow and go down hard. We are a way better team than them.

  • BS You misunderstand what posters say in their posts… I’m not sure if your are just looking to start a dialog of animosity like with HT and others? However I’m too busy to bite on your barb.. lol

  • It’s difficult this season to predict MP’s teams but I’ll have a go at it.

    Hugo Lloris
    Aurier Toby Jan Davies
    Dier Winks
    Lucas Eriksen Dele
    Harry Kane

    Good news when looking ahead is that both Rose and Trippier are back in training and may soon be in contention again…

    Come On You Spurs!

  • Block D – if you thought that was a barb, then you are the one who has misunderstood.

    I have been posting on VS for years, and “starting dialogs of animosity” has never been a goal. If expressing a different opinion (and defending it) is demonstrating animosity, then you must see animosity in most walks of life.

    While my exchanges with HT can get a bit heated sometimes due to us coming from opposite ends of the spectrum, we still engage in them, which is proof that neither of us is particularly offended. Some posters agree with him, others with me. That’s about the extent of the “animosity”. Frankly, you labeling that as such is the only laughable thing to me.

    As has been said numerous times, we may have different opinions on how to take the club forward, we may have different interpretations of how far down the road to success we are, but we all support the same club and we all want to see our team do well.

  • I came across this article on the BBC Sport website this morning, which I thought was interesting:

    Juan Foyth cannot play tonight, despite his recent good form, because he was never registered in our CL squad. The reason for this is that because we don’t have enough “locally trained” players, we could only register so many foreign players and that’s cost Juan Foyth a place.

    It sheds a bit of light on why we were in for Jack Grealish this summer. There were quite a few Spurs fans who thought Grealish wasn’t good enough for a top 6 club (yet). Well this article shows that there may have been more factors coming into play in our pursuit of him.

    Our squad needs more English players in it. The club possibly concluded that targeting more established English players was going to cost a fortune, and that the only way to buy “affordable” English players was to target young, promising English players in the lower leagues.

    I t probably is also a reason why clubs like Chelsea are reluctant to let players like Ruben Loftus-Cheek leave. Whether he’ll ever play significant minutes for them remains to be seen, but he has value just being in the squad.

    Something has to be wrong with that system. In his case, a system designed to create more opportunities for English players is actually slowing his personal development. All the while, players like Eric Dier, who is English but not “locally trained”, do not count.

    It’s unfortunate for Foyth, who has earned the right to feature more. At least Jan is back, so we still have a strong potential lineup for the game.

  • BS….we do not agree on a lot of things, but here I must say I do agree with your post 100% regards the English/home grown system. COYS

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