Date: 8th May 2018 at 8:00pm
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Captain Hugo Lloris was emphatic with his response about where the team needs to up their game in the final two fixtures of the season.

When asked about what the team need to do to finish in the top four, the keeper said:

“Now it is all mental. It is not about fitness or physical condition. It is mental.”

The loss to Manchester United in the FA Cup has no doubt played a role in the team’s lack of intensity in the past couple of games.

Signs were there in the first half against Watford that not all was well, and while we did deserve to get something out of the West Brom game, the performances in both games were pretty flat.

Footballers are human after all so who could blame them for being a bit despondent after failing to lift a trophy in another season which looked full of promise?

Still, that only takes account the past few weeks of form. You could argue that the drop-off has gone on for longer than that. Against Chelsea, the team were very poor in the first half before turning things around in the second period.

We then ground out a win at Stoke before losing at home to Manchester City. The match against the Premier League champions lacked a lot of what we come to expect of a Spurs team in terms of pressing and quick transitions.

Following a pretty indifferent display versus Brighton where Poch made a number of changes, it could be argued that we went into the FA Cup semi-final already well short of our best.

Certainly, one of the common themes during all of this period was Harry Kane’s injury and his struggles since he returned to the starting line up.

So, there are a number of possible beginnings you could argue for our downturn in form in recent weeks and months. Whether it’s a lack of mental fortitude,  poor tactical decisions or players just not performing, the malaise has set in for far too long.

They will have to snap out of it quickly in their last two games to make sure this season really doesn’t blow up in their faces.


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  • You forgot to mention what good results — a winning team — Spurs won before Kane came back into the team still well off form.

  • Wow! What an insight! Two matches to go and we need 4 points for top four and 6 to make third. I’ve just summed up your article.

  • The most important thing now is to get 3 points against the Geordies with a good or bad form doesnt matter, then we’ll see what happens. Who knows what that chelski’s result against Huddersfield? Finger-crossed tomorrow win might be enough for us to secure Top 4

  • Two cup finals left. The players, and Poch, know what’s at stake here – the not welcomed monika “Spursy”

    A bit of graft from the players and vocal encouragement from the fans should get us through as we depart Wembley and embark of 2018/19 with CL football in our new home!

    I think we’re still 18-24 months ahead of ourselves in the project, with 3-5 years of regular CL football so the players can continue to develop playing against the best teams in Europe.

    Should the fans sing loud for the team to play from the whistle, or does the team need to play for the fans to sing?


  • “Should the fans sing loud for the team to play from the whistle” or “does the team need to play for the fans to sing” you ask melloSPUR, my answer is “the fans sing loud for the team to play from the whistle” just like they always did when I frequented the Lane every other week, I had to stop going 20 years ago, the noise used to make my heart thump and be so proud, win or lose, especially European Nights.

    3rd year of CL football coming up with 2 wins and 6pts, oh and do not forget finishing 3rd, not bad after playing a whole season away from “home” COYS

  • I said prior that I stopped going, not quite right, I still did go to the Lane when I could. COYS

  • Poch, has proved he can take a team and make them progress, on reflection I think, I have been hard on him … he really needs backing … he needs shot of the sissoko reported 95k a week wage thats near on 5m a year wasted, maybe more with bonus add on etc …. that would pay the extra for Toby and have left over. Levy really does need to back Poch … I like poch I really do but we cant stagnate as we are we need to progress …

  • Malaise? I think that’s a word to describe the condition of many of the supporters of THFC, not the team itself.

    We haven’t been that bad this season, have we?

    And I think the season really should be taken as a whole.

    Personally, I intend to keep my gloom at bay until I’ve good reason to be gloomy.

    2 matches to go. If Huddersfield can get at least a draw at Chelsea and Spurs beat the Magpies tonight, then we can lose our final match and still finish above Chelsea, even if they win their last match.

    Well, that’s one way of looking at it, isn’t it?

  • Wake up you miserable lot!

    Chin up, chest out! Proud as a peacock, Cocky as a cockerel!

    All together now…

    We are Tottenham, super Tottenham
    We are Tottenham, from the Lane…

  • HT …. Come on, you know as well as I do that the season has been a total disaster and complete waste of time because we haven’t won anything. And it can only get worse. I think I’ll take up knitting, it’s more exciting! 🙂

  • Spurs players and manager need to win tonight and saturday. This will get us Cl and lift the players mentally for the world cup in July. Harry has to score in these two games, from the bench or from start, either way he has to get back on form, for himself , spurs and england. This also applies to our other players, and their own countries.

  • Who care what Kane does for England, to be honest, I would rather he didn’t play at all in the WC and had a proper rest prior to pre season. Same for Alli and the others.

  • Top 3/4 is still all there to play for – that’s the good news. The bad news is that we could have wrapped this up sooner, meaning we face increased pressure for the last 2 games, but if we get it done, even the hard way, it will be job well done (in the league at least). No choice but to get behind the team and hope for the best. However, going back to the discussions after our losses against Man U and Juve, quite a few posters tried to argue that the problem wasn’t mental. Lloris himself is precisely pointing to mentality as being the single biggest factor here. Interesting.

  • I’m drawn on this one block d and back, sack n crack!

    I want our England players to do well and get back to their best for Spurs and, in good time for the World cup. But, as Belgium are in England’s WC group, I’m hoping that Jan, Dembele and Toby have a mare and in spite of Spurs gaining all 6 points…!

    What a strange dilemma! LOL

  • BS …. Pool, Chelsea, and Arsenal, have all had the opportunity to wrap up the top four as well. And now they all face more pressure than us.

  • Until we beat Arsenal at Wembley, 3 months ago, Pool and Chelsea were above Spurs for most of the season…

    Liverpool crept ahead of us again but could still finish in 5th behind both Chelsea and Spurs…

    Makes for an exciting end to the PL season…

    It’s what good football is all about!

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