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A very small minority of Spurs supporters living somewhere north of dreamsville provided their timely opinion after the loss to Juve, saying that we bottled it. I’m not sure why they used the word ‘we’ because they certainly have no affiliation with the THFC family.

I can’t help feeling that their opinion had been rehearsed for several weeks and they just couldn’t wait for the opportunity to share it. After all, Spurs had been undefeated in their previous seventeen games and it was blatantly obvious to anyone with the slightest knowledge of how football works that such a run should continue for at least another year or two. But it didn’t continue because Spurs bottled it!

I can imagine how these supporters followed every recent game, drooling uncontrollably at the thought Spurs might lose and they could spout their superior knowledge, only to be doomed to disappointment and depression time and time again as Spurs obstinately refused to lose. Rather inconsiderate of them, really, don’t you think?

I’m intrigued by the definition ‘bottlers’. Are some supporters so blinded by their rose-tinted glasses, or brain-affected by their thunderous happy-clapping, that they can’t think straight. Does all the crapola in their head manifest itself in a brain-fart when they open their mouth after their team drops a point or three?

Okay, I’m a cynic and a negative minded supporter. I admit it. I expect Spurs to drop points and lose games. Shameful, but true. It’s just the way I am. I’m trying to be more like the true supporters. Those supporters who react faster than a speeding bullet when it comes down to, well …. downing Spurs. True supporters; the ones who put all their eggs in the greenhouse before burning their broth at both ends … or something like that. True supporters who understand that football is all about winning and that no team should ever lose …. no matter which side of the half-way line they start the game on. True supporters who understand that both teams should win a football match. I wish I could think so clearly.

Then again, sometimes I get these moments of uncanny insight. You know, really scary moments when I think long runs of being undefeated do actually outweigh that one game a team loses at the end of it.

But what do I know?


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  • I don’t think Spurs bottled it, YET. A good team will bounce back and im hoping that Wednesday nights loss drives us to a Sunday lunchtime win.
    Champions League is great for money and status, but top 4 this season is crucial for a great season. A FA Cup win to go with the top 4 would be an amazing season!

  • This one is defiantly a lot harder to digest the result as I still can believe we got beaten coys good shout mate I think if anything our great manager got the substitution wrong. Only my view coys

  • I was a bit concerned when I saw the headline on NewsNow that this would help feed the frenzy of bloggers everywhere to use this tired old label. But I enjoyed the article and although I felt sick to the stomach on my way home on Wednesday, I will happily take the positives from a great CL run and that we played some of the best football I?ve ever seen from a Spurs side. The salutary lesson to be learned is that we need to find a way to keep our concentration and momentum up when the opposition start using ?dark? tactics to break the flow of the game, especially when helped by weak officials. Sometimes in the big Euro games this has worked against us and caused us damage. This was an experience we will learn from. The FA Cup beckons and this can still be s great season and a springboard for our return to the new Lane! COYS

  • We have had a great season beating Man Utd Real Madrid etc, So “achievers” is a better description compared to our recent history. After every defeat the moaning element of support turn to a Quack doctor to find another fix, If the last mixture did not work lets try the another potion for lasting cure. Alternatively just enjoy the moment, support our team and Manager which will do more to help obtain the results we all want.

  • As I said in another thread: “I think expectations evolve as circumstances do. Before the 2 games were played, Juve were a tough ask. Now, when you’re at home, holding a 1-0 lead, with 2 away goals in hand, and all you have to do is not concede more than 1 goal in 30 minutes, expectations will be different. In the grand scheme of things you’re right. We did well to get that far, in the manner we did. But given the specific context, it was poor not to take advantage of this set of circumstances. I think it’s fair to point that out.” Is that the definition of “bottling”? What’s in a name? We can still salvage the season, of course. But we also failed to take advantage of a great situation.

  • Those saying it, just looking attention….Ignore them, i even saw it on here in the other thread.

  • Shouldn’t have lost to Juventus. We outplayed them for 167 of 180 minutes, but had brain farts (lost concentration) for two periods (ten minutes in match 1 and 3 minutes in match 2) and lost the opportunity to move on the the last 8 of CL. This wasn’t bottling it, but it was a loss of concentration that needn’t happen again if we mature that last bit. On the cusp of greatness, this team. But not quite there yet because the team cannot maintain total concentration for the full 180 minutes. This is a team that can win the CL, but it didn’t. Disappointed, yes, in a major way. Lost my enthusiasm for this team in its Poch-era version? Not at all. But, for the sake of the gods of our Spurs culture, please get over the hump and learn to pay attention for all 180 minutes (plus stoppage time) in the two matches needed to play in the CL.

  • We didn’t bottle it, we just made poor decisions during the game, and in one case it was one of our most experienced players at fault. At 1-0 up with 30 minutes to play and Juve needing a minimum of 2 goals to progress we should have managed the game better. Jan had policed Higuain very effectively up to this point but was caught out way too far upfield for the first of their goals and couldn’t get back into position in time. Davies and Sanchez have been variously blamed by the media and supporters for the goal which is unfair in my opinion. I know we all love to see our team playing attractive attacking football but in this instance we should have been looking to play out the final 30 without conceding, or at least limiting them to one goal which would have seen us through.

  • Funny thing is, after Juve went 2 up in Italy, they sat back and conceded 2 anyway. In hindsight, their fans were saying “why didn’t we push forward and attack more”. I think, in the 2nd leg, we tried to passively pass our was through the game, ie defend by simply holding on to the ball with passive possession. Regardless what tactics we used, if players are going to be out off position defensively, or mess up the offside trap, then we will concede silly goals.

  • Its about whether you learn from your mistakes. First of all we need to qualify for the champions league again then see what happens in next season’s competition. It should be said that we aren’t the first English to team to have to learn that European football is different to the English league and we won’t be the last. Perhaps the most extreme example was Liverpool when Bob Paisley changed the way the team played because he didn’t think the way they had played under Shankley could ever succeed in Europe.

  • Jan Vertonghen is our best defender in my opinion and should be a leader in our squad. I was disappointed with his general performance in the game, he looked nervous and it?s a shame he couldn?t raise his game like Chiellini did. He?s one of my favorite players and I hope he can improve and perform better in games like this.

  • Dier by name……….. I don’t think he had a poor game in general, he just made a bad decision in the case I highlighted. He should be experienced enough to know that in the position we were in at 60 minutes his primary responsibility as a centre half should have been to protect our goal………not to try and create or score one at the other end.

  • From a defeat, it’s how u bounce back from it, we smashed pool and they went on a run, I hope the players will get the 3 points and make a statement, they will park the bus.

  • As BS said it was the manner of the defeat more than losing to a top side. The players gave their all and never gave up. MP had good options on the bench and made his 1st sub in 74min and another on 85mins, why did it take him so long?. There was a period after half time when spurs had lost their flow just before Juve scored, MP did nothing to change how spurs played he wasn’t animated or barking instructions, he just stood there with arms folded. I don’t know about bottling it MP looked clueless.

  • Bottlers is a word that the muppet gooner Jack Whitehall would use, bottlers is a word used by people who want to provoke an argument …we didn’t bottle it, we just didn’t know how to close the game out and like I said on the other thread Poch has to take responsibility. No matter how much we like Tripps he’s not good enough at this level and he should have had someone like wanyma come on and help cover the right hand side. We lost 5-1 to Newcastle and came 3rd and let the Gooners back in…. we’ve grown up a lot as a team since then but…I am still fed up holding post mortems on matches that we should have and could have won. When are we going to learn to keep our foot on the throat of the opposition when we have them right where we want them! Unless and until Poch works out how to kill a game when your ahead and get it into the DNA of our Players we are not going to win a trophy! Its no good being the better team with the better possession. Leicester won the Prem without having the ball – Chavs won the CL against Bayern by playing negative football. Sometimes, just sometimes I would rather watch spurs play 6 at the back for the last 15 minutes if it its the difference between winning and getting knocked out of a competition or losing 3 points. We took over £4m in gate receipts on Wednesday not to mention the advertising revenue and the TV rights that ain’t exactly small potatoes we could have doubled that amount by getting past Juve! To put in context, Wednesday was enough to give Toby a pay rise! Its not just the fact we let that game go its the fact that we just blew another pay day!

  • 123 is right. it’s done and gone. opportunity lost. now let’s move on a play 17 without defeat. FA Cup and top two. Olá Olé

  • Haven’t been in Bournemouth in well more than a half century. Remember it as quite a pleasant place. Had a great aunt who lived there. I’m assuming it’s still a pleasant place, so I won’t feel bad when we send them down to a five goal defeat to start our next winning run of many matches. maybe we will draw a match or two along the way, but let’s see points being wracked up and a cup gained. Next year we’ll win the CL, defeating Juventus and Real Madrid along the way. [insert big smiling emoji here.]

  • I don’t think Spurs bottled it as they give 100% & play without nerves ,even if half the crowd are cr–ing themselves. Spurs lost because they played the wrong defenders.The nearest we have to Chiellini & co in terms of guts & power are Toby,Wanyama & Rose.These 3 players,in my opinion would have defended our lead better & are always my first choice. Poch could have brought on Wanyama & taken off Eriksen who was ineffectual.We needed to close the game out & put our bodies on the line like Chiellini-possibly the best defender in the world. He was like a one man brick wall.Learn by your mistakes Poch if you want to be a winner like Mourinho,Allegri,Conte etc.These guys know how to defend a lead.

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