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Spurs Blow Top Spot & Maybe ECL Progression With Pathetic Mura Defeat – Match Stats


Unused NS Mura Substitutes:

Bucek, Bobicanec, Erjavec, Cipot, Mahimic, Klepac, Mandic, Zalokar.

Unused Spurs Substitutes:

Lloris, Reguilon, Winks, Emerson Royal, Austin.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

NS Mura
2 – 1
Tottenham Hotspur

Ljudski vrt, Slovenia

Europa Conference League - Group G

25/11/2021 5:45 pm

Referee: Antonio Nobre

NS Mura Tottenham Hotspur
Horvat (11), Marosa (90+4) Kane (72)
Obradovic Gollini
Karnicnik Sanchez
Rodon 54
Kous Doherty 53
Ndombele 76
62 Skipp
78 Sessegnon
Horvat 87 Gil 54
Pucko Alli
62 Kane


Ouro 62 Davies 53
62 Dier 54
Lotric 78 Lucas Moura 54
Cipot 87 Son Heung-Min 54
Hojbjerg 76

Game Statistics

7 Goal attempts 14
2 On Target 3
1 Corners 3
15 Fouls 13
7 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 1
42 % 58

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  • wentworth says:

    Utter disgrace. Complete shamble from a bunch of no hopers.

  • 123spurs says:

    As I said before these players don’t care. And should have been sold a long time ago. The mentality of these players are laughable. Sanzhec, dele etc seriously failed under the last 2 managers.

  • Niall D says:

    Well now we know it ain’t the managers fault, maybe JM wasn’t as bad as we thought.
    Conte has quickly acquired the beleaguered rather confused look that all Tottenham managers get, it’s a sort of how did that happen look.
    Apologies to WW, as I asked for some of those players to be on the pitch, to the chagrin of some posters Glenn Hoddle, echoed WW’s comments, that the 2nd stream just aren’t good enough.
    Here’s my list of players out.
    Doherty out couldn’t find a purple shirt with a pass all night.
    Sanchez out, position on Dancing on ice in the new year
    LoCeslo out another Lamella always injured
    Dele out one chance too many heads gone
    Winks out I know he wasn’t playing but still needs to go.
    Gill and Sess could go or stay I now don’t care.
    That was an embarrassing night, even with ten men we should’ve beaten that lot.
    As has been said they didn’t care Dele and N’Dombele skipped about the pitch and brought little to the game they both looked lazy and disinterested.
    Disgusted with many of our players tonight, Rodon all he can do is kick it into touch.
    Like a bunch of strangers thrown together for a kick about.
    Many of those players have blown their chance to get into the first 11 now.
    Conte must be wondering what he has signed up for.
    They were pathetic.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    I have been saying since the beginning that the ECL is a no-win situation. If we win, questions can be asked of the quality of the opposition and what winning it really means. Lose and the jokes write themselves.

    We’re now on the outside looking in. The last game is against Rennes and we can’t catch them. We are left to rely on Mura beating Vitesse in the Netherlands, which I personally hope doesn’t happen.

    Once the initial embarrassment goes away, I think we can all accept that being rid of midweek European trips will ease our fixture congestion and hopefully allow Conte to dedicate his attention to competitions that hold more value (be it financial or otherwise). From the get-go I have questioned the relevance of this competition and I would rather be rid of it altogether.

    Having said that, questions can indeed be asked of several players. While we can question whether certain players in our squad are good enough for the higher echelons of PL and European football, with all due respect to Mura, even the weakest link in our squad ought to be a better footballer, intrinsically, than anyone lining up for Mura. If we lost yesterday, it isn’t down to a lack of quality – there was more than enough quality in that 11 to beat Mura. It is down to a lack of motivation.

    I personally have seen enough of the likes of Dele Alli and I hope he never plays for us again. I wish him the best, I hope he can rediscover some form elsewhere, but he has had more than enough chances and we know talent isn’t the issue. I singled out Dele but plenty of others should look at themselves yesterday.

    Sessegnon is a youngish player and undoubtedly wanted to impress his new manager, but that was the definition of trying too hard and losing your head. Not good enough at this level.

    I hope Levy listens to his manager for once. Conte is mentioning a severe lack of quality, something both MP and JM have mentioned in the past. If you’re not going to listen to Conte, who are you going to listen to?

    And as much as we can comment on MP/JM/NES and their failures at Spurs, I think we need to accept that we have changed managers and yet some of the same issues are still present. Therefore, the problem cannot be the manager.

  • Niall D says:

    Hi BS
    Great balanced and well written post, I should honestly wait until the next before writing any posts, but it was my thoughts exactly, similarly, thought that whilst the least important of our challenges this season, I still wanted a fair crack at the competition if only to “blood” young players and indeed to give fringe players some competitive minutes and maybe an avenue into our first team.
    However it appears there are those in our squad who don’t see it that way and perhaps think that playing on a Thursday night is an embarrassing position and they’ve spat their respective dummies out.
    Or there are poor signings who, simply put, aren’t good enough.
    Would we have beaten Mura with 11 on the pitch, probably, but with that said we still should’ve had enough nouse, skill, fitness, passion and professionalism even with 10 men to beat em, with that said well done to Moura they left their hearts on the pitch and got a well deserved “scalp” their passion was obvious, as was a lack of passion for many of our players.
    There are a few who need to pack their bags and leave Spurs come January, Levey needs a fire damage sale and should just take what he can get.
    But as you have said and I firmly agree, it’s not the manager, there is a malaise over almost all of our players now, you could put an argument up for almost all of them to leave the club.
    However, hopefully this “distraction” will now be gone on a Thursday night and it should allow us to focus on domestic competitions.
    Always in hope.

  • PompeyYid says:

    Well! that was shit last night, wasn’t it?

    1…Some have said this Euro thingy is a waste of time, ok maybe.

    2…Some have said we should be in it cos its easy and we can win it, ok maybe.

    Well I believe the players of Spurs have listened to the Fans no 2 opinion and thus they think they only have to turn up to win a game, think every away game in this comp the same.
    Add! not thinking that teams like Mura playing the great(jest at the mo) THFC of the EPL will treat the game like a Cup Final and be really “Up For It” and you end up with the crap we witnessed last night and the embarrassment us fans have to endure.

    Jamie O’Hara said last night you cannot play football by turning it on or off like a tap, you must be ready at all times for every game no matter who you are playing.

    There is an attitude in our Squad and also some crap, so over to you Mr Conti, sort this shit out. Still COYS just about lol!

  • 123spurs says:

    We have different managers but the same problems, issues, because we still have the same players. Puzzle solved.

    Simple Q do you want to play for THFC and give 100% if not, find another club.

  • jod says:

    The only value of this joke competition was to test out squad players. Well they have been tested and found wanting. The problem with football is it’s a lot easier, quicker and cheaper to change the manager than the players. So clubs take the easy option, but if the problem is the players that doesn’t solve the problem. I’ve said before that we are back where we were at the start of Poch’s time and need a 3 year rebuild. My question is whether Conte will be around that long. Its not just “spend more money”, we spent £62m on N’Dombele – how is that working out ? We need something like the data analysis driven system that Ian Graham has implemented at Liverpool to try and spend our money on players that are actually worth buying.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    With that being said jod, Liverpool have spent 70 million + on 2 transformational players in VVD and Alisson. Liverpool didn’t get to where they are by bargain shopping. They’ve spent more wisely, but they have spent.

    If you think any manager can turn Spurs round while not spending money, you have unrealistic expectations.

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