Date: 15th May 2018 at 7:00pm
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Five players will all be made available for transfer, according to the Mirror journalist Darren Lewis. The reporter believes the club will “start listening to offers” for Toby Alderweireld, Mousa Dembele, Moussa Sissoko, Fernando Llorente and Danny Rose.

All of the players named have been widely tipped to leave in recent months, but with the club having played their final game of the season, it seems they have started the process of offloading them.

The futures of both Sissoko and Llorente have been sealed for a while it seems, with neither featuring prominently under Mauricio Pochettino this campaign.

Toby’s contract situation has been well documented, and it has become apparent that the impasse will not be broken. The club will therefore look to get as much as they can for the Belgian.

For Rose and Dembele however, things are more complicated. Danny’s injury problems and the fact he has a contract until 2021 means there is still a small chance he will remain at the club.

With Mousa, his contract is a problem. The 30-year-old has not agreed an extension beyond 2019, and despite Poch’s admiration for him and his displays this season, there is a possibility he will be sold to China or Italy to make sure we get a transfer fee for him.


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  • Get rid of Llorente and Sissoko for sure waste of squad spaces, If Rose wants to go let him go his performances seem to reflect his attitude to staying, Dembele is different when his good he is incredible but when his bad he is a liability and those bad days are becoming more frequent, so if the price is right let him go.
    Alderweireld is the big worry if he really doesn’t want to play for the money he is e=being offered then lets get what we can, he did a similar thing whilst at Southampton before we bought him
    As long as we invest in the rest of the squad and keep Poch which is the most important thing, if the others really don’t want to play for Spurs let them go, but Levy has to understand we have a great manager and a great squad but unless we pay the going rates they will eventually go to the detriment of Spurs

  • The Man U philosophy is “deliver now” while the Tottenham approach is to develop the players over time. Both teams have managers ideally suited for the style. the opportunity for Spurs and Poch is that Man u have some potentially developable players that Mourinho is not prepared to wait for and they may well be available for Spurs to acquire. Shaw, Martial, Rashford, even Damian and Pogba could become available this summer and I’m hoping that Spurs will check them out.

  • However many players we are prepared to allow to leave, it doesn’t matter providing the money is re-invested in the team, something that has only happened in one of the season’s transfer dealings under MP, in 2015-16 we actually recorded a net spend of wait for it £14.92 M, in the remaining 3 seasons we actually returned a net profit on transfers. In 2014-15 it amounted to £3.89M profit, in 2016-17 we returned £28.17M profit and in 2017-18 a profit of £15.93M. The total profit from transfer dealings in MP’s tenure so far is £33.07M . No wonder then that Pochettino thinks the time has come “to push the boat out” and make even a token effort to compete. Rather than people like Jod asking “where do we think the money is coming from”, perhaps should answer the question “where is all the money going”. This record in the transfer market place in addition to paying austerity wages is a clue as to why we miss out on the quality players and sign people like N’Jie, N’Kuodou, Jannson, Sissoko, and Lloriente to name but 5 of our recent master deals. Rather than claim to be chasing success on the pitch, perhaps Levy should be honest about the true objectives of his master Lewis and himself, to run a profitable club, and to enhance it’s bricks and mortar asset value, in preparation for the eventual sale of the club and their departure. They have no intention of sizeable investment in the playing staff, and any player that doesn’t like it can go like Walker, Alderwiereld, and Rose irrespective of it’s detrimental effect on the team. It will be interesting to see the type of club that will come in for players of this quality and how much our coffers will be boosted by their sale.

  • My views resemble Frank’s and that’s rather well documented.

    If good players want to go, that’s too bad, but ultimately there is little the club can do. The question mark lies with our ability and willingness to adequately replace good players. And sadly the track record there is poor.

    On that not and our inability to repace outgoing players, Jermaine Jenas said this weekend that this season’s Spurs team was worse than last year’s mostly because of Walker leaving and Rose not playing, leaving our 11 short of pace.

    While Rose is still at the club, who knows what’s next for him. He claims he’s fit and doesn’t regret his interview 10 months ago.

    In the Belgian press, it is claimed Dembélé could instantly double his salary if he goes to China, with Beijing Guoan interested.

    Toby’s salary demands are well documented. Given that Sanchez has just been reward with a new, improved contract, and Toby hasn’t, he’s probably as good as gone.

    With Sissoko and Llorente, the problem is the opposite; are we going to find takers?

  • £33.07mill profit was mentioned in Poch’s tenure, how far does that go say over 1 year, £6,614,000 a month or £127,192.00 a week, 1 player, with out adding transfer dealing. Am I wrong or missing something or is it my maths.

  • First I’m not concerned about players leaving unless it’s core players. Toby wants one last big contract, he ain’t getting it with us. Shame but his age has come at the wrong time for us. Unless he has a change of heart due to us finishing 3rd and new stadium I expect he will go, and I am happy with Sanchez taking that role. Ok he isn’t as experienced but he will get better, the problem is can we get another cb that can bring us depth, another Sanchez will do if they perform like he has in their first season. I love Toby calmness and passing and reading of the game but younger players can make up for their lack of experience if they have pace and ability to read the game well. I was annoyed with Rose but if is happy to stay then i forgive and think another season with him will probably be best for us, we dont want to many changes at the back, as long as he stays fit throughout the WC. My concerns RB, as Aurier has been poor at times and Trippier while is recent we need some pace o that side, so may be we just have to take the chance that Aurier will come good, may be KWP will push them both! Now I’m no fan of Lamela, he frustrates me, tip tapping the ball around, mot really assisting or scoring, then in the last game in the 2nd half he showed just how effective he can be. May be we keep him, he knows MP philosophy, he has experience and with a pre season maybe next season he will show his worth! However if a huge offer comes in it want be the end of the world if he goes. Dembele for me is difficult one. He bugs me, genius at times then poor at others and concerns about fitness. If we can keep him without giving into huge financial demands then great, but no way should we be giving him huge wages and long contract. Evening we keep him I think we need another CM attacking player who can assist and score and get into the box late. Do we have that in Winks or Onamah or another academy! I struggle with Sissko but it wouldn’t surprise if we don’t keep him. He brings us something different not pretty a lot of the time, but when the squad wears thin he can come on and do a job. But if a decent offer comes in he should be sold and if we do want another CM so we don’t rely on academy or Winks then I expect him to go. Llorente has to go, GK Janssen as well. Personally i would like CB if Toby goes a CM and a goal scorer to help Kane, whether that’s a out and out striker or a offensive player who can play behind Kane or with Kane. I seriously don’t think we should sell of our first steamers but expect Toby to go and possibly Dembele. If we can keep the rest were good.

  • Of course we were worse than last season as our stats prove. We won 3 less games than last year and finished up 9 points worse off with 77 points compared to 86 last year. Most of our rivals have improved since last year and will continue to do so. If we don’t make some effort to emulate them then this downward trend will continue irrespective if our profit level rises or indeed because of that. It is time for reasonable investment in the transfer market to fill glaring holes in the squad and look to the future. The time for negative spend windows is surely over.

  • One could argue that Toby, Rose, and Dembélé are all “core” players.

    Let’s be honest about this: Toby isn’t getting a game because of his contract demands, not because he isn’t good enough to start for us. As well as Sanchez has done, at his best Toby is still a superior player. That may not be the case in a couple of years, but it is now.

    Same with Rose and Davies. Rose has had fitness issues but Rose at his best is still far superior to Davies at his best.

    Dembélé is still a nailed-on starter, so it’s even easier to make the case for him.

    So essentially we are getting rid of “core” players if they leave. And any attempt to somehow diminish how good they are, to help justify why we’re selling them, is really hypocritical. We’re getting rid of all 3 because they don’t want to take the Levy discount.

    How anyone feels about that will vary – some will say they should be happy with their already high wages and be loyal to the club that gave them a chance, and that’s understandable. Others will understand their desire to get the money/titles they could get elsewhere. But everybody should call it like it is: those are 3 very good footballers and our team would undoubtedly be weaker without them.

    Loz, you seem to assume that it’s going to be easy to replace these players. Yet we have a horrible track record of replacing outbound players.

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