Date: 29th May 2021 at 8:00pm
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After a long, hard and ultimately disappointing season for Tottenham Hotspur, we have a busy summer in store now as we look to both sort out our managerial situation as well as strengthen the group via the transfer market – as massive question being Harry Kane’s own future.

Whilst we’ll hopefully have our new manager in within a few weeks (or maybe our old manager given the Mauricio Pochettino rumours) it’s unlikely much will happen on a transfer front until we see the culmination of this summers European Championship competition.

In a world still dealing with Covid, personally, I think international football is slightly ridiculous at this moment in time, but money makes the world go round doesn’t it – Spurs fans will however have a natural interest in the tournament given the players and former players that should be on show.

If nothing else it’ll be a distraction for a few weeks – so anything Euro related can go in here VSers.

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634 Replies to “Spurs At The European Championships Thread”

  • I’m sorry to see Foyth go. He really seemed solid at Copa America with Argentina as a FB. I thought he showed some real promise for a lad who was thrown in at that position with no experience at it.

  • jod – you may want to talk down those cups all you want, but to the average person a German cup and French league titles are still going to be worth a lot more than anything Lampard has ever achieved. The highlight of Lampard’s CV so far is getting Derby into the Championship play offs. If he didn’t have an illustrious playing career behind him, there is absolutely nothing to suggest he should be considered for a PL management role, let alone at one of the PL’s bigger clubs.

    Regarding transfers, I don’t know if there is another way to look at it. Lampard was backed to the tune of 250 million+, got a new striker (Werner), 2 midfielders (Ziyech, Havertz), 2 defenders (Silva, Chilwell) and a goalkeeper (Mendy). He got the opportunity to upgrade every single area of his squad.

    Now, I’m not saying those aren’t good players for any manager to inherit, but Tuchel may have gone after very different targets, had he been given the same budget. Managers buy players to suit their system and there is no indication that those players were the preferred choices to fit Tuchel’s tactics. Lampard had the luxury to pick and choose, Tuchel didn’t, and Tuchel still managed to get more out of a group he didn’t assemble. There is nothing “interesting” about that claim, it’s as factual as can be.

    Lampard was given 18 months to succeed at Chelsea. It’s a short amount of time, agreed, but it’s in line with how much time a modern-day manager gets in the PL. You may dislike that, but it’s the norm. Lampard wasn’t treated any worse than another incumbent might have been.

    Take a look at Chelsea’s last 6 managers: Mourinho, Hiddink, Conte, Sarri, Lampard and Tuchel. Mourinho and Conte won the league, Sarri won the Europa League, Tuchel won the CL. The only 2 from that list to win nothing are Lampard and Hiddink, but Hiddink was only given 6 months. In reality, Lampard probably got more time than most would get at Chelsea normally.

    As an aside, I am not disputing that winning the French league with PSG is almost a given. But accepting that as a reality, what does that say about Pochettino for having failed to do so?

  • Foyth may just be one of those players who struggled in the PL yet went on to make a name for himself in another league.

    Either the club gave up on a young player too quickly, or the fast pace of the PL was just too much for Foyth to handle and he might never have come good in the PL, despite the talent.

    Hard to know what the truth is.

  • I agree with you, BS, that comparisons across different contexts are a dicey business. Don Juan probably would have been judged quite a bad lover if he had hooked up in gay bars instead of seducing damsels in drawing rooms. Of course, Juan Forth wasn’t tried in the position in which he looked quite good for a virgin FB in South America. Different positions fit in different ways in different contexts.

  • Talking of managers buying players to suit their systems…….we are being linked to a number of players but don’t yet have a manager with a system for them to suit!

  • So it looks like it is Fonseca on a two year deal with the option of a third. Makes sense I suppose then it won’t cost too much if it doesn’t work out but let’s hope for the best!

  • I say if it is Fonseca, welcome to Spurs Fonzy, we will get behind you, well I will at least give you a chance, mind so will very many more. COYS

  • Hey PY, hope you and yours are keeping well. I think it’s fair to say we will all be willing him on to bring us some cheer and hopefully titles and/or silverware in the not too distant future. Not much pressure then! :- )

  • If he (Fonzy) does come, will it be happy days for Spurs. 😉
    At present all I’m hopingnext season for is entertaining football a good league position and maybe a decent cup run, get the side settled built up a bit, and see where we go.
    I’d love a trophy but who knows.

  • Let’s be honest. The Conte/Fonseca saga shows one thing, Daniel Levy and ENIC have no ambition for Spurs. Fonseca is now doubt a decent coach and we will play some nice football but the “lads it’s Tottenham” quote will be back to the fore when we come up against decent opposition. Sixth or seventh is the best we will achieve under this guy. How happy will Spurs fans be with this whilst paying the highest ticket prices in Europe, who knows. Daniel Levy doesn’t care. The TV revenues, the gate receipts and the boxing/concert revenues will keep ENIC happy. However good Paratici may be, not that great I imagine, he will find it a lot harder to recruit players with no Champions League football, no prospect of challenging for the title or even the top four and salaries that fail to match the bigger teams.
    What an absolute shambles of a football club we have become under our deceitful pathetic excuse for a chairman who despite calamitous decision after calamitous decision is answerable to absolutely no one.

  • DH…..I think our prospects will be defined more by the players we bring in rather than the manager.

    • So it looks like we may have happened on another victim to become coach. I hope, although it is highly unlikely, that he gets tight arse Levy to back him in the transfer market. Will he see out a full season, answers on a postcard.

  • If you believe speculation from some sources Fonseca isn’t done yet and there may be another new candidate.

  • TQ2Spurs – I don’t see us attracting any quality players. Everyone can see the lack of ambition at the club, we have no proper European football and we will won’t pay the salaries that a club with ambition will pay. In fact, I don’t suppose we will even be in for the top level players. The cat is out of the bag now, if there was any doubt about it, it is there for all to see, the club has no ambition so Levy does not even need to bother with his fake bids anymore.

  • DH….it will be interesting to see if there is any change in the way the club operates with someone with experience taking over the footballing operations.

  • Doncaster, you are of course absolutely right, and fortunately more and more Spurs fans are becoming aware of Levy’s lies and false promises, and seeing the total lack of ambition and unwillingness to compete with the PL elite. We will never be successful on the pitch while ENIC hold the reins.

  • I honestly believe this whole shambles will get worse before it gets better and by better I mean Enic selling up. I just wonder is fat Joe looking to get out sooner rather than later? With any luck. Our new manager in on the cheap, tiny budget and our best player is leaving. Go on Fat Joe sell up and buy yourself a new cruize ship.

  • What was the film, “Build it and they will come” , well we built it.
    Whilst we can’t currently compete with City, Chelsea, if we are to believe some on here, given our wonderful stadium we will have funds in the future to get us ip there, I hope so.
    In the mean time, we can surely compete with Leicester, we have already proven better head to head, W ham, Everton and Arsenal, so we may be in and around where Man U and Liverpool are next season.
    We could /Should finish top 5, then spring board.

  • DoncasterHotspur Weren’t you one of the “anybody is better than Mourinho” brigade? Now you are slagging off Conte and Fonseca while still not saying who you think we should be hiring.

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