Date: 11th July 2018 at 1:20pm
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BelgiumSpurs says:

We are doing it again.

At the end of last season, Mauricio Pochettino was asked about his ambitions for the coming season. More specifically, the media asked him about transfer plans, and he had this to say to Talksport:

“We are thinking and trying to anticipate because it will be difficult if not at the World Cup. If the performance is not good at the World Cup you are going to sign players that have not performed in the way you have expected and if you are going to sign players where the performance is so good it will be so complicated.”

Pochettino went on to explain that waiting until after the World Cup was a risk he did not want to take, and that he wanted his squad to be settled early.

Yet here we are, in the very last stages of the World Cup, when all but 4 squads have gone home, and we are still without a signing. Pre-season has already started, but it seems that we will again be bargain hunting until deadline day.

It all started so well: Pochettino’s extension was immediately followed by Kane’s. Given the money involved, these moves hinted at bigger budgets for the squad, and an increased willingness to spend on talent. However, several weeks on, we have failed to kick on from that.

Of course, a quick look at our top 6 rivals shows that most of them have already signed players with significant PL, CL and/or international experience. They have wasted no time trying to address shortcomings in their squads, or in City’s case, making an awesome squad even scarier.

Comparatively, we are again leaving it very late to improve our squad, which will again harm any newcomer’s chances of having an immediate impact.

Will we ever learn, or at the very least, try to follow the advice of a manager who should have earned a bit of respect, trust and credibility by now?


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  • Just as important is to get rid of the dead wood i.e. the poor ,panic signings….Sissoko, Aurier, N’Koudou, Llorente etc. We do not need to buy basement stuff in the hope they might become good. Hope Poch can push Levy to open his wallet before TW closes. We have a good first eleven but little in reserve.

  • Wentworth, you could say that almost our entire squad are basement bin bargains… Or, we could also say that the likes of Dele, Hugo Toby, Jan and all were pretty shrewd investments…

    • I was referring to the duds not the good signings. We have made some very poor signings who need to go asap.Llorente a prime example of a dead loss who should have gone in January rather than earning a huge salary for doing nothing.

  • The main concern with buying late is that the player doesn’t get the MP preseason. Spurs should have got in their main targets early because getting them late doesn’t help the player or the team.

    The Pl kicks off in a month selling Toby/ rose this season would be stupid as finding replacements who could get up to speed, is a gamble not worth taking.

    Gkn, Jansen, onomah, CCV and llorente are the players who could be sold without it affecting the squad.
    Dembele has been a favorite of mine over the years, however, the time is right for him to be sold.
    Spurs have 3 RB’s one of them can be moved on. I would keep the rest and add at least one pacey wide attacker Matial/ Zaha type players.

  • woah…that was lively, same ole same ole arguments but all valid, Who really doesnt want their team buying players early or midway thru the TW, especially when others around you are doing it, but this is Spurs, it is what it is, we just have to accept it, hasnt done so bad for us in recent years.

  • palmover – It really doesn’t work like that unless you are signing experienced premier league players. If you are signing players from abroad then pre season or no pre season they are going to take a year to adjust. Bringing in players from lower leagues will also usually mean a year to adjust although as Ali showed not always. This idea a month of training and an import is good to go is fantasy.

  • Palmover …. It was never going to be a ‘normal’ pre-season anyway because our WC players will be taking extended leave.

  • People wonder why this site has lost so many posters including me. Listen to yourselves, same old negativity, same old personal attacks. How would anyone on here be likened to ‘dead wood’ these are human beings, players with families. Then the same old critiscm against Levy, same people wanting to tell him how to run a business, if he did what most people told him we would be bankrupt, reflection of society, spend what you ain’t got and bugger the consequences, who cares if we are in debt. Its hard to win trophies, its hard to compete in a competitive environment like football, made even harder by people’s attitudes of wanting instant gratification, to spend other peoples money, and to have players who demand huge wages. If it was easy all clubs would be doing a utd, city etc. Society has forgotten what its like to be content, grateful for what they have got, and the world is a mess. There are people being killed, starving, homelessness and here we are demanding we spend millions on a player just to satisfied our own greed and when we do bring a player and he doesn’t improve us or settle we abuse him, he becomes dead wood, amongst other things. I’ve supported spurs for fifty years and so I’m as passionate as anyone else for winning trophies but not at all costs, and i certainly don’t want to live my life abusing players, others and making demands to strengthen my ego which is basically what all this is about, the ego demanding, abusing, wanting more, never satisfied. WAKE UP. Social media is full of this crap, egoes fighting each other, being strengthened, there just doesn’t seem to be a forum where things can be discussed without the egoes controlling, very few posters are awake, aware, just read, just listen to yourselves. Its sad, and that is why this site and many others eventually become toxic. Who aant negativity, who wants to read posts that abuse, or wants to head the same moans over and over, it’s like a stuck record. Personally i think this club is progressing, Levy has had good spells and bad, as all people do, as all businesses do, but he has come through them all. Now in the last 4 years he and the club has brought some stability and in those four years we have progressed. If we hadn’t had to move to wembley we may have done even better, that was a little blip, now we have another little blip, new stadium to get used to. Once revenues come in i expect more investment unless we have to contribute to the paying of the stadium which is understandable, hut overall we are in a good place, trophy or not. It is difficult to stay patient in tw but it is how we have to work and a wc year makes it harder. We cannot expect any announcements whole wc is on. Can you imagine if a player is brought in that is competition for one of our players how that mag affect them at the wc. Or if we tried selling players that are at wc, its not a great way to do things, its best to let the players at the wc concentrate on the wc, not have their futures in their kind or concerns that someone is being brought in and wondering if they are going to be sold. Its respect, and besides we have to see how thing lay after the wc before we can know what we need. What if players got injured, so patience. I do think there will be movement after the wc has ended. I’ve said my bit, but I’m not thinking of coming back to this site regular, i don’t want to read the same old things and see the negativity and abuse. Good luck to those who stay on here. Oh and no player is dead wood, and levy is not a bad person and no player is either.

  • Loz – with all due respect, using the argument of “it’s a hard world out there” is hardly valid.

    Levy has chosen his line of work. Yes, the PL is a cutthroat environment, hugely competitive and driven by money. You may rue that but it is what it is. Many teams in years past have shown us what is required to be successful in that environment, yet we still choose to do things differently. The optimists will point to some progress, but there is no escaping that our “different way” isn’t exactly filling the trophy room.

    At some point, if Levy’s way isn’t working, it shouldn’t be a surprise that some fans are fed up with it.

  • Palmover – some fans just want to believe that signing a player from abroad automatically means that he won’t perform for a year, despite there being many examples of the contrary each year.

    It’s got nothing to do with players coming from abroad, but everything to do with the specific players we’re targeting.

  • Ossie – a balanced post there. At least you recognise the validity of the arguments made. In the end, you and Geof are ever the pragmatists – there is indeed nothing we can do.

    But there’s nothing we can do about Kane missing chances, or Aurier missing free throws either… If on that basis, we can only debate the things we can control, VS no longer has a reason for existence.

  • HT – “Financial ambition and power buys Juve, Ronaldo… He’s not just there for his love of football…”

    How do you know that? Maybe Ronaldo came to the conclusion that he’d won everything there was to win with Real and he wanted a new challenge in another top league…

    Yes the numbers involved are big but that’s just modern football for you. I’m sure Ronaldo could double his Juve wages by going to China, if money was the sole objective.

    I see it as yet another chapter in his drive to win as much as possible. The money is secondary (let’s face it, he’s already got more money than he’ll ever be able to spend).

    Sporting ambitions and financial ambitions remain different objectives that can meet occasionally.But in Ronaldo’s latest move, it’s obvious that the sporting side still matters immensely.

  • Couple of things from me on this never ending every TW saga!

    Ossie….Well said!

    Loz….Couldn’t agree with you more!

    For me the season starts in 4 weeks, what will be will be. COYS

  • We live in a country/world of “we are entitled” and it shows that in a large number of Spurs fans, I am so sorry things have got this way. Nevermind COYS

  • What are you smoking loz???watching Harry over the last few games for England really worries me he looks absolutely nakered.

  • Personally Pauric i didn’t get carried away with England because the squad selection imo was jot balanced enough and the formation i didn’t suit kane. I didn’t see much in the group stages that convinced me kane would thrive at the wc and imo in many ways he didn’t. Kane for me is an unusual player, for him to thrive there has to be clever players around him who can create for him or make space for him. Non of the offensive players in england were capable of providing for kane he hardly got a pass from them. Dele was deployed in a role that took away his freedom, i think Southgate was unsure about him being able to be disciplined enough but dele pulled himself into line for Southgate but he lost the freedom to do what he does best which helps kane, his role was more disciplined and his edge was gone, his creativity stifled. Sterling is not good enough to create and while he works hard and has pace its jot enough at international level, he reminds me of john barnes, can’t transfer it in a england shirt. Lingard again the system doesn’t suit him like dele. So the offensive players all the way through while showed us pace, hard work just didn’t click or flow enough or create enough and certainly didn’t help kane. To get the best out of kane you have to build the team around him and MP has done that but in doing that we have seen time and time again finding a striker to depudise is difficult spurs struggle to play another way. Kane is good at what he does but he can’t it unless he has the right players around him playing a certain system. England didnt play the right system or have the right players to help kane. Due to the uniqueness of kane he is somewhat creating a position for club and country that sees him not getting much rest. For me england needed to deploy the same system spurs do to get the best out of kane, the offensive players not stifled like dele and lingard was, and to do that you need to good midfielders with the back line pushing up. One of the midfielders has to be defensive minded and the other ball retainer. I think if winks had progressed and gone he would have been perfect for midfield with dier or Henderson. Play back 4, then let three offensive players do their stuff and create and support kane. I dont see england getting the best out of kane unless they change their formation and as kane is best goal scorer i don’t see anyone yet taking his place and he will be over worked at international level and club level. Improvements for england for me was mentality, work ethic, and set pieces not open play. We got lucky with the way the path opened up. For england to succeed we need to change the system to make the most of kane while he is scoring and on form for club which imo means playing similar way to spurs. For spurs its a dilemma because when we do get strikers the team are so drilled to laying a certain way they can’t adjust to a different striker, just as kane can’t adjust to a different formation which was obvious in this wc. Kane was shattered, and his open play all tournament has been average, but his mental steel when needed was brilliant. Englands open play was not flowing, it was hard work, but lacked finesse, creativity other than set pieces and it lacked a experienddd but its work in progress. I still don’t fancy England to do much in the near future, the PL hasn’t enough english players playing in the top teams. If england want to improve they need to changed their system to help kane like spurs have and spurs need to find another way of playing to help kane have a rest. Trippier was very good, dele was stifled, kane not supported, dier struggled being sub at times, rose similar but they gave their best in the circumstances and england have made people feel more connected but at no point did i expect us do go all the way. Its a start though but i expect new faces in the coming months in england shirt andni expect a couple of new faces at spurs soon

  • Jod getting a player in early (1st week pre season) even from abroad would make more sense than getting them in With a week or 2 pre season. Sanchez had a very decent season and he came from abroad and he was only 21.

  • Loz…having just read your post, I 100% agree regards Harry, relegated to a no10 in my opinion, playing him behind one man team Sterling totally restricts his skill/ goal scoring ability, Deli and Lingard agree about restrictions for them two. A very good breakdown post by the way

    Now the excitement has died down, on reflection the side was very unbalanced, never mind there is always next time. COYS

  • Back on signings, the rumour is getting stronger regards Grealish, its being said now that there is one or two things to be sorted and he/Grealish will sign for us as early as next week, anyone know better or is this just media bullcrap again. COYS

  • Loz relax that’s serious bit of commentary from ye.only having the crack , I agree with you about Harry’s role what he was asked to do,now back to our club where I stand on the transfer window is as follows .toby looks like he’s headn up to the Man Utd so martial has to be part of that deal which I think would be a good deal, playmaker midfielder is what we truly lack in this team and grealish ain’t going to solve that problem poch may turn him into a good player but that’s probably down the line i.e. 2years my opinion that ain’t breaking any club 2 top players. sell sissoko, nkdou, Lorente, janessen,onomah.

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