Date: 11th July 2018 at 1:20pm
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BelgiumSpurs says:

We are doing it again.

At the end of last season, Mauricio Pochettino was asked about his ambitions for the coming season. More specifically, the media asked him about transfer plans, and he had this to say to Talksport:

“We are thinking and trying to anticipate because it will be difficult if not at the World Cup. If the performance is not good at the World Cup you are going to sign players that have not performed in the way you have expected and if you are going to sign players where the performance is so good it will be so complicated.”

Pochettino went on to explain that waiting until after the World Cup was a risk he did not want to take, and that he wanted his squad to be settled early.

Yet here we are, in the very last stages of the World Cup, when all but 4 squads have gone home, and we are still without a signing. Pre-season has already started, but it seems that we will again be bargain hunting until deadline day.

It all started so well: Pochettino’s extension was immediately followed by Kane’s. Given the money involved, these moves hinted at bigger budgets for the squad, and an increased willingness to spend on talent. However, several weeks on, we have failed to kick on from that.

Of course, a quick look at our top 6 rivals shows that most of them have already signed players with significant PL, CL and/or international experience. They have wasted no time trying to address shortcomings in their squads, or in City’s case, making an awesome squad even scarier.

Comparatively, we are again leaving it very late to improve our squad, which will again harm any newcomer’s chances of having an immediate impact.

Will we ever learn, or at the very least, try to follow the advice of a manager who should have earned a bit of respect, trust and credibility by now?


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  • Jesus wept, what sort of life did you whingers have before we progressed and became a regular top 4 finisher and make Europe 3 times, with a fantastic new stadium on the horizon, suicidal a think.

    Frank….please stop comparing today to yesteryear, ie Bill Nicks era which I lived through also, the times they are a changing, and because of 4 years of excellent progress the words plateaued/mediocraty is now in use.

    I believe no matter what Spurs do you lot will always find something to whinge about.

    I give up, my hard hats on, let me have it. COYS

  • And where, in the universe’s book of revelations, does it state that THFC have to win a trophy? We have choices. We chose Spurs. If we want to bemoan the lack of trophies, that’s our fault for making the wrong choice, not the fault of THFC.

  • PY …. Okay, you asked for it …. you’re a very naughty boy!!!

    I suppose we could all go through life moaning because everything is not the way we want it. The truth is …. none of us really matter that much.

  • Once upon a time there lived three little footballers.

    One named Messi, one named Ronaldo and one named Kane.

    One little footballer played for Barca, (Little “Magic” Messi)… One little player played for whoever could afford him, (Little Ronny 2-boots)… And the other little footballer played for Spurs… (Little Harry “The Hat-Trick” Kane).

    All three little footballers scored lots and lots and lots of goals.

    And they all lived happily ever after… Well, that is all is except for one.

    And that, boys and girls, was;

    Little Harry Kane
    Who lived up the Lane.
    He’s one of our own
    But we still have to moan
    For he was raised by an evil old man
    Without so much as forward-thinking plan…
    OOOOOH! He’s behind you!

    And the moral of this story is?

    There isn’t one…

  • But, on the bright side, here’s a really good reason to moan …. we’re sitting 17th on the table!

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing us sign Zaha and Malcom – some proper width and attacking flair. We have pass masters in Ericksen and Alli but lack pacy skilful players/wingers apart from Moura so hopefully that will be addressed soon. Son and Kane need some competition and I think Zaha could provide it – gonna cost atleast £50m though – basically what we got for Walker and that was seen as a top deal – just shows how hard it is to get and easy to spend!

  • Drop Ericksen into the Dembele role no.8, play Alli as a no.10 and have Son and Moura and hopefully Zaha/Grealish and Malcolm to play on the wings. Winks covers Ericksen. Lamela covers Alli. Dier and Wanyama for DCM and we’d be sorted. Son and even Zaha could easily cover HK if needed. We could also keep Janssen if necessary. Would love to see it – play like City – attacking flowing football – attack = best form of defence. That would almost leave Dembele and Sissoko spare. Will be interesting to see what happens – can’t wait!

    • Botch doesn’t play two wide pacey players at the same time. Botch doesn’t play creative players in the CM/dm position. I agree with your assessment and set up, however, i expect more of the same from Botch.

  • el jefe….some pretty good reasoning there, thought out, could even make sense but this is Spurs so anything could happen. COYS

  • cannot suppress my concerns about the overly high possibility that Son will be called into military service in Korea. Was reading how he needs to be on a winning Korean team in the Asian games (or some such competition) in order to gain a waiver from military service. That would take him away from Spurs for several weeks. Failure to do that successfully and he might be away for Spurs for the better part of a couple of years. Talking about needing cover for the possibility that a player will be unavailable for some period of time…

  • I suppose it’s again a matter of opinion, and a conversation which could stretch beyond football, but unlike you Geof, I’m not just going to avoid subjects I can do nothing about, and just follow the rest of the world like a herd of sheep.

    Maybe it’s wasted energy to you, but it’s a principle to me.

    Much bigger things in life (politics, global warming, wars,…) are things that I ultimately have little control over, individually. If we had to stop talking about things we can’t control, what’s left?

    Supporting a football club is a bit like voting. If you just decide that your individual vote is meaningless, and don’t vote because you feel that it’s wasted energy, and enough people think the same, you can end up with hugely important decisions going the wrong way – just because enough people thought that they couldn’t change things. Recent times have offered several examples of this.

    Supporting THFC is the same. If enough fans moan and stop going to the stadium, the club will be forced to change (see: West Ham). If we just accept things as “the way they are”, where is the impetus for change?

    It may well be that you’re perfectly happy with the way we do business, and want to continue on this way. It would be strange to me, but that would be a valid reason to continue on as we are and say nothing.

    But if you do think we could do better in TWs, and the justification for saying nothing is because you can’t be bothered, I find that defeatist.

  • I understand Frank’s concern. But we have not had the financial income of Man CIty and other top 5 clubs, so have to live within our means. That is why Levy & Joe have been spending millions on building the training centre and now stadium, employed Poch (after harry avb etc.) to build the academy and team up to coincide with new stadium open. As in Financial Services.. the past performance is not a guide to the future performance. Times have changed since the 1960’s and football is money driven, which is why we have “fallen behind” Premier League rivals.

    Now we are catching up fast, and I would rather have a wait for silverware wins consistently than be a Leicester or worse.. Leeds. So now we have the infrastructure of training ground, stadium (almost) manager and players to take us forward. Remember Man Utd had their big stadium built before alex fergie, and increased the stadium size when he was winning after near 3 years after joining. As i said above, better to have a club built on rock solid foundations, than that of one built on sand. COYS

  • So once again according to people like Frank we are about to implode because we haven’t spent loads of money. This has got beyond boring. A stopped clock is right twice a day, These prophets of doom haven’t been right in years. But it doesn’t seem to bother them, they just keep spouting the same stuff over and over again.

  • There is only so many times we can keep winging our way through a transfer window and keep getting away with it. There are six teams going for the top four positions. Sooner or later Arsenal and Chelsea will get their act together. arsenal will be better because they have a proper coach now and Chelsea will probably be stronger. You would have thought that in a world cup year with so many Spurs players away that it was more important than ever that we got our business done early.
    It is less than a month until the season starts and with Son away, the England and Belgium players exhausted it looks as though once again we are going to start the season ill prepared. Poch must be tearing his hair out. It is obvious to me that we are waiting to see what we get from sales (Toby, Dembele) before we spend anything.
    The squad looked tired and one paced towards the end of last season. It is so clear that we need some quality additions.
    One point that Frank made. Levy said that the new stadium would not affect our transfer policy. We is actually correct in that – nil net transfer spend before the new stadium and still nil net transfer spend.

  • DoncasterHotspur, You say the “England and Belgium players look exhausted”. But I’m not sure what can be done to address that in the TW.

    With Toby and Dembele (that you’ve mentioned), what do you think we can do?

    Going by the recent comments they have both made it seems to me that they are waiting to make up their minds about whether they stay or leave. And are possibly open to offers from elsewhere.

    What if there are no offers up until now? What if they are simply just waiting until they return from the WC to discuss their future plans, one way or the other?

    Do Spurs just go ahead and buy expensive replacements for them before the club even knows the score? If we assume they both don’t yet know what they are doing themselves, then what else can the club do in the interim that we would all know all about as supporters?

    People will always look to other clubs and what they are doing. I’ll suggest that when others look at Spurs they are probably thinking; How the hell do they do it? How on earth do THFC manage to improve their PL standing, the quality of their football and players and all without spending crazy sums of money on the likes of a Pogba or Sanchez etc? How have they also managed to build that stadium and training complex? How on earth did they also manage to finish above us in the PL? Blah, blah…

    Or maybe I have I have merely imagined all this and we are in fact in a lower league, Harry Kane is rubbish and the stadium is an old shed on grass!

  • Nobody is saying that the club is about to implode. What is being said is that the club is content with staying where we are, rather than actually trying to push on and win something, despite seemingly being very close.

    We are all in agreement that the status quo isn’t so bad. We can probably do nothing in the TW and be in the top 4 again next season. If you have a solid enough keeper who isn’t going to cost you points, a decent back four, a striker who will score 30 goals every year and one or 2 decent midfielders, you’re going to be in the mix. It’s how you push on from that to build a squad that actually wins something which is the challenge.

    We’ll never be able to compete with the richer clubs in terms of absolute amounts, but we don’t have to. Because we’ve been willing to gamble on young players and live through their growing pains in previous seasons (something richer clubs are unwilling to do), we now have a core of good players that seems on the cusp of challenging for trophies. Unlike other clubs that need massive (and expensive) squad overhauls, we only need a couple of quality additions to compete with our rivals.

    We could certainly afford bringing in one or 2 quality players to strengthen the squad, without bankrupting the club. We don’t need the stadium’s revenues for that; the increase in TV money from the PL rights in recent years + the CL revenues + new sponsorship deals have made us significantly richer and only a very conservative proportion of that has been reinvested in the squad.

    Instead of bringing in established talent to help us push on, we’re targeting players from the Championship (Grealish) who may show some promise, but are probably 1 or 2 years away from being established PL players. I’d rather give the minutes to Winks, who is already better.

    Where is the intent? We’re not in bad shape, but the whole thing just lacks ambition.

  • “Where is the intent? We’re not in bad shape, but the whole thing just lacks ambition”.

    How anyone can have that opinion on THFC, this year of all years, I haven’t a clue. The ambition is plain and obvious for all to see…

    Just take a wee walk up the Tottenham High Road…

  • The new stadium, as has been discussed here many times, could just as well be to make the club richer, not better on the pitch. Only time will tell.

    Financial ambition and sporting ambition should not be confused. I was talking about the latter.

  • “can pf worms opened” another round of whinging/moaning as every TW, those who argue/debate against the whingers are just a bunch “happy clappers”, but maybe they are the realists and not living in a fantasy land.

    The thing is both sets of fans, in the end, all have the same dream, some are more troubled than others, that’s life, I suppose we will just have to just live, as JOD said with same ole same ole boring episode every TW.

    block d spurs…with you there.

    HT…very well put in your post at 10.15am.

    No matter, in some fans eye’s Spurs can never win! COYS

  • If they do not go hand in hand then we would still be playing our football on the Tottenham Marshes. There would never have been a WHL to knock down…

    Financial ambition and power buys Juve, Ronaldo… He’s not just there for his love of football…

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