Date: 7th November 2019 at 8:15pm
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With another morale boosting victory over Red Star Belgrade in the midweek Champions League clash, Tottenham Hotspur will be looking to build on that victory and begin to address our Premier League form on Saturday as we welcome newly promoted Sheffield United to White Hart Lane.

The Blades have been missing from the top flight for a few years, so it’s a chance to renew an old acquaintance and I would imagine plenty in the fanbase would applaud manager Chris Wilder for his achievements at Bramall Lane and their approach to playing the game.

In reality and without any disrespect meant, this is another game fans would expect Mauricio Pochettino to take all three points from when it came to paper – but given relative form, they are three points ahead of us in the table and nothing is guaranteed if we don’t perform and that has been a harsh lesson already this year.

Spurs v Sheffield United - Win, Lose Or Draw?







Squad selection is anyone’s guess, especially with niggly injuries hitting a few again – but at least we have Sonny back for this one.

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292 Replies to “Spurs Aim To Cut The Blades Down To Size – Match Thread”

  • The rebuild is what we are now witnessing…

    I didn’t mean that we need to be Real or Barca to win something. But we could do with their wealth and status to afford the players and wages they pay to have some of the worlds very best year after year. But even they can’t replace their greats overnight. How do you replace Messi anyway?

    If we are to rebuild as you desire EJ. That means as well as Jan, Toby, Rose, Wanyama, Aurier, KWP, Sanchez, Winks, Skipp, Dier and who else need to go? We can’t just start this rebuild from a couple of decent forwards, midfielders and a crocked Hugo. And the as yet unproven young ones such as Foyth and Sessegnon. Not forgetting that we would need at least two in each position to replace all of those with the much better ones that you desire. That’s not the start of a rebuild, that’s a decimation!

  • EJ that’s not what I meant with my Trippier comment. I just meant that we may as well blame his leaving on the even worse form we have had since he left. Fact is, it’s a team thing…

    Then again, I think people have hugely underestimated him anyway. As I have said many times on here. It is not an easy position to fill. And I’d like to know right now where all these great wing backs are that could see us with 2 for each side?

    I think Aurier should be good enough. He has many good aspects to his play. He may yet prove to be ideal. It’s just that I don’t quite trust him right now. But, I do think he has played quite well in recent matches… We’ll see…

  • TQ – Dier does not count as home grown given his youth year’s at Sporting indeed does he not count as a “foreigner” because of it?! Winks naturally is home-grown so even if we sold both we’d only be losing 1 home grown and he could be replaced by Skipp whose up and coming. Like I said I want to see us win something meaningful and challenge the likes of City and Liverpool domestically aswell as internationally so for me Dier and Winks are not of sufficient quality to do this – TQ I think I remember you saying after the 7-2 loss to BM that Winks was not of the ability required in the CL?!

  • HT – personally Aurier, Rose, Wanyama and Eriksen obviously as everyone tends to agree but also KWP, Dier, Winks and Lamela for me need replacing over the next season or 2 – phased out and unfortunately with Toby and Vert’s to be added to that list also. The league position does not lie and we are in need of quite a major overhaul IMHO. Not only the league position currently held but also the last 11 month’s in the Prem help show this. When Poch said it would be painful I think this is what he meant – a lot would have to go for us to continue on the journey we want!

  • I can see exactly what you mean EJ. But that is all totally unrealistic, surely.

    Now you are adding Lamela as well. Lamela has been our most productive attacking mid this season and never makes a fuss when not in the 1st team. Players of his quality that will accept this are few and far between. And of course the more money we spend on them the less likely they are to be what we/you deem as squad players.

    I mean, if we had another Harry Kane on the bench for example, how long could we keep him for? How long would we keep THE Harry Kane, if he were rested every other match for the ‘other’ HK?

    You’re asking for the impossible for Spurs as Spurs currently stand in the world of football. Not even Real or Barca could do what you are asking without taking several steps backwards and becoming more of a mid table team themselves…

    If the squad we do currently have wins something this year and does finish top 4, then what will you think?

  • HT- Sanchez concerns me at the moment especially 1 on 1 and with his tackling) as does Foyth – I’m hoping Foyth will come good at RB because I feel he’s too short to be a top Prem CB – none come to mind at only 5ft10 – 1 exception is Ake at 5ft11 but like I say he’s an exception to the rule – they all tend to be 6ft2 minimum and that’s a decent difference.

    Sessegnon it appears may well be used as a winger, so much for the argument that he was going to be our regular LB/LWB as many wanted myself included especially with Sonny in front of him and Moura still to accommodate not to mention Lamela.

    PY/HT – fair point – when the team is playing badly it’s hard for anyone to shine especially younger players but I have my reservation’s regarding Winksy and feel we could do better with his position and for what he’s probably rated at value wise, same goes for Dier.

  • If only we could buy one get one free… 2 NDombele’s and Lo Celso’s for the price of one. The other Sessegnon thrown in for nowt to keep his bro company. Another Son sitting idly on the bench watching jealously as his doppelganger receives all the accolades! 😉

    • Good idea HT, like the idea Steven Sessegnon, and if we can finish the job off and sign Fernandes in January, he could be a good Lo Celso clone. You could argue Moura already is like a 2nd Son looking on from the bench and maybe Winks can get reach “N’dombélé” standards in time

  • I’ll say no more after this….

    On Sess; I think it’s likely that Poch will use him in both positions as is needed…

  • HT Lamela was certainly decent at the start of the season but he’s injured again and how long will he be out for this time? Perhaps that’s why he does not complain very much when out of the team because he spends so long out of it injured. Also I find he is very 1 footed and thus limited in his ability unlike the likes of Sonny and Moura who can use both feet very well and the problem is we’re struggling to get Moura involved more often as it is. For me getting rid off Lamela would be no bad thing unfortunately.

    Yes what I am proposing is radical but to join City and Liverpool I think that’s what is needed, to harp back to the Poch point – PAINFUL or to put it another way RADICAL. I’m not proposing it all happen in January but over the next 6-18 months I think major changes are coming and we should be ready for them especially if like I say we want to challenge the likes of City and Liverpool.

    Would love to be proved wrong HT but the fact is that so far we’ve yet to win anything and our form in the whole of 2019 has not been top 4, as many have stated it’s more like relegation form so something has to give…..

  • An opportunity to compare the Red Star form with the challenge presented by a decent PL club. This is a vital game at home, 3 points and a comfy win would suggest we were at last turning the corner, and returning to somewhere near where this club should be.

  • According to reports this morning Erik Dier has had a long term illness caused by an appendicitis being left until it almost became critical, and a reaction in his immune system. He has struggled for fitness ever since, and now thinks he is finally over it and approaching his former fitness levels. Perhaps this may excuse inconsistency in recent months. We will see.

  • HT A good tongue in cheek comment ref selling most of the present squad !!!

    How would you fund replacing the leavers ?

    However when we last bought several players ( proceeds from sale of Bale ) it was a disaster .

    Returning to my previous comments ref The Academy !! If this was working correctly then we would have competent replacements when the older players left.

    The U23 team on the evidence of Wednesday don’t appear to have anyone capable of moving up to the first team .

    We ought not to be in this position if investment and forward planning had been done in the previous 2 years ?

  • we once had another young LFB who made good moving higher up the pitch to become an attacking winger: Gareth Bale. Sessignon need not find his best position is where he started a LFB. If he can become 75% of what Bale became at an attacking position, I’d be quite happy. At 100% of Bale, he won’t stay, but at 75% of Bale he might be quite a Spur for a long time.

    Nah, make that 85% of Bale at his best.

  • Lloris, Gazza, Foyth, Toby, Verts, Davy, Tanganga, Davies, Sess, Sissoko, N’Dombele, Skipp, Dele, Lo Celso, Moura, Sonny, Clarke, Kane, Parrott – this is what I’d move forwards with for next season (giving Toby 2 year contract and Vert’s 1 year contract).

    Cull over next 6-18 months: Aurier, KWP, Rose, Eriksen, Wanyama Dier, Winks, Lamela.

    It’s harsh especially on Dier, Winks and Lamela but if we are to challenge City and Liverpool I feel this is what needs to happen sooner rather than later.

    Use the money from the cull to invest as necessary particularly at RB and DMC.

    Leicester managed to win the Prem on a low spend and with a small squad all be it out of Europe so why can’t we do it with the likes of Lloris, Sess, N’Dombele, Lo Celso, Dele, Sonny and HK10 in a team?!

  • Lloris, Foyth, Toby, Verts, Davies, Sissoko, N’Dombele, Lo Celso, Dele, Sonny, HK10.

    Subs: Gazza, Davy, Tanganga, Skipp, Clarke, Moura, Parrott

    That’s already an 18 man squad and there’s 7 home-grown there aswell I believe.

    We’ll get decent money for all those on the cull list – I think it’s possible and might just be a surprising breathe of fresh air!

  • As can be seen the only real question mark is over the Belgian pair but I’d use the money raised from the cull to buy a RB, a CB and a DMC. That would give flexibility of having Toby, Verts, Davy, Tanganga and the new CB aswell as Foyth in an emergency for next season and maybe the season after depending on how Vert’s especially is getting along.

    SHIT – got so carried away forgot Sess – make that a 19 man squad with the required 8 home-grown!

    Add 3 new defensive player’s and you have a young, vibrant 22 man squad to go forwards with.

    I’m open to argument’s naturally.

  • I think ultimately there may well be quite a few who agree with me but ain’t got the balls to call it out because it’s radical and goes against the grain but that’s what I feel is necessary to get us back challenging for top 4 and definitely higher.

  • Have I atleast made a fair argument for what is a radical out there solution to our woes – I think I have and will fall on the sword with it – so there we go HT, PY, Allan, etc! There’s no point coming on here complaining and then not offering any solutions (as many do – Stan R can back up me up on that) – I maybe am being controversial but heyho I’m calling it as I see it and it is a discussion board after all – with differing opinion a lot of the time.

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