Date: 7th November 2019 at 8:15pm
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With another morale boosting victory over Red Star Belgrade in the midweek Champions League clash, Tottenham Hotspur will be looking to build on that victory and begin to address our Premier League form on Saturday as we welcome newly promoted Sheffield United to White Hart Lane.

The Blades have been missing from the top flight for a few years, so it’s a chance to renew an old acquaintance and I would imagine plenty in the fanbase would applaud manager Chris Wilder for his achievements at Bramall Lane and their approach to playing the game.

In reality and without any disrespect meant, this is another game fans would expect Mauricio Pochettino to take all three points from when it came to paper – but given relative form, they are three points ahead of us in the table and nothing is guaranteed if we don’t perform and that has been a harsh lesson already this year.

Spurs v Sheffield United - Win, Lose Or Draw?







Squad selection is anyone’s guess, especially with niggly injuries hitting a few again – but at least we have Sonny back for this one.

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293 Replies to “Spurs Aim To Cut The Blades Down To Size – Match Thread”

  • Allan….lets be honest here, v RS their 2 main chances were from flukes, that is deflections that fell right for them, then we scored, pretty simple for me.

    Blades tomorrow, so lets blunt their cutting edge, oh so simple, lol! COYS

  • I don’t know if you took the wrong end of the stick, Geof… I laughed out loud at your “Jimmy Greaves” post. The person that asked me what I was laughing at didn’t realise that I was online and as far as she is aware, we are alone in the house right now and not sharing it with a whole bunch of funny, Lily-white types!

  • I am a bit worried about this game because it’s got all of the makings of a banana skin game for us. Sheffield are quietly having a very good campaign so far and they’re a very cohesive unit from what I have seen from them this season.

    On paper, yes, we’d be expected to win this sort of game, but that’s when teams get complacent. This is the type of game where effort and desire will be important, and those are things we have been lacking recently.

    I can see reasons why we would win this game, but I can see reasons why we’d lose it too. I am going to sit on the fence and predict a draw. I am of course hoping for better, but given our last results in the PL, I can’t be confident about the team showing up on Saturday.

    I just hope we play positive football, and go for the jugular, even if it implies taking risks. Even though I predicted a draw, I am hoping that we push for a win, at the risk of losing the game. In our current predicament, we need points and there is no point in playing it safe. Draws will only make us sink further down the table.

  • PY point taken . Perhaps if the defence had been more solid these would not have occurred ? However we don’t want any flukes against us which score goals tomorrow .

    Belgian S Totally agree with you comments . The problem is that although we have had excellent results vs a poor Red S team these results have not produced a confidence with many supporters although we all still remain ever hopeful .

    I expect nothing from this game and unless some of the new players can inspire then fear the worst.

    However will be rooting as usual for the lads listening on the radio .

  • PMA Belgian.
    It’s time to turn things around and forget the bananas!

    Tottenham 4-0
    Kane, Son, Dele and Lo Celso the scorers!
    Dier to put in a masterful performance in defence to silence the critics.

  • JOD – for England they (Winks and Rice) appear to be fighting for the same spot in the team – DMC – so I think it is fair to compare them and I would prefer Rice. With also Winks playing this role for us he should be martialling the back 4 and with him in the side regularly has coincided an alarming dip in form for the last 11 months especially in the Prem but even in the domestic cup’s also. I do not lay all the blame at his door but he has to take a fair share of it nonetheless – could this be why Poch is looking at the likes of Zakaria, etc despite having Winks and Dier in the squad and why Poch talks of a painful rebuild?! I’ll give it he had a good game vs Arse at the Emirates but that is about it all season and that’s simply not good enough and the results tend to show that anyone playing regularly in our side this season with defensive duties has tended to be poor and Winks is included in this.

  • BS …. You could repeat your comment for every game played in the PL, with the possible exception of games involving Pool and City at the moment. They are all potential banana skins.

    It seems ridiculous for us to worry about how we can beat the top teams one minute and then worry about all the ‘lesser’ teams being banana skins the next minute. Perhaps it’s easier to accept that the PL is a very competitive league (which most of us know) and any result is possible.

  • PY Point taken but if the defence were more solid they might not have happened ? No flukes tomorrow please which lead to goals !!

    Belgian totally agree as the results vs a poor Red S , although welcome , have not inspired many supporters with confidence that we have turned the corner.

    I fear the worst since Sheff U have had a week to prepare for us and will be set up to win.

    Further dropping of points in the league will not be offset by good results in Europe .

    I feel that league results are more important than progressing in the C League

  • EJ, have I got this right? You are mostly blaming Winks for the teams drop in form since from last season, until now? I ask because you have said this several times now.

    Winks is one of our younger and least experienced first team players but has managed to bring the entire, far more experienced defenders down with him? He is to blame for so much! He has also been responsible for our lack of goals as well, I presume… LOL!

    I could say that our defensive and even attacking form has gone down a few steps ever since Trippier left. But then people all too often said he was a liability as well… Oh well!

    Now we have an entire squad full of defensive liabilities bar Sessegnon and Foyth. Both of whom haven’t really had much chance yet to let us down yet anyway. Ah, but give em both time and they surely will …

  • Looking forward toh this game, i wanna see us playing without CE and how much we can accomplish without him,when i saw him coming in against red star, i told myself’ we dont need him, sud be parrot coming in’

  • HT – I lay some of the blame at his door – naturally not all of it but some of it YES. For me it’s Sissoko and N’Dombele who are the 1st team central midfielder’s for us and should be regular starter’s not Winks. They have now started 3 of the last 4 games in a row which suggests Poch is veering to similar thinking. I do not want to see this partnership broken up by the likes of WInks or Dier who I do not believe are good enough. We have beaten Red Star home and away with this partnership in tandem and also drawn at Everton – it would have been a win almost certainly had we not been taken down to 10 men by a refereeing mistake as has been shown by Sonny’s red card being rescinded, so the French partnership is showing fruits already.

    We need to build a team around the likes of N’Dombele and Sissoko has been our stand out player for the last 12 months so I do not want this partnership being disrupted quite frankly.

    Winks as other’s have stated is not an AMC, he’s not a DMC so what in fact is he?! Fed up of hearing excuses for him – he’s not good enough and should be sold quite frankly, same goes for Dier. If we want to challenge City and Liverpool and that should be the aim we need better players than Winks and Dier – they are decent enough players but simply not good enough for where we supposedly/allegedly want to go. I think we’d do well to sell them for a decent amount while their stock is still up.

    I can understand it’s painful given they are English and Winks is in house also and even Dier having joined when he was around 20 but I feel we need better and unfortunately the only way to get better is to sell some of what we’ve got already.

  • Maybe I’m being a bit harsh and they are English after all and Dier is pretty versatile but I just feel we need better and they are taking up valuable spots in the squad – for me personally sell them on and bring in better quality. As other’s state it is very hard to buy without first selling to make space and also we need to build a kitty if we’re going to buy a few player’s so for me Winks and Dier would fall on the sword but I can accept it’s a matter of opinion.

  • EJ……you also need to consider that we have to have the required number of home grown players, losing Winks and Dier would probably require us to find English replacements which greatly reduces the choices, if indeed there are better available who would be prepared to be squad players.

  • It matters not to me that both Dier and Winks are English EJ. I just happen to think they are very good players and I’m happy they play for Spurs.

    We can always do with better, in nearly all positions. But we can’t just change almost an entire team in one or two seasons. And we can’t expect the very best x 2 or 3 for every position.

    In my mind both Winks and Dier are the type of player that most PL teams could do with. They may not be super stars but that is not really the point here. Or is it at all realistic if you think that Spurs should have many more superior players than we have right now. It’s also all so easy to fixate on individuals and lose focus of how they operate within a squad and the team, at a club such as Spurs.

    ….. By the way, Dier has just come out to the media to tell us how he has suffered from ongoing, serious health problems related to his appendicitis and following operation, around a year ago. This has what has affected him heavily since then. He has said that he is back to feeling fit and healthy again for the first time since his serious illness. (A punctured appendix). I see no reason for him not to push on now and rise up again as a very useful, flexible and talented player for Spurs and England.

    Sissoko? As much as I supported Sissoko throughout his poor couple of seasons and, love to see him at his best in the team. I don’t see him as being the great player that you say he is. But he is great to have around. I also don’t see Winks or Dier as being ‘great’ but I think it’s great they are also around.

    We are still just Spurs and not yet to be mistaken for Barca or Real. So for now very good will have to do for most of our squad. And for an entire squad of greatness, we will have to wait a long while for yet, I reckon.

    Anyhow EJ, keep those posts and suggestions coming. I may not agree with all you write but I enjoy reading it…

  • TQ2 – that’s a big problem – I did mention the fact they were English as an advantage but must we be constrained by that fact?! Not very happy with either of them but guess will have to suffer them longer and see what happens. Hopefully Skipp amongst others turns out to be what we all want and expect for want of 1 example.

  • HT – I’d like to see Spur’s win something worthy in my lifetime like the Prem/CL and we don’t have to be Madrid/Barca to achieve that but we do have to be close lol and for that we need much better than Dier and Winks and even the now much loved Sissoko.

    I meant by stating that they were English that this was an advantage as explained by TQ as regards the home grown rules but also that as an English club it would be nice to see English players succeed – in part I feel that’s why it will be a painful rebuild also. Trippier was not the answer and has gone, Rose will surely soon be gone and the likes of Dier and Winks could be also. Our English contingent as some have described are part of a larger busted flush – we got close but not close enough so we need to re-build and go again!

  • Sticking my oar in ere regards Our Arry Mk2 I think he is a good and useful footballer and still a kid, not long ago it was that his s***t didn’t stink, now by some he isn’t good enough to clean the said loo, get a grip.

    He like the rest is going through a bad time, it happens.

    Also regards moving/playing the ball forward, which appears he doesn’t do enough of now according to some, you need others to move and look to receive said balls/passes which if everyone is honest isn’t/hasn’t been happening very often at the mo, as simple as that, leave the kid alone. COYS

  • HT – I rated Trippier going forwards in terms of his crossing ability but defensively last season there was just way too many mistakes to ignore. Same with Aurier this season, just because Aurier is not the answer does not mean that Trippier was either. KWP similar. Foyth remains to be seen if will come good but even if he does we still need another RB.

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