Date: 13th March 2017 at 8:14am
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Tottenham Hotspur showed their class on Sunday by putting six past League One side Millwall.

Christian Eriksen replaced Harry Kane 10 minutes after kick off when Harry rolled his right ankle which meant he ended up hobbling off the pitch. Unfortunately Harry could be out for the rest of the season – on a brighter note…

Heung-Min Son banged in a hat-trick while Harry’s replacement Eriksen scored 15 minutes before half time. Dele and Vincent Janssen bagged themselves one apiece to ensure a semi-final tie between either Manchester City, Arsenal or Chelsea / Manchester United, who play tonight.

FA Cup Semi-Final Draw

The FA Cup semi-final draw takes place at Stamford Bridge following this evening’s last quarter-final tie between Chelsea and Manchester United, kick off 7:45pm.

Those of us based in the UK can watch the draw on BBC One or BT Sport while the FA will be providing the stream via their social media outlets.

Ball numbers

1 Chelsea or Manchester United
2 Manchester City
3 Tottenham Hotspur
4 Arsenal

The ties will be played at Wembley on Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd April.

I wonder who we’ll play in the semis.



9 Replies to “Spurs 6-0 Millwall | Highlights & Live FA Cup Draw Stream”

  • anyone but chelsea, so of course we got them. Such a shame as Kane will likely miss the semi but would be back for the final. Oh, well….

  • What’s happening to VS folks? Spurs gain their best victory of the season. We beat London rivals Millwall 6-0 in what will be our last ever cup match at the Lane, with a totally dominant performance. We score some lovely goals along the way. We didn’t do it ugly! Our reward is the opportunity to beat Chelsea at Wembley and get to the FA Cup final playing either Man City or Arsenal and yet… there’s barely been a poster since, that has anything to say about it or anything else for that matter. Not even to moan a bit about Harry Kane’s injury….. To cap it all, I’ve read not much more other than complaining and moaning on the Forum. Stuff such as Winks is being overrated and is a Championship quality player at best and that he really doesn’t make stuff happen (?) Moans about a “3rd rate” Lamela who hasn’t even played for 4 months. Complaints that Son is too selfish, as is Kane. Followed by a little debate on whether or not Son is just a “s**t” player anyway despite his goals and the one trait he shares with Kane that is his greed and lack of vision. Also, an article complaining that we could do with more “strong” players!? …….. How to get more posters, posting? May be we need more cooking recipes Tino. Or an article that expresses some misplaced nostalgia for the Opium Dens of ol’ London town and the not so distant times in which Cocaine and Heroin were still available as over the counter drug on the high street. Or, perhaps a nice long list of every past defeat by a London rival that has ever been debated on here. A list of banned ex-posters or, a list of your favourite current posters or……. your shopping list for the week? Novel, I know! ….. With any luck, I’ll get banned for my most vindictive form of sarcasm and Spurs will go marching on to win the FA Cup!

  • Well, for the record, I always try to keep up with the new threads and comments but don’t always have the time (or inclination) to post. It’s not all about VS. For instance, my Mum has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and is now living off an oxygen tank, plus I work 11hrs per day minimum. And whilst many posters – Guyver, Muttley, Critical, your good self, Man On, and many others I can’t mention them all as off to work now but great comments and I’m sure great people but do we sometimes go round in circles? I mean, how many times have you posted that ^ ? Over the years? And tried to relate it to how well (or not) Spurs are doing? (Frank – another great)

  • Then there’s the BS v CJ marathon tennis sessions where two points are stretched over three days… It shall wax and wane, man, like the moon.

  • Looks like Tino doesn’t get me either……. I’ve been banned from the forum without even leaving one single comment on there in recent weeks. ………… Strange dude!

  • My sympathy is with you very much Jerkin’. I have a close loved-one who is also suffering the same. It’s not something I wanted to share on here but I do hope your Mother can improve and get as well as she possibly can.

  • Thank you, CJ. I think the posters on here are good people and would all be sympathetic/emphatic to a situation like this, and really, I wasn’t going for the sympathy vote, but just pointing out people can be going through all sorts and others wouldn’t know, especially in a blog culture. And now the F.A.Cup draw thread has turned into a therapy session! Derail+1. Sorry to all. I know you mean BS no harm but you see things in a different way and you’re both stubborn enough to fight your sides, within acceptable boundaries – no harm done. You’re not ‘toying’, you’re discussing, and although I mocked, or pulled it up, I enjoy the disputes. It IS quiet on here at times, for which I’m grateful or I’d never keep up. Tino’ll sort it. Maybe just get Highgate and Topho back…

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