Date: 28th June 2018 at 5:50pm
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Hi Vital Spurs Folks

Sorry for the recent problems with spam. I have our techies working quickly on a registration system on the front page, it’s what we expected from the get-go to be honest, but I guess these things happen.

I am reticent to put the comments in a hold until approved state before we get the above sorted (hope the next few days) but if we get any more delays I will.

And then, hopefully you’ll have noticed, I’ve put a new section at the top so that your own debate articles can have time and space to be debated whilst the news and other stuff goes through below where turnover will be larger.

I only noticed unhappiness this week with the way the site has been set up, so hopefully you can see I do take the community seriously and the last thing any of us at Vital Central want to do is annoy our users, we appreciate your loyalty. As we’ve said before, we aren’t the massively resourced sites owned by the likes of Sky, we are independent, in some ways that’s good, in others it does leave us stretched at times!

Hopefully the new registration system will be rolled out very quickly and that will get rid of the spam. Our filters are catching hundreds believe it or not, but some are slipping through. It’s ok for me, I saw the one about an African General. He wants to send me £2million so as you can imagine, I’m pretty chuffed. Only had to send £1000 to help with this transfer. Happy days.

Apologies again folks.

Oh and don’t forget there is a great forum on Vital Spurs as well. which is great for the longer and more indepth debates.


6 Replies to “Sorry!”

  • Thanks for providing the update, Jonathan. A ‘submit article’ button might generate more interesting articles by members …. when you have time! Life wasn’t meant to be easy, and it’s even less easy if you’re a football supporters.

  • Mr Fear, as a long time reader of VS and now a pretty regular newbie, thanks again for your work and it is much appreciated. COYS

  • As I thought VS was hacked…. Mr J.. congrats. on your apology and attempts to clean up the dross.

  • I feel like I’m adrift in the Sargasso Sea to come on this site now. Please come back, VS. Where have you gone?

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