Date: 13th October 2017 at 12:46pm
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The gossip surrounding the future of Danny Rose has been around for quite a while now. Gossip, of course, surrounds several of our players when it comes to their future with THFC. Most of it is the usual media tripe but, in the case of Rose, there is a sense of substance and probability.

One of the main reasons is the players own remarks. He has stated that he remembers a time when he was jeered by Spurs fans and the feeling that they did not support him. He is quoted as saying that he will never forget this. This suggests that Rose has unresolved issues about Spurs fans and that he does not feel the same connection to the club or its supporters that most of our other players enjoy. And, to me, this is the crucial factor.

The other major factor in this situation, equally important, is the attitude of MP and the part Rose plays in his future plans. One thing Rose and Mauricio appear to have in common is the inability to forgive a perceived lack of respect. Mauricio is unbending, which bodes ill for the future of Rose at Tottenham. The fact that the club would benefit financially from any transfer activity involving Rose is obvious to all. Everyone would benefit, including Rose, should he be transferred.

A year ago I would have been very disappointed at the thought of Danny Rose leaving but time has a habit of changing one’s perspective. He has not appeared on the park for several months and many, many, games … and, in my opinion, he hasn’t been missed. Tottenham has covered his position successfully, which is something Mauricio, the academy, and the transfer window are quite clever at doing. A Rose by any other name could be called Davies or (?).

Media speculation and comments involving most of our players are simply throw-away-articles designed to draw supporters toward any given media outlet. But the continued speculation surrounding Danny Rose has a greater sense of reason to it. It all adds up to a Danny Rose transfer in January unless something happens to affect the situation again. Personally, I’m no longer concerned about him leaving. If he stays, fine. If he leaves, fine. How does everyone else feel?


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  • I feel the same as you. This time last year I would have said no to selling him. As he is one of the best LB’s/LWB’s around. When fit that is.

    Davies form has been great timing. He has stepped up. I do feel we would need to sign a new LWB if we sell Rose though.

  • The question mark is really about pace. Walker and Rose provided most of the speed in our team. Only Son, who doesn’t always start, comes close to matching them. Davies and Trippier don’t have anything like the same speed. Walker’s gone, Aurier has been brought in and is also supposed to be quick but he’s still got to show what he can do. Lose Rose and there’s not much pace left. Its only really a problem when we are forced to play on the counter. Then you need to get from one end of the pitch to the other very quickly and speed makes a big difference.

  • jod …. I get what you mean and don’t disagree with you but, how might keeping Rose affect the unity of the squad. If he’s not completely on board the Mauricio express there will be issues …. and they’d be issues we can well do without, imo.

  • If Spurs ambitions is to win trophies then keeping your better players is a must. MP rotates the FB quite a lot so spurs need two good full backs. When davies got injured the other day Son was playing WB again after the failed attempt in Fa Cup Semi. Rose could be sold in the summer, but not in Jan.

  • Geoff, your penultimate sentence sums it up for me ‘If he stays, fine. If he leaves, fine.’ Clearly he issued a come-and-get-me plea to other clubs when he published that article. Angling for a wage rise is fine. Mocking some of your teammates (Google reference) and criticising the fans was crass. He obviously wants out and in that frame of mind is of no great value to us going forward. If he had a change of heart and was fully committed to us, he would be an asset.

    I do agree with palmover though: we have to have a replacement lined up before we sell him, as we did with Walker. Jod also has a point about lack of pace, although our results haven’t regressed during Rose’s absence.

  • I just reject the idea that the club should sell a player as soon as there seems to be any bit of friction. If companies had to fire employees at the first mistake, or if married couple got divorced at their first fight, the world would be full of ridiculous decisions. What happened to trying to talk things through, fix damaged relationships and giving people a second chance? That’s purely on the human side. On the sporting side, 6 good games from Davies is certainly a welcome turn of events, but a) in those 6 games, I still haven’t seen him hit the heights that Rose can, individually (and how the team is performing can be due to many factors, not just Davies’ form), and b), there is also no guarantee that Davies will continue to perform at a high level over a sustained period of time (like Rose had shown, pre-injury). The other thing to consider is that when we sold Walker, we had a ready-made replacement in Tripper, and an academy product in the wings (and we still went out and bought Aurier). If we sell Rose, we’ve got Davies, and then, the cupboard is bare. We’d be forced to buy a player in an inflated January market. I firmly believe our team is better with a fit and in-form Rose, and I thin kthe priority should be to get him back to those levels asap.

  • I tend to agree with BS on this matter. To me Rose adds an aggressiveness to our attack, call it a fierceness if you will, which Davies just doesn’t. Davies is a more versatile player and can sub as LCB in a pinch also. However Rose is the better player and I would like to think we can reconcile any problems he or Spurs may have with the other. I would love to see if on the field for us in the home game against RM.

  • BS ….Don’t you think that MP will consider all the concerns you raised. They are the same concerns we had when Walker was on his way but MP addressed them. I think MP deserves a lot more faith to do the right thing for the club than you are giving him. Davies has made sound progress. What’s more, he is young, has a good attitude, desires to improve and be useful to the team and is just the type of player to suit MP’s style of coaching. As for Rose, how do you know that those discussions between player and club have not, or will not, happen. It is an obvious part of the process to determine any dispute. But, as I said, I’m not fussed either way although I would certainly want to retain him if he shows the right attitude and commitment to the club.

  • What is it that the club has done wrong that requires reconciliation? This whole situation is of Roses’s making. He did issue a belated apology (of sorts) and Poch publicly accepted it. The club then made it absolutely clear that they would not entertain any interest from any other clubs for his transfer. So they’ve already demonstrated their backing for him, and all this whilst he hasn’t kicked a ball for the club since January. So there can be no suggestion that the club has in any way acted inappropriately. It’s really down to Rose to decide what he wants to do with his future.

  • First Walker now Rose ,where will it end? Everytime we strengthen another top team we weaken our chances of a top 4 place.This is the policy of a fool.We need 2 top players fo each position,finding a left wing back with Rose’s pace will be near impossible. The crux of Spurs future lies with the chairman.If he continues to not pay his players the market wages a trickle will turn into a flood.A record Wembley crowd is expected tomorrow to see our stars perform.In a year’s time when Daniel has lost half the team to our competitors ,he will be a lonely figure in his glittery new stadium.

  • Greavesaboveall – It would be really nice if when people are whining about underpaying players they would explain where the money was coming from. Won’t happen of course.

  • The more pertinent question is Jod, where is the revenue from 90,000 punters tomorrow going ?
    I’ll let you ramble on about the bottom line in your accountant’s manner ,while I watch Levy sell our best players to balance the books. I suspect you both prefer reading balance sheets than watching football.

  • jod – as GAA said, it would be really good to understand where the increased revenues are going, and if we are reinvesting in the squad proportionally. In French we say “poser la question, c’est déjà y répondre” (asking that question in itself is already answering it)….

  • Gary – obviously the player was/is alienated and it always takes 2 people to fight. You may choose to lay most of the blame with Rose, which is fine. But I personally don’t believe there is smoke without fire and somewhere along the line, the club must have failed to address a frustration. And even if Rose is mostly to blame here, surely there are enough good reasons to try to mend the relationship. If that can’t be done and Rose just can’t be brought to buy into the project, he will go. But everything he has said after the interview leads me to believe that Rose just got carried away, and he regrets most of what he said. Talent doesn’t mean he can do anything and get carried away with it, but on the other hand, there’s no good reason to hold a grudge either.

  • Geof – my understanding is that most of Rose’s complaints were actually with the direction of the club, wages, and the transfer policy, which would point more to Levy/the board than MP. I don’t think MP is the subject of Rose’s frustration. As for your description of Davies (“he is young, has a good attitude, desires to improve and be useful to the team and is just the type of player to suit MP’s style of coaching”), I would say most of those things also applied to Rose up until very recently, except Rose has more talent and a longer history with the club (he’s been at the club 10 years). Who knows how discussions have progressed and where Rose’s mind is right now, but I still feel there is every incentive for the club to keep Rose happy, because he too would be hard to replace (arguably harder than Walker).

  • BS …. Rose does have the talent, but that?s because he was helped to develop it. Davies will hopefully go the same way. There was a time when we would all wince if Rose was on the team sheet. The crutial factor in all this for me is the comment Rose made about not being supported by the fane and the remark that he would never forget it. This implies a deeper issue for him and one that affects his total commitment to the club. Other issues, such as increased salary, can be overcome but an emotional issue is far harder to resolve. I hope everything is resolved and that he stays and performs as he did prior to being injured …. but there are egos involved which will make this very difficult, imo.

  • Geofspurs, his comments about the fans might imply a deeper issue, but its an issue that has never effected his work-rate, determination and performances on the pitch. Theres a reason he’s being linked with Man Utd and not Swansea. I’d rather keep him if possible, than improve another one of our rivals. Also these comments re the fans initially criticising him unfairly (in his opinion) aren’t new, he’s said them before. No-one seemed to bring it up because he was playing so well.

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