Date: 22nd October 2018 at 11:15am
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Tottenham Hotspur’s narrow 1-0 victory over West Ham United at the London Stadium didn’t tell the whole story of the game.

The hosts certainly made it difficult for Spurs and although we bossed the greater possession, they had more chances overall and on target across the 90 minutes but simply put, we took our chance and they couldn’t best goalkeeper Hugo Lloris between the sticks.

It may have been an ugly win, but it’s always said the better teams have that knack so I’m not sure why Spur aren’t allowed to win in that manner?

Whilst some players impressed, a number definitely struggled on the day and yes, WhoScored rated left back Ben Davies in tenth position when it came to their player ratings and plenty were right in not thinking the 25-year-old Welshman had that great a game on the day.

But Spurs have a few players who are incredibly easy go-to’s for vitriol on social media and Davies is taking a star role amongst that group in the season of 2018/19.

The semi-ironic thing is Danny Rose always seems to play better for some when he’s not on the pitch, as for the social media crowd he’s also a go-to player for criticism when he gets a game.

I’d have thought people would’ve just celebrated the victory over the Hammers myself.


5 Replies to “Some Spurs Fans Scapegoat This Man Again Following West Ham Victory”

  • There’s always been a section of our fan base who seem to need someone to hate, there seem to be fewer of them than there used to be but they are still there.

    • When a player puts in a dismal, unimaginative performance such as Davies did against West Ham, it is naive not to expect criticism of him.
      Calling him the “scapegoat” suggests Mr. Winter is either a close relative or simply doesn’t understand what is required in EPL football.

      • For reference, neither presumption is accurate. I’ll counter with – when his performance is perfectly adequate and yet a section of the fan base continues to pan him regardless because they are used to doing just that. Is that not a scapegoat?

  • to many haters are not good for the club at least he has made the grade to play for our club something the rest of us can only dream of

  • DW….scapegoat spot on, usual suspects as normal, but must admit though the whingeing Spurs fan base is getting smaller.

    barney….very true. COYS

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