Date: 26th October 2018 at 9:00am
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Tottenham Hotspur left-back Ben Davies has become a pretty easy go-to when frustrations are high following the poorer performances we are putting in this season, even if we are more than largely pulling the results out of the hat.

Well, not quite in the Champions League, but we are in the Premier League at any rate so far.

The Davies topic is an interesting one as one last season he impressed plenty with his performance levels as he took over in effect from England left-back Danny Rose and the infamous interviews, but this year the 25-year-old Welshman just doesn’t appear to have lived up to his own standards.

Are expectations higher after last season amongst the fanbase? Was there an element of anyone but Danny Rose at play? Is he suffering from being found out more after last season?

Whatever the issue might be, as the above comments more than imply, he is now a target for a section of the fanbase on social media and even though some of the comments above are desperate for him to make his mark again, others have given up hope it seems.

Is Kyle Walker-Peters the answer – it wouldn’t be his natural side really.

Whichever way Mauricio Pochettino pivots, with claims like ‘clueless manager’ given where we sit in the table, I think I’d rather trust his judgement.

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