Date: 18th October 2018 at 7:00pm
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On Tuesday evening France made life a whole lot worse for Germany when it came to yet another defeat for Joachim Low’s side this year – the Germans have now lost six matches in a calendar year for the very first time in their history, and had they beaten France it would’ve only been their second win in 2018.

I imagine some will take delight in that.

France won 2-1 on the night and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was a topic of conversation after the game. Having pulled off a number of good saves as Germany put the pressure on, he also conceded early doors from the penalty spot and did get a hand to the ball.

That seems to have been the 31-year-old’s undoing, along with his own version of playing out from the back.

I know the current fad in football is to have a goalkeeper who can actually play in the outfield positions, and maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I’m more interested in what they can do with their hands, arms, chest and legs as opposed to threading through balls from 30 yards – but there are those amongst us who disagree as the above shows.

Yes I’ve cherry-picked the comments, and a number of fans did give the counterpoint and there was even a Liverpool fan who piped up, presumably having removed the words Mignolet and Karius from his vocabulary, and I even accept he maybe should’ve done better with the spot kick – but they are a lottery – he’s there to keep the ball out of the net first and foremost and he did that otherwise.

So does everything now have to be picked apart and turned into something it’s not?


4 Replies to “Some Of This Criticism Is Getting A Little Bizarre – A New Day & Some Spurs Fans Turn On A New Man”

  • Not unexpected. Many Spurs fans have started to be critical of Spurs players – mostly to avoid dealing with “the elephant in the room” . Harry Kane is drifting around Never-never land trying to portray some fantasy of “Captain England” and is not making any effort to regain form or fitness at Spurs. He hasn’t been “in the game” for Spurs since before the start of the season. Spurs striker Harry Kane is 4 or 5 times more valuable to Tottenham than is “Captain England”. I hope he overcomes this nonsense and returns to Spurs as a contributor soon.

  • Nobody should be above criticism, and anyone who continues to deny that Lloris is no longer even one of the best (let alone THE best) in the PL is seriously deluded. Spurs have had plenty of keepers who’ve lost form, more or less disastrously, and it’s really only Friedel in the PL era who has shown the mental strength to keep performing at the top level for more than the few seasons that the likes of Walker, Sullivan, Robinson, Gomes and now Lloris managed. Once the confidence goes, it’s very hard for a keeper to recover, and I think a return to low-pressure football in France would suit Hugo (plus drink-driving is socially acceptable over there, isn’t it?).

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