Date: 22nd August 2018 at 12:18pm
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This might not prove to be a high profile capture (either in the moment or the future) but some Tottenham Hotspur fans are certainly unhappy that Manchester City seem to have stolen a march on talented young goalkeeper Gavin Bazunu.

The Irish Sun have reported that City have gazumped Spurs for the young 16-year-old goalkeeper and agreed a fee of 400,000 Euros when we thought we had him in the bag for 200,000 Euros.

The Shamrock Rovers starlet has reportedly already been given the full Etihad treatment and met with Pep Guardiola according to the report and once he’s capable of signing a professional deal they say he’ll pen an agreed four-year contract – if nothing else changes.

He has only made six senior appearances for Shamrock, but to be fair that isn’t bad for a 16-year-old and in those games he kept four clean sheets which is a damn good start to life as a professional goalkeeper, winning their July Player of the Month Award in the process.

Injury set him back following his breakthrough but he was tracked by plenty apparently, so we’ll have to see if this is a boy who grows into a man that we all regret missing out on, but these fans feel we missed a trick.

The deal isn’t inked yet so we can improve our offer if we see fit, but after our summer it seems to be another blow that Daniel Levy gets the flack for.

My own opinion, I think it’s horrific and proves why the game is wrong. The lad is making his way, these aren’t sums of money that should even be spoken about when it comes to a player unable to yet sign a professional deal, let alone potentially left school.

If this is really where we are at – with some fans wanting a bidding war as the above comment points out – then football is dead, or at least almost there, I think. This is not the game I fell in love with as a kid – what 16-year-old should have a 400,000 pressure hanging around their head when they haven’t even attempted A-Levels as a challenge?

Maybe I’m just getting old?


3 Replies to “Some Fans Unhappy With Spurs Set To Lose Out To Man City Over Transfer Target – The Game Has Gone”

  • Who says that money doesn’t talk. Man City’s owners could buy the complete premier league with one day’s oil output. How can anyone hope to outbid them. You can’t buy success but owning oil fields definitely help.

  • This young man will not give the transfer fee a second thought even if it was a million the kids of to-day can handle the pressure like buttering a slice of bread its the press and the coaches that put the pressure on a player let alone a youngster , the kids of to-day are not like the old kids of yesterday they don`t eat sleep & drink football they can get lost in a world of computers & Ipads & mobile apps & electronic gear & things we older players never heard of , they only get their heads right & sorted when they come for training and even then they think its one big laugh and lots of fun , stop pressuring them you will only scare them away so if the lad is so good and he still can be on the market get in there Levy and start doing some pushing of your own and gazump City £400,000 pocket money sell the club to the young man and sell him how he will be close to the first team squad as LLorice is not getting any younger and there is no one else who is pushing LLorice to hard .

    • Whilst I tend to agree with your description of how the game/life balance has changed, growing mental health issues in those age ranges would imply otherwise.

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