Date: 14th June 2019 at 4:26am
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According to a report by Il Bianconero, Tottenham Hotspur want €30million (£26.7m) for Kieran Trippier amid interest from Juventus and that has got a number of the fans on Twitter talking.

The England international has had a poor season and admitted as much himself when he acknowledged that he deserved to be snubbed from the squad for the Nations League Finals (Sky Sports).

It was truly disappointing to see the right-back struggle as he had looked excellent in the World Cup during the summer and promised to have a huge impact with our efforts throughout the campaign.

Despite WhoScored suggesting Trippier had actually improved over on last year’s performances with their statistical data, there were many that were not generally pleased with what they saw from the 28-year-old.

However, it seems Spurs are ready to offload him as he failed to live up to those expectations and Juventus are thought to be keen on him, although it is believed the defender would like to stay in England (Sky Sports).

Sky Sports have claimed we are interested in replacing him (and Serge Aurier) with Olympique de Marseille’s Hiroki Sakai, but whether a move for the 29-year-old actually takes place is something we will have to keep an eye on over the transfer window.

Indeed, with the news that Spurs want £26.6m for Trippier, a number of the fans took to Twitter to share their delight if they were able to receive that amount for him.

One fan mentioned that Daniel Levy would have ‘pulled off his biggest ‘Levy’ ever’ whilst others quite simply prayed it would happen. Here are some of their reactions…

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6 Replies to “‘Sold!’ – These Tottenham fans would be delighted if they manage ‘biggest Levy ever’”

  • I don’t think that many of these boo birds have any idea of how much money they are talking about. these are player assets- massive investments and before we “Hell Yes – sell hiM!” we need to have some idea of who is available to fill that roll. We ran short of player assets, last year, mostly because so many of our starters were used up, driven off form or injured playing pointless International games.
    I suspect there will be a lot of bids for what competitors see as our “excess players” as the window advances. I am hoping that Levy will act early and get players like Lo Celso, Ndombele, Sessegnon (s), Ake, etc. signed early and will also get new contracts signed by players like Eriksen and Alderweireld. Levy (nor Poch) should be spending their time trying to move players on. Their focus needs to be on acquisitions. The market is there and if we have the foresight to acquite our upgrades early ; they will be knocking down our doors to buy the players we have available. This may be different than it was in the past but if you look at who needs to upgrade; you can see there will be a shortage of players to fill those gaps.

  • I’m really tired of writing my defence statement for why i think Trippier had a bad season and how if we sell him we will be making a mistake. Look how good he was in the world cup everyone throughout the world was singing his praises, I have friends and family in Australia, Canada, America, Dubai, Republic of Ireland and England plus more and Everyone of them couldn’t get enough of watching Trippier for England. Fast forward what 8 months or so and now he is S*** I don’t think so, the kid basically finished the world cup then starting a new season of premiership, cup games, CL, plus more Internationals with very little recovery time plus he picked up an injury for England that got no healing time. Go ahead and sell Trippier but imo we will regret it, he knows he had a bad season, he knows what Tottenham supporters and reporters think of him he can read plus he loves playing for England do you think he’s not going to put up a fight for him place for the Euros next year. In my opinion Trippier will be back and he will play great this coming season I just hope he is wearing a Lilywhite shirt when he does. It’s an unforgiving world football and its fans have very short memories its quite sad really.

  • Aurier out Wan Bissaka in competition for one spot between two good right backs who want to play for England….Tottenham Hotspur win!

  • I agree with both posts from Druid and McCrory. But funding the purchase of Wan Bissaka as well as the rest may be just too much. Give Trippier a chance to show how good he can be.

    We do need to clear some dead wood though.

  • I agree Hootspur we do need players out but if we sell Tripps and Aurier and bring in Wa-Bissaka for talk sake that will only leave KWP for back up. Do not get me wrong I love KWP and he is a near future star but if Wan-Bissaka gets injured in the first half of the season do you think KWP could handle the Prem, Cup games and CL and I know Foyth can cover but what if 32 year old Vert gets injured at the same time, it could happen it did last season. We need to keep Trippier if Im right and he shines fantastic if not he goes in Jan window plus we could get more in that window if a team really needs a right full back.

  • Agreed, we of Spurs are too quick to jump on bad form, forgetting great form. Tripps will bounce back, he has been honest about his lack of quality this season, held his hands up. We should applaud this and get behind him because bad form will only be prolonged with the stick he will no doubt still get from those who don’t appreciate that he, along with his other three England colleagues have played virtually non stop for two years. Have a nice rest lads and hopefully get back to playing how you did to get us to this level in the first place.

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