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Slightly Improved Second Half Isn’t Enough For Spurs – Match Stats

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

Tottenham Hotspur
0 – 1

White Hart Lane

EFL Cup - Second Leg

12/01/2022 7:45 pm

Attendance: 45603

Referee: Andre Marriner

Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea
Rudiger (18)
Gollini Arrizabalaga
Emerson Royal Azpilicueta
Tanganga Christensen 66
Sanchez Rudiger
Davies Sarr
Doherty 65 Jorginho 82
Lo Celso 71 Kovacic 77
Winks 81 Mount 66
Hojbjerg Hudson-Odoi
Kane Lukaku
Lucas Moura Werner 66


Lloris Alonso 66
Gil 71 Thiago Silva 66
Rodon Kante 77
Sessegnon 65 Pulisic
Alli Loftus-Cheek 82
Skipp 81 Bettinelli
White Saul
Scarlett Ziyech 66
Paskotsi Havertz

Game Statistics

15 Goal attempts 13
3 On Target 3
7 Corners 6
10 Fouls 12
0 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
36 % 64

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  • wentworth says:

    OK we tried hard last night but the result was never in doubt. As I said on a previous quote only Kane might have made their starting lineup and all their subs would have been in our team.
    Some may question the decisions against us but they were all correct including the offside. We didn’t score in eithet game and never looked capable of making up the deficit.

    Our lineup was dismal to say the least. Has Conte now realised that Doherty and Lo Celso are complete passengers?He keeps hauling them off much to their embarrassment.

    It was spotted. We brought on the admirable Skipp. They brought on the world class Kante. Says it all.

    Apparently, the transfer window is hotting up with clubs joining the hunt for Lamptey and Bissouma, Where are we? Waiting for the usual bargain basements and last minute loans?

    Who will come in for our mediocre players? No one is going to chance the disastrous N’Dombele, the hapless Doherty or the one legged,falling over Lo Celso. We are definitely stuck with these three.

    • PompeyYid says:

      Am with you regards who came on for both sides and the differences between them….

      Now tell me the comparisons of net Transfer spending by both teams since the Russian gangsta ploughed his dirty money into the Chavs.

      Chavs I believe £1.5billion+
      Spurs not sure to be honest, but I do know that it is way behind theirs.

      Big bucks talks and does make one hell of a difference. COYS

  • Love totty says:

    WW, I know we all do it sometimes out of frustration, but we really shouldn’t ridicule our players. Sure they get paid a fortune but the decision to recruit, play and pay them lay elsewhere. Absolutely right to critique their performances but they deserve respect and our encouragement when wearing the shirt.

    • wentworth says:

      Apologies Love Totty. I was out of order through frustration.
      I am so disappointed that we have made awful signings and have no young replacements coming through.
      We are always sluggish in the transfer market and seem to constantly miss out
      We then end up buying second best.

  • jod says:

    Orwell in the novel 1984 came up with the idea of “doublethink”, when someone believes two contradictory things that can’t both be true. There’s some of that on here, our squad lacks depth yet we must turn out a strong team for every game. Its impossible. To me once we lost the first game the tie was over. The second leg didn’t matter. What does matter, a great deal, is the game against Arsenal. Its not just the derby, its crucial in terms of league position and that battle for fourth place. But so far we don’t seem to be picking our battles, Kane is being overplayed yet again, and that will probably cost us at the end of the season when someone else gets champions league football.

    • PompeyYid says:

      Very true there Jod. COYS

    • wentworth says:

      The second leg did matter. We could have pinched 2 goals and gone on to win it to get to the final. As it is, we have missed out again.
      Yes, it is mainly because we have a two man team and once Son was out injured we were always going to struggle against the top, all round squad that Chelsea have.
      As soon as I saw our team I knew we would be unlikely to get through but until they scored we were in with a faint chance. Even poor teams like Tottenham can force a result against the odds.
      The Chelsea game was important. The good thing was, we now know how far we have dropped behind as they controlled both games. We fought hard but struggled and it was painful to watch.
      We will have the same problem against Arsenal as we have no one to replace Son. However, you can never right the script and maybe we will get 2 pens that are clear cut.

  • 123spurs says:

    How was kane given offside, is their a rule im missing out on

    • wentworth says:

      There was only one man between him and the goal. It doesn’t have to be the goalkeeper.
      Kane was offside…just.

  • 123spurs says:

    Wasnt their a Chelsea player in the box?

    • wentworth says:

      Only one… on the goal line. The keeper was behind Kane. Therefore there was only one player (this time a defender) between Kane and the goal. He was half a boot offside. If the goalie was in his usual position in goal, Kane would have been onside.

  • PompeyYid says:

    It has been mentioned about playing some of our younger say U23’s players, the young lad at LB, also the CM, sorry their names are lost in my brain lol!

    The young man Markanday, U23 striker, why not use him has been asked!

    Could it be that if Conte used them 3 examples, do you think It might fcuk up his transfer budget?

    Just a thought, COYS

  • wentworth says:

    Pompey.. we also have Paskotsi a really talented right back who has been on the bench. He looks far better than Emerson, Doherty and Tanganga but yet to be given a real chance. We also have Nile John and Harvey White as well as Markanday who need to be given a chance at least. They cannot be any worse than some of the team that was put out last night.

    • PompeyYid says:

      ww…don’t get me wrong I agree there, ok I didn’t mention the three you wrote about

      It would/could only prove my thoughts, that! maybe if them 6 names did play and prove to us they are better than what we have, it would/could affect Conte’s Transfer Budget.

  • TK says:

    I’m just coming to understand why Spurs are doing so poorly. It’s because I’m rooting for them with such passion. The gods thus, in their will to frustrate, are seeing that they play so poorly.

    The solution is for me to start rooting against Spurs. So, here’s the bottom line:

    The Spurs are doomed. I cannot help but love this team. The gods will continue to punish us.

    Don’t worry. I’m old an not immortal. better times will come soon enough.

  • Niall D says:

    Hi TK, hope the good times come before we all pop our clogs 😉.
    I’m at a bit of a loss here re our players, there are some asking to give younger players a bit of a go, much like me in the EFL, then there are those who say we must play our strongest team at all times.
    How do we get youngsters to progress, if we don’t give them game time.?
    I fear we are going to hit the old March /April burn out yet again.
    For now we need a few players in to keep us in and around top 4, we can’t and won’t win every game, espically now, but we can improve our squad to be in touching distance of top 4, so it’s my hope for this, season. 🤞

  • jod says:

    wentworth – “We could have pinched 2 goals and gone on to win it to get to the final”. You really are living in some fantasy football land aren’t you ? totally disconnected from reality. There is no way in hell with a two goal deficit and no Son or Dier we were going to overturn a two goal deficit against a team as good as Chelsea. But hey, if reality is just too painful for you by all means wallow in your fantasy.

  • wentworth says:

    Jod if you were in charge we would have stayed in the changing room. We may have a poor squad but there is always hope. Of course, we could have had some lucky breaks that’s how non league teams occasionlly beat the top dogs. You can never write the script.My glass is always half full that’s why I have supported Spurs since 1955. Good times are around the corner as long as we can keep Conte.
    We are currently suffering from a lack of player investment and poor incoming transfers. However, Conte has recognised this. Conte is a winner. Maybe you are supporting the wrong team.Keep the faith. Audere est facer.

  • wentworth says:


  • Niall D says:

    Hi folks
    Just looking at the last post, for me if we’re honest our current issues do stem from investment in the “stadium” yet again it has been mentioned about Cinema complexes etc going up within the stadium area, whilst all this is to be applauded (I’m sure) and is, a boon for the locals.
    However first and foremost, we are a football club and as a supporter, who would see most of our games “away” I would much prefer to see funds spent on players to grace the pitch.
    I do hope that the stadium does indeed get the much projected funds to invest in said players, but for the past few years and indeed the next couple it does look a bit of a poor showing football wise unless something drastic changes, because our business mindsin the club just don’t seem to be focused on the footballing side, but never mind we can watch Indinia Jones part 6 and drink craft beer, whilst the team is playing against a much strengthened Newcastle away next season.
    We’ve got the right manager and indeed several decent players, it actually wouldn’t take much to bring us into the conversation for constant top 4 and arguable PL contenders.
    Just invest in a few of the right payers, not prospects, nor PSG hand me downs.
    Proper players.

  • Geofspurs says:

    Top four may well depend on the next two games. It’s probable that we will lose the Chelsea game therefore we really need to win the NLD to stay in the mix. The NLD seems to be the key. Mind you …. it will probably all change as the season progresses so I don’t even know why I’m bothering to comment! Let’s hope that all the world-class super stars that we will bring in before the TW ends will make a difference. lol

  • jod says:

    Niall D – Where exactly does this money to invest in players come from ? We borrowed the money to build the stadium, perfectly acceptable but borrowing money to buy players is illegal under EUFA rules. So the only cash we’d have without the new stadium would be that generated by an old 35,000 seater.

    Anyone not funded by an oil state has limited funds, “Just invest in a few of the right payers” sounds good but how do you do that ? We wasted £55m on N’Dombele, Arsenal wasted £72m on Pepe. Spending money is easy, getting value for it is much harder. Liverpool don’t seem to make those expensive mistakes, but the mechanics of what they do differently is boring so much easier to just throw out a sound bite.

  • jod says:

    wentworth – “We may have a poor squad but there is always hope”, there’s the fantasy right there. We were dead after the first game but for you a fantasy where we do the impossible is much more comfortable than reality.

  • wentworth says:

    Oh dear Jod. What a pessimist. Get a life.COYS.

  • PompeyYid says:

    For what my two penneth is worth as a fanatical Yid there is and will always be hope! its the simplicity of being a fan. COYS

    NLD on Sunday….Gooners are deleted, probably even knackered after their exertions last night, so a win for us, hopefully we wont be all Spursy as we normally are when we have a chance at something.

    Foxes next week, yep! you got it I have every faith/hope we will win up there.

    So hope is for all to see, or am I being to optimistic. COYS

  • Niall D says:

    My sentiments exactly WW
    Funnily enough Jod, my issue is that we have enough money to invest in a cinema (apparently), BTW it wasn’t me that called this one I think it was DH, just wondering if it is Tottenham money going into this, what I’m saying is that we were told all the money from the stadium would go to players, and it is indeed good that the stadium is used for other events if the profits go towards football.
    Re the right players, we obviously havnt spent on the right players, hence my post earlier, Ref the scraps from PSG’s table. That’s what I mean about lazy scouting.
    Did we need Goloni when we had Joe Hart who couldve done us another year or two. (BTW I know it’s on loan)
    Did we need Gill when we were crying out for different positions.
    But tell ya what m8 just come up with other people’s posts and pick holes in em.
    Don’t have any solutions yourself just complaints.
    Good lad 😉🙄

  • TK says:

    There is no reason on God’s green isle–or elsewhere–that Spurs cannot embarrass the Goon squad.

    Now that we have this world-class stadium, Danny Boy Levi, let’s put together a world-class set of players to do it proud.

    Nothing worse than being embarrassed in a world-class pitch. Performance should outstrip pretensions.

    Bring in players that a manager like Conte can shape into a Spurs team for the ages. Tell Uncle Joe to forgo a new paint job on his yacht.

    Penny wise, but pounded foolish, this is not our traditional motto.

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