Date: 20th October 2017 at 1:38pm
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Sissoko to go in January?

When we were in the period where it was clear Sissoko was a target, I was desperately disappointed; for that sort of money I wanted Zaha, a player who I believed had all that we lacked and would only get better; he was younger and offered greater future value and a player I believed (and still believe) could be the difference between winning the Premier League and being close competitors, and to add to that, I believed he was a realistic achievable target.

The player could probably be convinced that we were a big step up, we could afford the fee and significantly improve his salary without breaking our wage structure. To me, he looked like he`d fit right in. Coming to Tottenham would represent genuine new progress in his stalled career after his failure to settle or impress under Fergie at Man united.

We supposedly made one half hearted £15 mill bid.

The Crystal Palace chairman perhaps with some justification went into public apoplexy and we never apparently followed up our interest with a more determined dare I say it, realistic bid. I still cannot for the life of me understand why, but you must assume the scouts, the club, the manager knew something I did not.

He was and is one of the brightest prospects in the Premier league and annoyingly after we didn`t pursue our interest, (as I predicted he would), he simply went from strength to strength.

Depending on who you want to believe, we ended up buying Sissoko at somewhere between £18 mill plus add-ons (that might eventually) add up to what seemed to me, an incredulous £30 mill.

As it currently stands, I would be surprised if the final number we pay the Barcodes is anything like that, but as ever the numbers are as transparent as mud, so we may never know the truth of it. How much is important, fans and posters opinions seem to intensify or lessen depending on how much the club paid.

His first season helped pour fuel on the fire of doubters like me, a fire that has been burning on various threads in our forum ever since; there were a few of us who were almost distraught at buying him and everytime he got some minutes it seemed to reaffirm our opinion of him; I questioned Pochettino`s sanity for signing off on him in the first place, but I also believed he had to be better than we were seeing.

My Barcode loving mates, had laughed long and loud when we bought him, and in his first season I would regulary receive various mocking messages everytime he played. I cannot pretend, that hurt, a lot.

lately the mocking has slowed to a crawl. Most would repeat that this was the first time that Levy had literally taken leave of his senses and Tottenham had been mugged in plain sight.

But the mickey taking landscape is remorselessly changing, after our Real Madrid game, one even messaged me to say that Poch had ‘worked his magic on him’!

I can still recall Richmondspur, (one of our more quality insightful posters in the forum) in the lead up to his acquisition who saw him completely differently to me; he saw him as the player to give us what we lacked most.

As I look back at his various posts it’s clear he thought he would be; direct, strong, quick, a player who could go past defenders and be solid and able to be tough in the tackle, and with his physical presence would be able to put himself about.

He believed that Poch would get the best out of him and make him a more consistent player (his inconsistency being one of the biggest frustrations the barcode fans manically and repeatedly voiced about him to me).

Since then, it`s fair to say that Richmondspur was as his original cheerleader in the forum (at least in my mind), as disappointed with so many aspects of his application and play as most of us were.

It was telling to me when it emerged after this season had started, that if the right offer had come in, we`d have seriously considered it, as it was, we didn`t/couldn`t and Sissoko got his head down and realised he had a point to prove, if not a career to save.

As this season has unfolded we`ve seen a fitter, stronger, harder working player, although perhaps still lacking the confidence and form to provide the top-class final touch many thought and some still think, he has in him.

In my view he is now making a positive impact, he`s now helped improve the depth of our squad, he is making a difference. He is improving game after game, and I suspect that assuming he now stays injury free that there may yet be more to come, the attributes that Richmondspur promoted and saw in him seem to all be coming to the fore.

I`ve seen enough this season to now believe his contribution can be greater still.

So in the end Richmondspur may well have called it right, even if the evidence is only just emerging.Kudos goes to Richmondspur and those who thought he would make the grade with us.

That said, there is one long term knowledgeable forum poster who remains wholly sceptical; Greavswasthegreatest may yet take some convincing that he`s ever going to be anything more than an expensive make-weight.

It must be said Greavsy is a legend in the forum for his dogged determination to denigrate and question the skills and contribution of Jemain Jenas in the past(and in more recent times, Lamela).

At every opportunity he would get, Greavsy would argue Jenas simply wasn`t good enough, and no matter what he did, he has never once deviated from that opinion.

When you look at our current crop of Central Midfielders he may well have been dead right; put up against them now, he`d probably never get a start.

So as we start the quickly shortening approach to the next window, be under no doubt the agents have all started shaping the transfer battlefield. Scouts, acquisition teams, players agents and clubs are all now busy defining their January targets and options. Lists are being compiled. debates being had behind closed doors, soundings taken.

Buying proven Premier League quality in January is tough and normally commands a sizable premium, especially for the desperate.

So the re-evaluation of Sissoko`s contribution, along with his worth (that now seems to be growing and added to by just about every pundit) is very timely.

Interest and accolades for him are intensifying. I am reliably informed that at least two clubs with money to spend may well retest our resolve come January.

So what will Poch do now, will he stick or twist and use the money to go all out for a game changer like Zaha (although I think we wouldn`t prise him away now) or another you think maybe like him?

Watching another Man Utd discard last night, Memphis Depay struck me as another of my one time players to watch as another possibility, but as yet still looks like his potential has yet to be realised; which just might make him almost perfect as Pochs next project?


16 Replies to “Should we sell Sissoko in January?”

  • I suppose the question of whether we move Sissoko on depends on whether we wish to, and are able to, recruit an alternative MFer to replace him. I think that up to press he has failed to justify his signing from Newcastle particularly at the fee paid. If we can recruit Barkley for instance, or similar, I would out Sissoko at a stroke.

  • At the moment he’s doing a job as a squad player and you don’t win anything without a squad. The kind of money that’s being paid for very ordinary players at the moment suggests recruiting someone better may be difficult. I’m maybe not such a fan of Zaha as some, like Sissoko he’s inconsistent, he admits himself he’s a confidence player. The time to review the situation is probably at the end of the season. One factor may be how Onomah gets on at Villa, long term he could be the kind of physical presence in midfield that Poch was looking for when he signed Sissoko.

  • No even with the acquisition of Barkley. We have a huge amount of games left to play this season,
    who knows what injuries we could get, look at the missing player at chelski and how their team
    is playing now that they are having to play 2 games a week. We need a large squad, besides Sissoko
    is now finally putting in some good shifts this season. COYS

  • Before the season started we were quoted £50m for Barkley and Sissoko looked like he might go out on loan. Come January we might buy Barkley and sell Sissoko making a tidy profit which I’m sure Levy will be rubbing his hands over.

  • Not a goer. Sissoko is working hard now and with Wanayma a possible long term absentee we need everyone. Will Barkley ever be fully fit? Onomah is strong and technically good but seems to lack work rate and drive so far!

  • IMO… No he has improved. At whl I saw glimpses of his ability but was used as rw, he is better in rmf
    As we have a lot of games to go, we need him in the squad. By the way… Chelsea Conte complaining about playing european games and PL games every 3 days has tired out his players to 70% of performances, compared to last season… LMAO…

  • No No No. Spurs are just getting a tune out of Sissoko he looks so fit he made one lung bursting run Vs RM nobody on the park could keep up, it created space for CE who should have played in a Spurs player for a chance on goal. If Spurs are going to sell then in the summer. I like Zaha and do think he would improve under MP, however, a deal like that ain’t gonna happen in Jan. Marhez is available and i think he wouldn’t look out of place in the spurs squad.

  • He is now doing what I’d hope to see past season, which is being a midfield runner. The other CMs do not do that very much, and so that varies our tactics and options. Given that Dembele has injury issues, and is ageing, Sissoko does a job in covering Dembele too. Not that they are that similar, but selling Sissoko would mean that we would have to replace him with 2 CMs in my opinion. This would make sure that we won’t be short of CMs long term. Do that stuff in summer maybe. For now we need to focus on what we are short of. We need to focus on why we look flat at times. Why we couldn’t score vs Swansea. Was it pace? Creativity? Lack of plan B? Or was it just one of those things…? Zaha? We can see why Palace couldn’t sell Zaha…. They have a small chance of survival with him. Without him, no chance. Could he improve us? Probably yes. Is he worth a higher bid from us? No. But someone similar may be worth a punt… But that IS supposed to be N’Koudou…. Poch really needs to give this guy a some starts otherwise he will continue to not be an option…

  • If we sign a replacement then I would sell him. If not then I would keep him. He is good cover for Moose and Wana. With them both struggling with injuries it would be foolish to sell Sissoko and not have a replacement lined up. He has improved, which has at least added some squad depth.We should still get a decent price for him when we do sell him.

  • I thought we bought him to play in centre midfield, where he has always played his best football (think France). I viewed him as(as close as you can be anyway) a like for like replacement for Dembele who we looked lost without. His confidence has been battered. However, he has come back fitter, leaner, quicker and stronger with a top notch attitude. As his confidence grows he will grow from strength to strength in that midfield role. So no, not in a month of Sundays would I sell him in January. He could become an integral first team player if his progression in his new position continues. If it does not, sell at the end of the season…

  • No unless we are out of the CL, FA and CC cup because then we are unlikely to give him game time with only PL to compete in. I think it’s better we keep him because we have too many injuries and games at the moment, but a lot can change by January. Wanyama isn’t looking great, neither is Dembele, Lamela is risky and we don’t know how he is going to fair. So at the moment we need depth in Sissoko and he has improved. Lets assess it in January

  • I was more excited than most when he joined, because I will always favour talented players who need to become a bit more consistent, to consistently average players who will never have the talent. You can’t teach talent. However, over time, my impression of Moussa has deteriorated and while I believe he remains a talented player, I wonder if his “1 good game in 10” tag the Newcastle supporters had given him isn’t actually just the truth. On balance there has been more bad than good to date, so if the decision had to be made now, I would say : sell while the market for him has been somewhat restored. However, if MP wants to give him until the end of the season to confirm his “renaissance”, that would be OK too. I’d rather him than a player like Tom Carroll, for example.

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