Date: 17th August 2017 at 10:13am
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Sundays clash at Wembley against Chelsea has been deemed as high-risk by the appropriate authorities, meaning, due to various restrictions the Stadium will only have a maximum, at the latest count of around 70,000 spectators.

My understanding is that Spurs supporters had to be registered with the official THFC website prior to the 1st July 2017 deadline to have any hope of a ticket. Those who applied after the date mentioned above have no hope of going to our first Premier League home game of the season.

Only high-risk matches have these sort of restrictions and so home games against the likes of Burnley, Bournemouth etc will be allowed to go on general sale. In other words we could have 90,000 watching the so-called lesser teams and 20,000 less for the bigger matches.

Oh and just in case you didn’t know but Chelsea have sold their entire 3,000 allocation.

Could we see similar Wembley images against the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal?

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Should Tottenham Hotspur FC be embarrassed?



5 Replies to “Should THFC Be Embarrassed?”

  • It’s only embarrassing because the press and other teams fans want to make it an issue. We have no choice but to play there, and if the team play well I am sure the supporters who can will get to the stadium and try to create as much atmosphere as possible. The main concern from the business angle would be if we regularly fail to sell 60000 tickets as this would create problems for the new stadium capacity.

  • Certainly not embarrassing. Wembley is tough to get to, get away from and not a pleasant experience anyway. Can fully understand why supporters, and I regularly went to WHL, are not so interested in going. Also on TV so perfectly understandable. I thought the headline was going to be about lack of transfers, but that is not a problem either. Believe in the younger potential players and bring them through.

  • I’m not sure of the purpose of this article pertaining to THFC being embarrassed. All the authorities involved have made a decision regarding safety and that has been imposed onto Spurs. I think it’s quite a sensible decision by Spurs to try to ensure that only genuine fans are in the correct sections of the stadium, especially when we are on the other side of London, against a main rival who we know have support which could be a problem if they’re in a ‘home support’ section alongside Tottenham fans. Unless I’ve missed something, I’m not sure how this reflects badly on THFC. Chelsea have sold out their allocation, which is to be expected, and this is Spurs’ year at Wembley, meaning we have to be proactive to minimise any potential disruption. It does sound like a “sensational” headline to me, if I’m being honest. A molehill out of a piece of a flat piece of paper.

  • I don’t understand the embarrassment angle. I read that this applies only to the Chelsea and Arsenal games. Bit surprised they have not included West Ham in the mix as well. There have just been too many racist incidents in the past to not try to minimize potential issues. Putting tickets on general sale would be a free for all and it would be impossible to contain incidents if they were going on all over the stands. Shame things are like this, but I get it. Not embarrassing though. There’s no doubt this game and the Arsenal game would sell out. Surprised they just could not increase the allotment for both teams through official members. Be nice to have another 1,500 Chelsea fans witness the destruction of last year’s champs. COYS

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