Date: 17th April 2014 at 6:05am
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I’m wondering, what it is we do with 2 of the players we already have, they just so happen to be the two most expensive players in the history of our beloved THFC. 

I’ll start with Erik. What is with this guy? Is he actually injured? Are we just not playing him because his initial form was so bad, that playing him more now could actually decrease his value even more? I don’t think that we, the fans, have once been given an honest reason as to why he’s been out for so long. 

I, like most of you, have read bits here & there that it is his back. So, exactly what is it Erik does? Well most importantly, is the fact that he can actually play! And apparently, once he gets a run of games and is settled, he’s pretty good at it! For years I’ve been complaining about ‘Azza’ and his lack of end product, I think I’m right in saying that he has just 1 assist this season in the league this term – simply not good enough. He’s a one trick pony, and that trick is speed. Lamela on the other hand, is a little more intelligent and cute when it comes to end product. The kid is not only quick, has an eye for goal, can bring others in to play with intelligent runs, is unselfish, and to top it all off, has a great work rate. 

I think the biggest problem with Erik this season has been that AVB didn’t actually want him, that much I’m certain of. AVB wanted Willian, we missed out, Baldini panicked and here we are. I would be absolutely gutted if we sell him in the coming months. His first season has been, lets face it, an absolute disaster, but I genuinely believe he has bags of potential, I think that the right manager, playing a formation that suits him will work wonders for his confidence, and he can go on a blossom into the player we all thought he would be on 30th August 2013. 

So, in summary, Keep Lamela. 

Next up, Bobby! Why is it that I still really really like the man? He’s missed uncountable amounts of decent chances, and if he’d have hit the ground running, I really do think he could be a 17-20 goal a season striker! The only thing he really lacks for me, is out and out pace. He’s just about quick enough – That never did Teddy any harm though. 

Like Teddy, what Bobby has bags of, is intelligence. He can hold a ball up, he has shown he’s prepared to run and run (far from his natural role in a team). He’s showed passion when he’s scored, and the players have shown it for him also. His only 2 goals from open play in the league, Villa & Cardiff, were both followed by the biggest grin I remember in some time, the second of the two, I genuinely thought he was about to cry! 

Something not a lot of news outlets choose to write about, is the devastating loss his wife & he suffered shortly after he joined. There is just no way that can’t affect a man, he may be paid obscene amounts of money, but you just wouldn’t be human if that didn’t affect you. I saw a great interview with Addy just after Tim took over. Addy obviously lost his brother over the summer, and in short (and not word for word), he said: The loss is bound to affect you, when you’re in the team, and scoring goals, that’s where you want to be, it makes it a little easier to deal with the pain you’re going through off the pitch. When you’re not in the team, and not scoring, it becomes close to impossible. 

In summary, Keep Soldado. 

I believe that Eriksen, Lamela & Soldado can be very productive as a front three with 2 attacking full backs for width behind, a midfield three of Sandro, Paulinho & Dembele and I really think we could be in with half a chance of a great run, especially with no Europa League to distract us. 

Right, that’s about it from me for this one, It’s about time I actually did some work! I’m very much prepared to be shot down by more than a few of you, but, that’s one of the many things I love about our beautiful game & team, it’s all about opinions, very rarely will 2 of us have the same! It doesn’t make me right, and you wrong, or vice versa….it’s just how it is! COYS

Written by King26