Date: 9th October 2019 at 9:45pm
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“We need 2017 Dele back” – A lot of Tottenham Hotspur fans are talking about Dele Alli from 2017.

A post of a goal he scored against Watford at White Hart Lane was put on Twitter, and it has led to many Spurs fans reminiscing over Alli’s form back then.

Alli was once one of the most coveted players in the world, but last season, his form declined and, this season, he has looked well below the high standards of a few seasons ago.

The goal was a sublime curling effort that left the keeper grasping at thin air – this was peak Alli, and it is sad that he has regressed so much over the past year.

Many Spurs fans want this Alli back – as they miss these moments of genius that he produced on the regular.

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3 Replies to ““Shame he can’t do that anymore” – These Spurs fans are reflecting on sad decline of £100,000 per week man”

  • He can get that form back, because he is a genius of a footballer.
    He is not an obvious striker, or creative midfielder. He is a ghost
    who creates space for himself and others around him. When he
    plays well, Harry Kane plays well (it’s like they read each other’s
    minds), but instead of a ghost over the past year he’s resembled
    a lost ‘soul’. Deli at his best, however, is unique. There is no other player
    like him, but because there is a thin dividing line between what made him
    that great player who ghosted between Eriksen and Kane, linking
    that axis up perfectly, and and the player that later lost all real control,
    barely able to make a meaningful pass, and losing the ball in possession regularly,
    he and Poch have to find a way to get him back on the other side of that line.
    Part of it too is because of his own regular injuries, Kane’s ankle injuries and Eriksen’s loss
    of concentration and desire in his bid to get away from our club.
    Everything around Alli has to be fixed as well. We need a team again, something
    to make not just Alli, but Kane and others to play better and bond again.
    If only 4 or 5 players are playing well in a team, their own performances and energy
    start to ebb due to the futility of playing for others who aren’t up to it.

    • This is not the case. Dele Alli is just not up to mark as a footballer in a club that is supposed to be challenging for the title. He has always been over rated based on some fantastic performance. But most of the time, he is just not good enough. That is why in the past two to three years, no major club ever considered buying Dele Alli.

  • Dele Alli has never and will never be a real world class footballer. Yes, he does the one off magic and scores some wonderful goals. But most of the time, he will be either shooting too softly or running with the ball and tripping of falling over with the ball. And he is definitely not creative enough as a player. I have been saying this from the very start when everyone else was raving about Dele Alli. So please do not think that Dele Alli will ever bring Tottenham to the next level. He scores fantastic goals but misses the simple goals. He shoots so softly most of the time. He is not creative. He is just simply running with the ball and if lucky a pass goes through. If not, he trips. As simple as that.

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