Date: 8th June 2018 at 5:00pm
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Napoli are interested in signing Kieran Tripper, according to the Evening Standard.

Journalist Dan Kilpatrick reports that the Serie A runners-up are keen to recruit the England international, but we are preparing to offer the right back a new contract.

The 27-year-old’s current deal extends to 2022, but the club are looking to offer the player a wage wise on the £50,000 a week he currently earns.

Our no.2 has been criticised by sections of the fanbase on occasion, but he will go into this summer’s World Cup as England’s first choice at right wing-back ahead of Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold.

He’s recently credited Mauricio Pochettino for improving his game since he arrived at the club from Burnley three years ago.

The affection for the manager among the squad is clear, and it is apparent that many of the club’s stars will follow Harry Kane and sign contract extensions with us now Poch’s long-term future has been resolved.


7 Replies to “Serie A Side Set To Fail In Pursuit Of Tottenham Star”

  • Been impressed lately and feel he should be our first team RB. Fair play Aurier and rotation but he’s definitely 1st choice for me. KWP coming through means we have excellent options at RB. LB with Rose getting back to full fitness and hopefully over his mental issues and Davies also aswell, gives us lots of quality options on both sides. We need to keep our England players – rules demand it on top.

  • Trippier is one of those players who makes the most of what he has. Most of the time he gets the job done. Like a lot of our signings he’s become a better player at the club and doesn’t give the impression he has any desire to leave. You need players like that in your squad.

  • To be perfectly honest I rate them both, Trippier and Davies, great attitudes and great professionals. COYS

  • Although he is often maligned by some Spurs supporters, and he is possibly a slight downgrade on Kyle Walker, he is currently first choice right wing back in Southgate’s England set up so cant be so bad. Unless we get an offer for him that is commercially too attractive to turn down, I say keep him. MP seems happy with him so he must be doing an acceptable job, also if he was to leave it would cost us serious money to replace him, so it should be a no brainer. Having said all of that if reports are true and he is earning just £50K/week, then he must be due a contract renewal as not many international players work for that.

  • As it stands he is our best option down the right. His passing and crossing ability is way ahead of Aurier.

    With KWP coming through I would sell Aurier. Have Tripps and KWP as our options. We don’t need 3 first team options at RB/RWB.

    Aurier is a liability anyway. Sell and use the money for players we actually need.

  • I’d really like to see more pace on the two FB positions, although Davies and Trippier are more than serviceable. Aurier? only the gods know whether he’ll be better after a full training to start the next season. Physically he seems to have it all. Mental alertness? not so sure. but we need more pace out wide, which is the one thing we lost with our KW fugitive to Citeh.

  • TK, It’s funny to me that as well as yourself, so many supporters keep insisting that we lack pace going forward and therefore we need more of it. Maybe that’s so but, I don’t think it’s as simple as it may sound.

    Lucas Moura is our 4th recent (Poch) purchase from the French league that was indeed known for being “pacy”… Son is called pacy too.

    If we take a step back and look at what Moura has recently said about PL football, we might get a little closer to understanding why it’s not ever just about having a bit more pace… Which is something I have continually strived to highlight here on VS…

    Lucas said:

    “This is the best league in the world with a lot of big clubs and it’s so exciting. It’s different from Brazil or France and for me it’s a dream to play here. I think I can improve my game a lot here.

    “The physical side is very different to Brazil and the pace of the game is very different to France. You don’t have so much time to think so I need to decide what I will do with the ball in one second and that’s good for me.

    “I have learned from training with my team-mates and I enjoy playing with them. The training here is so hard, we work a lot, and it’s so dynamic. When I have the ball, the defenders come and try to take the ball quickly so I need to improve my game and learn about this kind of football.”

    For me, our players are not slow. Spurs are not slow. PL football in general, is not slow. But even so, very few footballers are as pacy as say Walker is. But, it’s not pace alone that makes him a good footballer. And, it’s not a lack of pace that makes either Trippier or Davies poorer than him as full backs or wing-backs. It just looks different maybe not as thrilling and perhaps a little less dynamic. The end result however, is pretty much the same… And, I think that is what truly counts.

    Tell me, where are all these alternative Kyle Walkers And Danny Rose’s anyway? Where are all these budding Usain Bolts with a football at their feet?

    Hopefully, Trippier will be the one to prove me right very soon. On the footballing world stage, in the World Cup…

    As for Aurier, he does play with pace, but he could also do with a little more of what both Davies, Rose and Trippier have. Patience on the ball and much better timing. Quicker thinking and not necessarily faster feet… Just as Lucas Moura was alluding to.

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