Date: 20th September 2017 at 6:51am
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Spurs have been blessed with a rich history of amazing goal scorers. So many, that it is impossible to list them all. But of all the strikers that have graced the WHL pitch two have, in their time, been raised to ‘iconic’ status. One of these is historic and the other one is current. Jimmy Greaves is acknowledged as the greatest ever striker to play with a cockerel on his shirt. Harry Kane, in a ridiculously small amount of time, has taken the football world by storm.

The Juggernaut that is Harry Kane just keeps on going and there is likely to be no stopping it until he decides to hang up his boots. The reason for this is simple. Harry is the complete footballer and has the attitude and maturity to go with it.

In all my years following THFC I cannot think of another Spurs forward who is similar to Harry-one-of-our-own-Kane. The best striker by far that I have ever seen is Jimmy Greaves. He was the ultimate goal machine. He was at his best when the ball was at his feet and he could run at a defence…usually run rings around a defence. He could shoot with both feet. And he was fast. But Jimmy was not brilliant at heading the ball or tracking back to help his team defensively. He also had little interest in holding the ball up because his sole focus was on going for goal. And it all worked so well for him.

Kane is a different type of striker. Harry does focus on scoring goals, obviously, but his game consists of so much more. Like Greaves, Kane owns two lethal feet. Like Greaves, Kane can dribble the ball…albeit not as well. Kane is stronger than Greaves in the air and whereas Greaves used his speed to avoid losing the ball Kane uses his strength. Greaves could find a decisive final pass if required, but not as often as Kane. Greaves was extremely quick to react to goalmouth opportunities and could read the game well. Harry is less quick to react but has a great reading of the game and where he might be needed … which often results in him tracking back to defend. Kane uses his strength to great effect when holding the ball up or looking for a creative pass. Harry wants the ball and he will go to any part of the park to get into the game.

If we took the goal-scoring ability of both players away, it would make less impact on Kane’s performance as he consistently contributes so much more than goals to the teams’ endeavour. He will experience times (as do all strikers) during his career when the goals stop flowing for a while and these will be the times when his other attributes will keep him in good stead.

Greaves is a Spurs legend. Kane is a Spurs legend-in-waiting. If he remains at Spurs there can be little doubt that future generations of Tottenham supporters will talk about him as we now talk about Greaves.


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  • I was lucky enough to see Greaves at the end of his Spurs career. What struck me most about him was in the penalty area he seemed to have more time than everyone around him. It was as if they were all moving in slow motion. Its pointless comparing him to Kane, completely different players. To me the closest I’ve seen to Harry is Alan Shearer. Like Shearer Kane is good at everything, has an incredible attitude and scores all sorts of goals. The other thing about him is his focus. While Alli appears to be struggling with his own publicity it never seems to have affected Kane. I can remember Kevin Keagan once saying that through his career he always focused on the football figuring that if he got that right the money would take care of itself. Harry seems to have a similar philosophy. There have been plenty of other strikers at White Hart Lane, probably my best memory is the year Clive Allen broke Geaves goalscoring record. But I’m not sure we’ve had a striker as good as Harry since the days of Jimmy Greaves.

  • jod …. I’m not comparing Greaves and Kane as similar players … just pointing ut my take on their individual attributes. I agree with you about Clive Allen (his dad wasn’t bad either) and your Kane/Shearer comparison.

  • Other Spurs strikers in recent history are Les Allen, (mentioned by Geofspurs), who was the goal scorer in chief for the Double team. He was overtaken by the legend that still is, Jimmy Greaves. These were followed, (in no particular order), by the likes of Alan Gizean, Martin Chivers, the double act of Garth Crooks and Steve Archibald, Clive Allen, a certain German chap called Klinsmann, Robbie Keane and a foreigner called Berbatov who, although he buggered off to some northern club, was pretty good if I remember correctly. Finally, I vaguely recollect a chap called Gary Lineker who scored a few goals for us. Wonder what happened to him? Ah, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be!!!

  • Spurboy61 …. I think you?ll find that Bobby Smith (Centre Forward) was the main striker for the Double team, mate. Les Allen (Inside Left) certainly contributed his fair share of goals, as did Jones and White. That?s a pretty impressive list of forwards you came up with. Kane is in good company!

  • You’re probably right Geofspurs and, by the way, I forgot to mention probably the cleverest striker I’ve ever seen, Teddy Sheringham. Now imagine trying to pick a couple of starters out of that lot!! What a problem to have.

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