Date: 18th March 2017 at 10:20am
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If Ross Barkley leaves Everton, which looks highly likely then, in percentage terms what would you say they were of him joining Tottenham Hotspur?

If you believe some of the material media hacks spout, virtually on a daily basis then the odds of the 23-year-old midfielder leaving Goodison Park, for pastures new look promising.

Player power

Since the advent of the Bosman ruling, which seems to have been around for years now then ‘player power’ has certainly overtaken ‘club power’. What I mean is, clubs these days, and we know all about that, have lost the ability to dictate what happens to their players. And if their respective agents keep their fingers on the pulse then it’s in their interest to keep the players they look after on the move ever couple of years. Agent fees and a percentage of transfer money may have some sort of influence on decisions made. (Really!!!!)

World-class English players are few and far between. Just look at John Stones £50m move to Manchester City. He’s not exactly world-class but Pep Guardiola could see potential in the young lad, hence City were prepared to splash the cash, AGAIN!

Barley’s refusal to sign a new contract suggests he, or his agent are touting for a summer move. But who would be prepared to pay his transfer fee, rumoured to be around £20-30m?


Poch is rumoured to be a Barkley fan but could we expect the club to enter into a bidding war with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United?

Betting odds

For reasons unknown to me Manchester City, who have enough midfielders to fill two squads are favourites to take the England international during this summer’s transfer window – 11/5. Man United are second favourites at 9/1 while Tottenham are fourth favourites – 18/1.

Would you at least like Poch to make Barkley enquiries?

How much should Spurs offer?

In percentage terms, what would you have them down as (Barkley as a Spurs player next season)?

Would you want Barkley at THFC?

I am not betting man but if I was I would flutter a few pennies at the bookies on Ross being a Spurs player next season. In percentage wise I’d hazard a 50/50 guess (sitting on the fence!).


19 Replies to “Ross Barkley”

  • He doesn’t give us anything we don’t already have and would cost serious money. Would you play him behind the striker ahead of Ali ? Surely when you look at our squad what we lack is cover for Kane (unless Janssen comes good) and pace. Barkley doesn’t address either problem. When you have limited funds you don’t waste cash on players you don’t actually need.

  • Not sure when RB’s contract is up – will be the main driver on price. I like him, but he may be a bit old for us now (seriously). But if Poch is a fan, and the price is right – and he is prepared to accept our wage structure – but I don’t see that we have a desperate “need”.

  • Well. I like him, and love him at the club. He is a young homegrown, with England team experience. He scores, he assists, and would be an alternative to Eriksen. What’s not to like? I believe his contract runs out summer 2018, so I guess he is running contract down… However, if Chelsea or Man U go for him, I cannot see us getting him. Everton have done a bad job of keeping him… If he were smart, and not money hungry, he would join us. His prices tag should be reduced with contract time…

  • Mahrez…? Having poor season, but that will scare off the rich guys, and perhaps reduce price tag. Got to be realistic… We cannot sell Lamela without huge loss due to injury. Cannot sell N’koudou or Sissoko as they are too new… Funding for players could realistically raised from the sales of loaned out players, and maybe Wimmer / Davies…

  • Barkley is a superb footballer and would fit right in at Spurs. We’d be stupid not to go after another player at Eriksen and Alli’s level and get more depth in the squad. Son showed again yesterday that his goal scoring stats deceive everyone into thinking he’s a top drawer player. He’s not, but a valuable squad player. I also think that it’s Nathan Redmond that we should be buying rather than Zaha. He’s been outstanding this season. He wants to defend for his team and shows so much quality on the ball going the other direction. He’d fit right in as well.

  • TonyRich – No way is Barkley an alternative to Eriksen, he doesn’t have the ability to pull the strings. Harry Winks has much more potential to develop into a playmaker. If you want to compare Barkley to anyone in the current squad it has to be Ali and he isn’t in the same class as Deli.

  • Jod – By alternative, I mean something different in the AM role. If Eriksen is not working, take him off and put Barkley in. What is the point in taking off one guy who is not working, and bringing on exactly the same type of player? Incidentally Barkely’s tends to assist more than score, which actually does come closer to Eriksen’s stats than Alli’s, who is more known for his goal scoring than assists. I see Winks as a deeper playmaker than Barkley and Eriksen. Personally when comparing Barkley and Alli’s 1st years, and think that they match up well… It is just in the last couple of years that Barkley has lost his way, and a combo of Everton stuttering, and changing managers have left him meandering a bit. I believe he is much better than what we see right now. His next move will make of break him.

  • Ghana – I was suggesting that Mahrez’s poor season was making him more of a target for us. It was not a criticism of him in any way. The entire Leicester side has been poor, so there is little point in singling out one guy. I was impressed by him BEFORE last season when he came to prominence. He does look like the sort of wide attacker that can score & assist that we need. However after last season’s hype, I saw us being priced out. Now it is possible that he may want to move. He may well want to go abroad…. So lets see. I really do not see Barkley as someone who would be stifled by the arrival of Barkley. Let’s not forget Dembele will be 30 in a few months’ time…. Bringing in an couple of potential central midfield starters will help to smooth over the transition when he eventually steps aside. As for Siissoko, I would be surprised if he moved this summer. The only reason for an immediate move is if there is some behind the scenes issue where he needs to move on. Apart from that, not many players at Spurs play give their best in their first season. Not Bale, not Dembele, not Modric, not Eriksen, Lamela. All of these guys could have been moved on immediately and we would have missed out of what they eventually became. Additionally, the more expensive they are, the less likely they get move on immediately.

  • Correction: …. I really do not see WINKS as someone who would be stifled by the arrival of Barkley.

  • TonyRich – I’m not sure if you saw the Southampton game but when Winks came on he played further forward rather than replacing Dembele as he normally does. He was a revelation, driving forward and playing a different game from his normal neat passing when playing deeper. The jury is still out on how good Winks can become or where his best position is.

  • I think that one or two may go regardless of how long they have been there. MP has shown that he isn’t afraid to cut ties early if the player isn’t performing (Stambouli, NJie being good examples). Sissoko, GKN, and even Janssen could fall into this category. As for who we should buy, it needs to be a player who can consistently impact games. In that sense, both Barkley and Mahrez have question marks. Is Mahrez really as good as his PFA player of the year title suggests? Or as bad as he was for the first 6 months of this season? The truth is probably in the middle. However, I expect Leicester to hold out for a huge sum (40 million+) simply because of his age and the “player of the year” tag. And for that money (regardless of the fact that I doubt Levy would even sanction such a deal), I’d like the club to target players who are safer bets. Same with Barkley. He’s English (which always puts a premium on prices in the PL), plays for a rival, and Everton have just been taken over by a new owner who will want to send a clear signal that they are not a selling club (especially with Lukaku’s departure looming in the background) and not sell unless a huge fee can be had. Let alone the fact that Barkley blows hot and cold. Redmond is a good shout potentially, I still see a useful player in a fit Jay Rodriguez, and I see a few other low risk, high upside deals if the price is right (Wilfried Bony for example). I think that if we were going to break the bank on a big signing, Isco has been touted and is undoubtedly a player of the highest calibre. Belgians worth a look would be Dries Mertens, and Thorgan Hazard would also be a good shout. In the PL, Michail Antonio could be worth a look as he seems to be confirming his good form. Otherwise, a return of Gylfi Sigurdsson could be an excellent bit of business too.

  • BelgianSpur – Unless you are going to play Sigurdsson in Ali’s position there’s not much point. We tried playing him as a winger last time and he won’t be interested in sitting on the bench. I’ve seen a few glimpses of Thorgan Hazard on TV but just how good is he ? If he’s anything like his brother he could be useful. No way West Ham would sell Antonio though I can see why we might be interested.

  • I was indeed thinking of Gylfi as a central player. He would indeed have to accept coming back as a bit-part payer, but CL football could entice him. Thorgan Hazard has quietly developed into a mini-De Bruyne type player. 10 goals and 5 assists this season, despite missing a few games to an injury, is a good return and he’s getting better every year. Interesting player for me.

  • jod – did not see the Soton game…. I agree that Winks’s best position is of course still to be determined as it is still early days.

  • Belgian – well the point I am really making is that you really cannot deem someone a flop after one season UNLESS there is something completely amiss – i.e a player cannot hack the training regime, has discipline issues. If you sign Sissoko for 30m, and try to sell after 1 season, you are telling everyone that he is a flop, and we are desperate to sell for any price…. Bang, you lose 15m that we cannot afford to lose….especially as we haven’t got much play out of him. The guy has shown glimpses that he can play… He has started 6 EPL games for us, with a record of won 5, drawn 1, lost none. This includes 2 of our 4 away wins this season… My theory is that he is taking longer than expected to adapt to our play & training, but will come in handy next season “should” we achieve CL football again next season. Dembele will be 30 next season, and Sissoko is 2 years younger… Got to think more long term really. N’Koudou is more of a mystery for me, because he isn’t even making the bench, and when he does, others come on. It will be interesting to see what we do in summer, because we no longer have a bloated squad…

  • Tony – this being said, after Stambouli’s catastrophic debut season I never though we’d get our money back, and we actually sold him to PSG for a profit! And I don’t think there was anything wrong with his attitude or fitness. I don’t want to dismantle you theory for the sake of it, sorry mate. But I honestly think that if a decent offer for Sissoko comes in this summer (and clubs like AC Milan were said to be looking at him), the club will absolutely entertain it, and they would be foolish not to IMO.

  • I think we need to bare in mind that it’ should the squad we are looking to improve not just the first team. We can’t solely rely on our youth acadamy to fill the gaps.

    I will name a few players who feature for Spurs, and you can judge for yourselves if you believe Barkley is better or not. Winks, Sissoko, Dier, Lamela, N’Koudou, Oonomah. If you find yourself agreeing that Barkley is an improvement on any one or possibly more of these players, why not bring him in at the expense of another? The net transfer spend on Barkley wouldn’t be so damaging if we can offload a few in the midfield department who aren’t unlikely to feature where Barkley would.

  • IM not sure if its Vs or my iPhone that’s causing all these horrible errors, but it’s very annoying….

  • Ryan – this also means convincing Barkley to join us with no guarantees of starting, whereas other teams may in fact give him that guarantee. I also believe that we should try to improve the squad by improving the first team. Whoever was starting now drops to the bench, knocking someone else off the bench.

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