Date: 16th May 2018 at 8:00pm
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Danny Rose has been widely touted in the media as a player the club are looking to offload in the summer. Going by our no.3’s comments today though, it seems he is every intention of staying with us.

Even just a year ago, if you had said to me that the club would willingly allow the left-back to leave, I would have been apoplectic but so much has happened over the last 12 months that his departure would leave me feeling pretty indifferent.

Of course, if he can recapture his best form, Danny is an invaluable asset but his knee injury, combined with less than stellar form, have made him far less integral to Mauricio Pochettino’s first-team plans.

His interview last summer burned a lot of bridges as well, and the feeling is that if a club like Manchester United were looking to sign him, he would be off. The fact that they may have moved on to other targets has left both the player and the club in a difficult position.

Poch sees him as the understudy to Ben Davies rather than vice versa now. The England international says he is determined to reclaim his spot in the first team but after his past comments, I find it hard to believe him.

If you gave me a choice between the best version of Rose and Davies, I would always choose the former, but we seem to have got past that point now. The manager prides himself on loyalty, and the full-back’s lack of games in recent months can only be partially attributed to injuries.

It looks like the manager and the club have moved on. The player will use the World Cup as a springboard to demonstrate his best form, but the fact that it is unclear whose benefit that will be for is a major part of the problem.

Trust between the manager and the player seems to be lacking. Trust between the player and the fans is clearly non-existent. With that being the case, a parting of ways looks to be a growing inevitability.


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  • That Rose clown is out to cover his ass – if nobody should come for him this sommer – nothing else ! Someone please tell him to shut up !

  • I loved the way that Rose saying that Utd were there in their transfer business 3 weeks before it shuts PLUS him eventually wanting to go back up north PLUS him saying that he will get what he’s worth meant that he clearly wanted to go to Utd. After all, he was a Leeds player and those 2 clubs get on so well. I can’t believe the fans fell for that gutter press BS.

    I don’t condone his controversial interview, but would say that at least he was speaking from the heart and being honest about how he felt. He also apologised to us fans, something that has barely been accepted by the majority. That’s sad when you think he’s our longest serving player.

    Anyway, only Poch knows whether he can get Rose back to his best. He will have data on his injuries and fitness levels and is in a strong place to make the right call on Rose who is contracted until Jun 2021. I do remember a couple of times Poch has left Rose out of the 18 man squad when the player thought he was fit (NLD?) but mostly the manager has tried his utmost to get him involved. That is very different from Toby who seems to be getting the Walker treatment.

    On a side note, I’m worried about Southgate’s decision on LB for the World Cup. Ashley Young won’t get away with it like he does at OT. He regularly dives in and tackles on the wrong foot and doesn’t have the instincts of a full-back. He’s a yellow or red card waiting to happen and England will get no favours from WC refs. I’m not sure Delph is much better at LB either. There is now huge pressure on Rose to have a great World Cup after Southgate omitted the very dependable Bertrand. Not the right decision in my opinion.

  • Rose seems to have convinced himself that he was a much sought after star who was being underpaid. Only Rose believes that now. An aging injury-prone player on the downward slope of his career; he needs to find a 3 year contract with a mid table team that will allow him to retire from football with a modicum of comfort. Earning more per week than many fans earn per year should be seen as a blessing. I think Spurs have outgrown Danny Rose.

  • Druid – if the definition of Spurs outgrowing Danny Rose is another season of the underwhelming Ben Davies then I despair. Full back has been our weakest position on the pitch this season. 2 seasons ago and part of last season it was probably our most destructive area of the pitch. If our full-backs weren’t creating trouble in wide areas they were giving the guys in the middle more space by stretching teams.

    I’m quite neutral on Rose staying or going. That’s Poch’s call as he has way more information than we do on whether he can get his player back to his brilliant best. He will know whether his attitude and mental state is spot on as well.

    I’m definitely not neutral on watching another season of average full-back play though.

  • I would take rose or Davies any day… Davies is ok, but he is slow getting back and makes to many errors and cannot cross a ball like rose, a good back up mind.

  • See Rose has made the England WC squad confirming his quality. Can this club with it’s alleged ambition afford to lose the likes of Rose and Alderwiereld having already lost Walker, answer of course they can’t if they wish to progress, but unfortunately contrary to Levy’s belief, quality doesn’t come cheap, and sooner or later the top players will rebel against penny pinching austerity, and no doubt unless things change others will follow. Although we finished 3rd this season we finished 9 points worse off than last season, losing 3 more games than in 2016-7 and unless we pull our finger out and strengthen the squad we may see further deterioration. Regarding MP I think he is starting to get restless due to a marked lack of financial backing, coupled with more successful clubs than us, clubs where he would have a better chance of winning things, showing an interest in him. Having made a £33M net profit in the transfer dealings in the 4 years of his tenure perhaps he rightly sees that the club owes him some support for his achievements while having one hand firmly tied behind his back. I can see the possibility of the solids colliding with the air conditioning during forthcoming air clearing discussions during this close season, continual reports of possible moves for his services are surfacing across the media on a daily basis, and the old saying “there is no smoke without fire” comes to mind, and Levy would be a fool to ignore it. It is time for Levy to decide what he wants, does he settle for nearly, or does he want to progress, a succession of managers have been hog tied by the club’s desire to “balance the books”, how many successful football clubs operate without running manageable debt on transfer dealings. It appears that perhaps MP is not prepared to be hampered any longer by lack of ambition.

  • There’s many ways we could look at this past season Frank and in respect of the past MP seasons.

    We may have finished with 9 points less but still above the last seasons champs. And that was without a home. And we are the only PL team to have finished in the top 3, for the past 3 seasons running.

    Our CL run was much improved than the previous season. Harry scored 41 goals in just 48 matches. Hugo is joint 3rd for PL clean sheets, just one less than Ederson at City and just 3 less than De Gea.

    We were without Toby, Wanyama, and Rose for the most part of the season. 3 key players from the previous season that most supporters thought we would seriously struggle without them. We beat Real with Toby off the pitch and Sissoko on it! We beat Chelsea at SB for the 1st time in 28 years with Harry sitting on the bench. And Trippiers contribution to Spurs was no worse than Walkers, at City and between Aurier and Kieran they provided 7 PL assists to Walkers 6 … And Davies also provided as many or more PL assists than many top attacking midfielders and forwards, also with 6 assists.

    These are just stats though… And it doesn’t tell us how good some of the football was this season. It doesn’t tell you about the great goals, forward play and defending….. Which was so for most matches and for most of the season…

    Anyway, to use a phrase like “further deterioration” when looking back on this season and forward to the next one, is so ridiculous, OTT and melodramatic as to really make me laugh out loud.

    Frank, you’ve saying virtually the same nonsense for years now and yet we have improved so much. Surely you need to amend your Levy rants a bit these days as so much of it really just doesn’t ring true…

  • My post from the other Rose thread….

    Having seen rose at wembley since he came back into the team after injury then out injured then back again… I thought he has not been his usual self in game performances. But at the Leicester game saturday he had a better game and caused the Leicester RB to desperately foul him a few times, so with more game time he will get better.

    Now as to his media comments, the lad was allegedly misguided by his agent and media. So as he now realises.. poch has shown him the error of his statement, he should be given a 2nd chance, as poch has.. Should he have a good world cup, get back to form, he will be important to the spurs squad. Also the England manager would not have picked him if he was not sure of Rose’s ability to perform for England.

    • What exactly did Danny Rose say in his now infamous interview that was untrue. To label an interview “stupid” when it simply reflects the truth is strange reaction and brings to mind the old saying “the truth hurts”. Incidentally regarding this much vaunted improvement we still.lost to West Ham in the LC from 2 up, lost a FACup semi v Chelsea from 1 up, and most annoying lost to Juventus in the CL last 16 having drawn in Turin, and led 1-0 in the second leg, so there is still a long way to go, and additional quality signings to strengthen the squad would not come amiss. You don’t have to spend fortunes, just as an example compare our signing of Sissoko with Leicester’s signing of Kante on the cheap, or their signing of Mahrez with N’ Koudou.

  • Rose is Spurs current longest serving player. If he stays, knuckles down and gives us his best then I won’t be complaining. As between him and Davies, I think we have two of the best in the PL, in their position.

    Having said all that, Rose is soon to be 28 and yet it was just 2 years ago that he made his England debut.

    So, all praise to MP I say, as well as Danny himself…

    If he does leave Spurs that will be his choice. And, If he does manage to get himself a better pay packet elsewhere, it’ll be because of his time at Spurs, his recent improvements as a player and especially whilst playing under Poch and his coaching staff…

  • As I’ve said in other threads regarding Toby, I just can’t understand all of this negativity towards Rose (or Toby and Dembélé). Some fans are obviously resigned to losing them, given the way our club operates, and have therefore started slinging mud on these players in order to justify their sales.

    It shouldn’t really be surprise, the same fans were doing that with Walker last year, while hyping up Trippier. Of course, 12 months on, Walker is again in the team of the season, a PL winner. Trippier, in the meantime, have proven what we already knew, which is that he’s a serviceable RB with no pace, who will never offer what Walker did. And even the club knew that, because they bought Aurier to provide competition (and failed).

    Is that what some fans want ? Sell Rose, and buy and Aurier-like player to provide competition for Davies? That’s what’s at play here.

    And since when is 27 years old “aging? A footballer’s prime is between 28 and 30, by most reliable sources. That’s when you’re still fit enough to keep up with anyone, yet experienced enough.

    Rose, when fit, is miles ahead of Davies. He’s struggled with injuries this year. That doesn’t suddenly make him a bad player.

  • What`s with : the longest serving BS ?? Some went stupid when “the longest serving”-Lennon got booted out – and look at him now – WOW should we have keept him onboard !

  • HT, I fully agree, what frank is saying is very valid however, we had the transitional period of adapting to a larger pitch… it’s hard, also, we had the surrounding being different. It was a very tricky season, to get 3rd was unexpected.
    We need to do all we can to keep Rose, he is by far the best PL, Left back. All he did last winter( summer UK) was point out that formspurs to move up the level we need exceptional players.. we got Sissoko hmm. In relation to funds it’s not about what you spend it is how you spend. If we sell 150m wor of players and invest 80m in 2 quality players that would still show a profit of 70m etc … end of the day, it is the job of DL to ensure the club are stable and turn a profit ( just not so much profit) … the long term business plan of levy, I feel has always been to give the extra funds for this season. We need that marquee signing and I don’t think it is Bale.

  • I have always believed Rose to be a very good player. And he improved on that very quickly after MP arrived, to then become one of the best LB’s around, imo. Hence his long awaited England debut in 2016. And now his place in the WC squad even after barely playing this season. This does to me prove his quality…

    I’m very happy that he is now talking about being at Spurs next season and competing with Ben for his place in the team. That’s good positive talk from him and I’ll always appreciate that kind of attitude from our players…

    We’ll see. Hopefully he stays.

  • Simply saying that our longest serving player is… our longest serving player; why is that bull, The Dane. I was just stating a fact, that’s all.

    Even so, he should get some respect for that. He has worked hard for us over the years…

  • Rose is quite used to be written off by Spurs fans. He spent the first 5 years of his career with us being touted as not good enough. He had his breakthrough season on loan at Sunderland and then finally Poch took him under his wing and nurtured him to be the best left back in the league for a while. He’s then spent the last year being hated by fans for one stupid interview (which he apologised for) whilst having a very tough period with injuries.

    If I had to pick one Spurs player to recover his reputation in the face of adversity it would be Rose. Most other clubs would have nothing but respect for their longest serving player. We just hammer him constantly and I couldn’t blame him for wanting to find a different environment to ply his trade.

    I would throw the question out there. Who replaces him if he leaves? There is a dearth of great left backs across the entire Europe. Teams are now resorting to converting their midfielders, as the full back position has become such a complex and specialist role with the expectation on attacking and defending.

    Anyway, congrats to Carter-Vickers for landing his new contract. A big portion of fans would have had him sold off by now as well 🙂

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