Date: 18th October 2017 at 12:31pm
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Take note, mark the date, kiss whoever you love, (or anyone you want to), laugh at all your non-Spurs mates the next time they try the jibe, it’s official, the death of ‘Spursy’ happened at the home of one of Europe’s greats.

The slow spiraling death of ‘Spursy’ has been coming for the last two seasons, less and less have we had to cringe as the barb was chucked about by both Spurs fans and foes alike. We are not flat track bullies as we were once accused of being, we’re now firmly a team with depth, focus and the eyes firmly on the prize.

This coach, his coaching team, the whole squad, is now made of sterner stuff; it has a backbone, it has desire and now more than ever it has mental fortitude and self belief in spades.

The contrast between last nights meeting and our previous encounters in the Champions league was crystal clear.

When we bought Llorente I opined that sooner or late in some games we’d see him starting side by side with Harry, but I never once thought I’d see it happen for the first time against a team of Real Madrid’s pedigree and class and in their back yard.

It seems a few were quick to judge and decided Poch was committing the footballing equivalent of self immolation.

I wasn’t at the game, but a friend who was called me when the team was announced and said

‘Poch has been reading his own reviews, this will end him, has he gone mad? ‘

I disagreed, but inside my stomach churned and as I started watching the game with some friends (not Spurs fans) and awaited what I thought was the inevitable., they too could sense my discomfort, the banter started and the ‘Spursy’ barb was bandied about.

At the end of the game, all, one after another agreed we were impressive and really should have won.

The formation worked, Llorente worked, it all worked.

Yes, we had scares, but I’d argue that we should have won, use the same approach and beat the Bundesliga’s leaders in their own back yard and our silly long odds will be slashed again.

Before our Dortmund home performance I’d suggested that for us to show our maturity, our new mentality that we had to show we can now absorb pressure and respond and play on the counter, as it was, for me, it was a seminal game that showed that we had arrived, it was tge beginning of the end of ‘Spursy’, last night was finally the nail in it’s coffin.

Poch has turned Spurs into a different proposition, we’re a team that doesn’t crumble under pressure anyone, we don’t flatter only to deceive and disappoint.

We’re even winning games when we don’t look at our best, all signs of a club that’s on the rise.

The ‘Spursy’ days have been put to rest and for all the flack that some have and still give Poch it’s clear that he’s stamped his mentality, his approach on the whole club now.

Dare we dream of going all the way to this years Champions League final?


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  • This is certainly a massive performance in many ways. I don’t think we can fully banish the Spursy tag until we win a major trophy but we have certainly come a long way. A mature performance and proves our first 11 or 15 are good enough to compete at the top end. This also proves Poch is learning and is a very good manager. COYS

  • We were very ?Spursy? against Madrid. We?ve been Spursy for almost 3 seasons. But we?ve redefined the word. It means something far removed from its original meaning. Much like Spurs supporters turned the word ?Yid? around and making it something to be proud, this team has turned the word Spursy around. Sometimes we will have games when we are not so Spursy, but not often. We can look forward to a future where Spursy games are the norm and other teams will fear us because of it. Come on you Spursys!

  • Like Real Deal, I recognise the magnitude of the result and certainly praise MP and the players. However, I just need to look back a few weeks to see very “Spursy” performances this season, against Swansea and Burnley. We will need a few more of these good games to change the reputation for good.

  • I think that’s a bit harsh BS. The term Spursy generally signifies a failure to live up to expectations when the pressure is greatest. Some would argue our failure to win the title in 2015-16 or last season’s FA Cup semi final loss against Chelsea are representative examples. But if we take your examples as the benchmark, then in effect any time we fail to win a match it’s Spursy.

  • BS …. Chelsea lost to Palace, Arsenal lost to Watford …. what does that say about them? What don’t you understand about the competiveness within the PL? As Gary suggests, you will always see the team as spursy (insultingly) because we will lose and draw future games. It seems to me that whenever a good thing is said about Spurs you always qualify it with a ‘but ….’ Surely that makes it very hard to enjoy being a supporter.

  • Gary – given that winning a PL title is a game of fine margins, which is usually decided by less than 10 points at the end of the season, dropping 4 points against what are essentially very beatable opponents could (and likely will) prove important when the final table is counted. Titles are not won in one or 2 deciding fixtures (cups, on the other hand, are) – they are rather a reward for the most consistent team. So in effect, the pressure is always on because a win against Swansea in September is worth the same (3 points) as one against Chelsea in May. The fact that we didn’t win the title in 2015/2016 could just as easily be attributed to dropped points early in the season as to the games we failed to win later, when we were playing catch up with Leicester. Losing a semi-final against the future champions last year is anything but Spursy. We came up against a strong opponent, who were more fortunate on the day. But those are not games I go into thinking that we are going to win them more often than not. Home games against Swansea, on the other hand…

  • Geof – And both Chelsea and Arsenal are behind us in the table, a full 9 points behind City. Statistically, I would say that their chances of winning the PL this year are reducing by the minute. 10 point swings are not impossible, but they are rare. Because, as you correctly point out, the PL is competitive and City aren’t going to stop winning to let Chelsea and Arsenal back in. So if the ambition is to win trophies, I would be reluctant to use Chelsea and Arsenal as examples this year, and I would rather set my sights on City, who have picked up 22 out of a possible 24 points so far. The benchmark for title winning pace is redefined each year, by whichever team is leading the table. This year, regardless of what the two London clubs are doing, we need to use the Manchester clubs as a benchmark. Everyone enjoys being a supporter in different ways, but I feel we’ve had this conversation already and I’d rather avoid beating a dead horse. I’m just not telling you how you should enjoy your football…

  • BS, if that’s your explanation then I think you render the term redundant. By your logic every team that fails to win the league should have the equivalent moniker of Spursy, because at some point in the season all of those teams will have failed to win matches they were expected to. But the term Spursy is much more specific than that. Rightly or wrongly it has evolved to reflect Spurs’ reputation for folding when they are on the verge of achieving something. Their failure in their last seven FA Cup semi finals is an example of what is intended by the term. To go back to your example of the games against Burnley and Swansea, whilst the points for games at the start and the end of the season are the same, if a club is in contention for the title the pressure is far greater at the end of the season.

  • BS … You missed my point. Chelsea and Arsenal lost so what should they be called to rival an abusive ‘spursy’ nickname. Are we spursy (by your definition) every year we don’t win the title? Third and second don’t count? Nothing else counts?

  • I hate the word Spursy and I won’t use it to describe any of our performances. That’s from an expectation of previous eras. Pochettino is redefining our club. No need to carry it on anymore. For 3 seasons and now this one our club has shown tremendous improvement and is unarguably now considered a member of the EPL top 6 and certainly one of Europe’s top 20. With what we have in the pipeline (stadium, doubling or tripling of revenues, magnificent training facilities) and the present draw of playing at Wembley this club’s profile is changing for the better forever. Very, very soon we will be able to compete for the best players both pre prime and in their prime years. And the trophies will come. Hopefully I will be here for the ride.

  • BS …. Don?t hold your breath looking for perfection because, apart from the voice of Eva Cassidy, perfection cannot be found in the known universe. Am I getting angry? No! Hang on a minute. Thinks. Yes! Well, I haven?t slept for 26 hours because of time zones and watching 22 idiots kicking hell out of a piece of round leather. Off to bed. Good night and may the football gods smile on you and bring you into the light.

  • Agreed JVD, it’s a vulgar term. Never used it myself. Nonetheless, it’s used by many within and without the club, so it’s time to put it to bed.

  • It was one bloody game. And we have won nothing. Let’s see if we can back it up by topping the group.

  • Let’s see if we can back it up against an average pool team who can’t defend should be easy 3 points.

  • Think about it, such negative connotation is implied to your club and will you perpetuate it by repeating it ? When someone calls me an idiot, its arbitrary but when I call myself an idiot, it removes all doubts.

  • With fans like 123, who needs enemies. He/she loves to call the team Spursy. Relishes the opportunity to put certain players and the manager down. And, can’t find any joy in performing as we did last night against one of the very best footballing teams of all time. Weird or what?!

  • 123spurs, if we lost 5-0 would you have said “It was one bloody game”?? No, you wouldn’t. Drawing away to Real Madrid, with 4 – 5 first team players unavailable, was an excellent result off the back of 2 wins over Apoel and Dortmund.

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