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Report: Financial impact of pandemic set to significantly reduce transfer funds

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Spurs are set to miss out on a large amount of their transfer budget due to the coronavirus outbreak, reports suggest.

The Daily Mail has claimed that due to the ongoing pandemic, doubts have emerged over the chances of securing a lucrative naming rights deal for the club’s stadium as a result of the financial crisis that has come about from the outbreak.

This could cost a whopping £300m, as per the reports.

Furthermore, the club are set for bigger cuts to cope with the coronavirus, and that could also include reducing the amount of money Jose Mourinho has to play with this summer.

Earlier this week, Spurs had announced that they will be reducing the wages of 550 non-playing staff by 20 per cent via the furlough method, with even Daniel Levy taking a cut.

Another big factor for the transfer fee could be dependent on how the Premier League season finishes and whether or not the club will benefit from Champions League money.

Before the outbreak, Spurs were sitting in eighth place – not even qualifying for the Europa League – and had been dumped out of the Champions League by RB Leipzig in the round of 16.

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While the Premier League have set the date of April 30 to get the league up and running again, the chances of that happening are pretty unclear as the world gets to grip with the spread of the virus.

Ultimately, it is going to be very hard to see how or when the league will get going again while the death toll continues to rise and it is still difficult to predict how the country will cope.

Levy spoke earlier in the week, and was rather clear that transfers were not on the club’s mind at the moment, saying: ” ‘When I read or hear stories about player transfers this summer like nothing has happened, people need to wake up to the enormity of what is happening around us”.

Based on this, whether or not Mourinho will have a reduced transfer kitty next season might not be on the chairman’s mind at this moment, and with his budget likely to be dictated by where they finish in the league, it’s very hard to tell.

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