Date: 4th November 2019 at 8:30pm
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Tottenham Hotspur’s disappointing season continued at the weekend with another poor showing against fellow Premier League side Everton, but this midweek (Wednesday) affords us another Champions League distraction as we face the return leg of our battle against Red Star Belgrade.

Having hosted them at White Hart Lane only a couple of weeks ago, Spurs took a much needed 5-0 victory on the night, and after recent results we could certainly do with similar again as at some point manager Mauricio Pochettino’s side will click properly…won’t they?

Having been withdrawn from the Everton squad owing to illness, Poch will be hopeful that England striker Harry Kane is back for this one, but given his sending off that should be appealed and rescinded, I guess it’s more a case of whether likeable Son Heung-Min is mentally right for this one given his reaction to the Andre Gomes injury.

Win, Lose Or Draw?







Which Spurs side will turn up on the night – at the moment it feels that’s anyone’s guess.

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168 Replies to “Red Star At Night, Will Spurs Get Any Delight – Match Thread”

  • BS…just read your last post, nothing like stating the obvious eh! lol! but am with you there.

    HT…good to see. COYS

  • Our Spurs team is going to get one hell of a reception tomorrow night, good old Red Star hate everyone rettoric.

    Lets have a play at pick the team….
    Foyth Sanchez Verts Rose
    N’Dombele Sissoko
    Son Alli La-Celso

    That’s my lot, plenty in reserve, what do you think. COYS

  • JOD – what I was thinking was we’ve a fight on our hands to get into the top 6 now for this season and with that naturally should come a EL place – I should make clear I’m not hoping for a EL place, but I’d hope for a top 6 finish all the same, the poison chalice of the EL though would come as a natural consequence most probably assuming the usual suspects win the all the domestic trophies on offer.

    That said, EL might be of interest to blood the likes of Tanganga, Skipp, Clarke, Parrott, even KWP, Foyth etc – use the Carabao Cup (as we tried this season) and the EL if we were to get into it as an opportunity for much needed experience for certain players as opposed to sending them out on loan, which Poch appears reluctant to do, so to put it simply play the kids and let them get experience.

    A top 6 finish is something to aim for as there is prize money on the line per position in the Prem – £2m a spot roughly I believe.

  • PY – Believe me, I didn’t enjoy typing those words. One, nobody likes rubbing it in, and two, yes it is stating the obvious.

    But what I find striking is that some fans still minimise how threatening the situation is. Expecting us to just flick a switch and get back into the top 4 is pure delusion, to me. We’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of us, first getting back to doing the basics right, and then building on that and becoming a threatening side again. Right now we’re error-prone, lacking in just about everything, and we have been hit hard by injuries/suspensions.

    I can completely understand the point of view of “we’re struggling right now, but let’s hope for the best, and cheer for the team”. But having a sense of expectation/entitlement that we belong in the top 4, when clearly we haven’t been performing at that level for quite some months now, is a) arrogant, and b) very distant from the truth. We don’t belong anywhere near the top 4 right now.

  • As regards Sanchez – playing RCB or LCB won’t make a difference when he’s last man and 1 on 1 and he looks an accident waiting to happen a lot of the time – should have conceded a penalty and then in another got sent off on Sunday v Everton and this is a regular pattern in his play both last season and this season so I’m starting to side with Frank on this one and question who sanctioned spending around £40m on him?! Same goes for the £20m+ on Aurier – I’d expect better from Poch seeing as he was a defender himself so I’d expect him to be able to pick out quality buy’s in defence. We spent some £60m on these 2 so you would expect quality especially seeing as they’ve come from abroad not the over-inflated UK market and in saying that Ake went to Bournemouth for only £20m – I wonder what he’s worth today?! Aurier is a liability and has to be got rid off and I don’t hold much hope for Davy at the moment either. Another is Foyth – surely at 5ft10 too short to become a regular top CB in the Prem so when we do what Argentina have done and move him permanently to RB and give him a proper go at gaining vital experience?!

  • I agree with jod. The last thing we need is to finish in the EL places. I’d much rather a season of transition and a kinder fixture list next season. And the 10-20 million in extra PL prize money we’d get by finishing in the top 6 wouldn’t really make that big of a difference in our yearly budget next year. Not worth the hassle for me.

  • If you look at the line-up I originally gave there’s no Aurier, no Rose and no Eriksen. Aurier and Rose are liabilities and as B108 rightfully pointed out the other day yellow/red cards waiting to happen every game with rash reckless challenges – tomorrow’s game a danger in particular given the atmosphere. Eriksen has become a passenger and does not deserve to play anymore – not even the bench quite frankly which it gives me no pleasure to say. That said chucking Lo Celso and Sess at the deep end tomorrow night is not the right thing to do and extremely dangerous – we’re not that desperate yet – we’ve got Dele who appears to have come into some form, Moura who could be deadly on the counter and Son and Kane pick themselves. SO I’ll stick with the line-up I gave and would expect us to be too strong for them irrespective of what’s happening in the stands.


    Foyth Toby Verts Davies

    Sissoko N’Dombele

    Moura Dele Son


  • BS – I disagree there – every little helps and £10-20m is still a decent amount of money not to mention the prestige of finishing top 6 in the Prem. Finishing outside the top 6 would mean we’re in bigger trouble than many seem to think at the moment and could lead to top player’s leaving, problems with sponsorship deals and problems attracting top talent. Whilst in the mix as a top 6 club every year there’s an opportunity to get CL even win the Prem and thus keep your top players, attract new top talent and keep sponsorship deals ticking over – fall out of the top 6 and it becomes a massive struggle – look at Everton and West Ham spending big to try and hit top 6 even top 4 and getting nowhere.

  • EJ….I can see your reasoning there but I can also see BS’s, your both right one way or another, but I can see a backlash to your reasoning from a number of poster’s, that is the Chavs and Foxes both won the Prem without being in the European comps, look at the Foxes and how they doing at the mo, far better than us that’s for sure, me I do not know what is the best way forward for us right now, simple as that, maybe just take one game at a time and we might just be pleasantly surprised. COYS

  • I still say if we get into the EL next season play the likes of Foyth, KWP, Sess, Tanganga, Skipp, Winks, Clarke, Parrott, etc – the kids and also any new signings who may need adjusting. We need a top 6 finish IMHO for all sorts of reasons (pride, keep players, buy players, sponsorship deals, remain in the pack so to speak (win Prem, top 4 spot and CL, etc). Very risky to fall out of the pack and then be looking in especially with the stadium costs to pay – £10-20m might not be a lot in terms of buying or selling players, but it’s still a sizable amount in any terms indeed our interest on the debt still out is about £40m a year if I remember reading correctly on here so that’s another way of looking at it – £20m is already half of that amount.

    PY – the foxes was a complete fluke in a very poor season – IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN US quite frankly but so it was. Chelski always have the backing of Abramovich and were/are now a MASSIVE club (GOD it pains me to say this no lol !!!!!) so they could still attract and pay for top talent after missing out on European places – something I don’t think we’re at yet and then like I say there’s the stadium costs to factor in – we need all the money we can get at the moment to be honest.

    • EJ….thanks for that and agree regards Leicester, Foxes, but the IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN US, maybe true but be honest we effed it up, simple as that.

      Chavs yes, it just proves how players move for money, so playing in Europe isn’t that important, the dollar sign is, many of today’s players are mercenaries simple as that. COYS

  • El Jefe – my turn to disagree. Fixture list aside, I think you are artificially talking up the “prestige” of the EL. By all measurable accounts, it’s a competition which is losing steam, which is precisely why UEFA are currently studying the possibility of getting rid of it and having a bigger CL.

    The only competition likely to attract sponsors and retain players is the CL. In my view, there is no discernible advantage of being in the EL vs out of Europe entirely.

    As for the 10-20 million, I would have agreed a few years ago. In this day and age, when every team gets a yearly payment of roughly 150 million from TV revenues for merely being in the PL, not to mention all other sponsorship deals and revenue streams, the difference in PL prize money between 6th and 10th, or even lower, would be negligible in the grand scheme of things. Less than 5% of the budget, and unlikely to put us in a different class financially. If that amount isn’t going to transform our fortunes, it’s simply not worth the hassles that the EL presents.

  • There is merit on both views on spurs finishing the season in top 6 or not. A glass half empty view…

    While the players have a rest in playing one league game a week with a squad of 20 players would save levy £’ms in wages a month.

    The terror is in Losing HK10 Sonny moura eriksen Jan toby rose aurier, poss. dele. Lo selso return to spain from his loan, poch leaves. Then there is reduced income from CL / EL & PL place finishing the season. Reduced season tickets sale prices, less stadium revenue every game, as reduced numbers of supporters.

    That would set spurs back 20 years to the start of ENIC ownership…

    A glass half full view…. So I expect Levy will have a plan A & B in place to deal with this scenario, in Levy we have to trust, he’s not going to ruin all his hard work over last 15 years dealing with Planning depts since 2007 stadium ideas / litigation from Archway Steel, buy land (after aborted deal Abridge Golf Club) and build Enfield training ground new build stadium, Harringey council, TfL etc. COYS

  • LT…..they have played with Toby left and Davy right a number of times, it’s only recently that he has played Sanchez on the left side.

  • HI BS – you’re taking me wrong here – I don’t rate the EL at all really, it’s top 6 in itself that I want and concerns me. EL is not going to help us keep or attract top talent nor make much difference in terms of sponsorship or prize money but finishing in the top 6 could do. Finishing in the top 6 is a sign that we’re in that pack chasing top 4, CL qualification and even a Prem title win. Players will look differently at a top 6 side than say someone finishing in 10th or God forbid worse. I wonder for example what our sponsorship deals are like for being a top 6 side rather than say a Leicester, Everton or West Ham who are top 10 sides?! Also our top players may well decide to stay put if we finish top 6, same with attracting top players into the club – there’s always next year and they’re still in the chasing pack. In terms of money I’d rather have £10-20m than lose it (win small pots, don’t lose big ones) and the EL in itself could be a breath of fresh air for our young developing players to get proper senior competitive minutes in but apart from this I’d rather swerve the EL quite frankly but certainly not a top 6 finish.

  • The lower we finish the less money we get, we don’t have a shirt sleeve sponsor, we have to pay some £40m in interest on the stadium debt per season/year – when you start factoring it all in it starts to add up to quite a bit…! We need to maximise all means of revenue especially when seriously in debt as we currently are so a top 6 finish is vital to our interests! Also with a decent size squad not to mention quite a few youngsters to blood and same with potentially new signings – EL might prove worthwhile. The MUGS as we are will still go to the matches and watch on TV, listen on radio, etc and that means money. I don’t like the EL, I don’t particularly want us in it but I can see some small advantages to it and I can see a lot of advantages to staying in the top 6 itself this season especially if we miss out on our regular slot of top 4!

  • Good news TQ – it was never a RED although I think Sonny did have some revenge intent given what Gomes had done to him a minute earlier with the arm in the face – maybe that was why he held his hands to his head – I wanted to catch him even foul him, etc but not necessarily break the guy’s leg after all!

    Sonny in particular lately has been chasing down all sorts of lost causes and trying to help the team in an un-orthodox fashion so all credit to him for this and he was unlucky on Sunday that it transpired into a foul and that he was sent off – glad it’s been rescinded.

  • Unless results and performances improve the stadium will be less than full creating less revenue . which will have a knock on effect with not only team recruitment but keeping some of our key players ?

    Will sponsorship suffer as a consequence ?

    Bayern manager having been fired just shows how poor we really are having been thrashed by them !!!

  • Agreed Allan and by improving results and performances we’ll be looking at a top 6 finish which is the minimum I would expect even after such a poor start and would help us to keep hold of our best players and attract new one’s and also help with commitments to our sponsor’s.

    Who knows what’s in the sponsorship deals signed by Levy recently with Nike and AIA?! The length at 15+7 year’s respectively in fact made them look cheap at £30m+£40m respectively per season (given what other rival top 6 are signing) so I would take a guess that there may well be performance related clause’s in those contracts and we don’t want to be outside the top 6 or even top 4 for very long…!

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