Date: 4th November 2019 at 8:30pm
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Tottenham Hotspur’s disappointing season continued at the weekend with another poor showing against fellow Premier League side Everton, but this midweek (Wednesday) affords us another Champions League distraction as we face the return leg of our battle against Red Star Belgrade.

Having hosted them at White Hart Lane only a couple of weeks ago, Spurs took a much needed 5-0 victory on the night, and after recent results we could certainly do with similar again as at some point manager Mauricio Pochettino’s side will click properly…won’t they?

Having been withdrawn from the Everton squad owing to illness, Poch will be hopeful that England striker Harry Kane is back for this one, but given his sending off that should be appealed and rescinded, I guess it’s more a case of whether likeable Son Heung-Min is mentally right for this one given his reaction to the Andre Gomes injury.

Win, Lose Or Draw?







Which Spurs side will turn up on the night – at the moment it feels that’s anyone’s guess.

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168 Replies to “Red Star At Night, Will Spurs Get Any Delight – Match Thread”

  • Sunday was one of the most depressing performances from spurs that I have witnessed in a long time. No intensity, no desire, no pressing, running far less than they used to and almost zero creativity. This is not the Spurs under Poch that I remember.
    24 points from the last 23 premier league games and 3 points from 11 away games suggest this is more than just a blip. It suggests that the players believe that the current squad has reached it’s limit – the running stats are very telling. The most worrying thing is that Poch seems completely unable to turn things around. Perhaps he sees it as too big a job, maybe he has finally realised that he won’t get the support he needs from above. I hate to say this because I will be forever grateful for what Poch has done for the club but it seems clear that his time at Spurs is coming to an end. it’s a case of when not if.

  • DH: This season I have tinkered with the idea that Poch is perhaps not the man for the job anymore. And I am questioning more and more some of his decision making.

    But, for now I am thinking that from the good work that he has done with Spurs in his time, he deserves more time to help get us back on track. Because for now I still think he can. And it’s not just his responsibility of course. The players need to get their act together as well…

    I think the manager and team can and will get better and that our season can still be saved…

    But, who knows what Levy may be thinking?

  • I’ll answer that one BS. If we were to get relegated but then win the CL. I’ll be gutted with one and over the moon with the other… I’d then look forward to life, playing in the Championship and yet still being A CL team for the next season…

  • Let’s aim to win the CL and finish 17th then. Best of both worlds! Although the prospect of having a Championship team in the CL would be amusing, conceptually.

  • Here’s a bit more irony and a sign of how funny the game of football really can be.

    The Bayern manager was fired at the weekend and Poch is being touted (along with others), as a possible replacement…

    Yes, that’s the same Bayern that thrashed Spurs in the CL but now sit at 4th in the Bundesliga!

  • Talk of relegation is a bit far-fetched in my view. We are looking fairly shite right now, but it’s all confidence, we’ve a good chance to get a run of wins started in the next few games and then it’s just a matter of time before we’re back in the top 4. When we win (away) tomorrow, we’ll be well on our way to qualifying for the knock-outs.

    Crvena Zvezda 0-3 (Son, Dele, Parrot)

  • Both Son and Kane have travelled with the squad. Good…

    Whether or not they start is up to them and Poch. I hope that at least one of them does.

  • BS …. If we won the CL AND got relegated I would be joyfully depressed! Go figure. As HT suggested, we could then look forward to an easy run to the Championship title whilst repeating our CL win. Life doesn’t get any better. : – )

  • HT – I do agree with you that Poch deserves time to try and turn things round. I think the big question is whether he really has the motivation to do so. At the moment, it doesn’t look like it. The most dangerous thing is if we let things drift for too long without a plan of how to improve things.
    Very happy that Son has travelled. I know he is understandably distressed but let’s not forget that Andre Gomes is the real victim.

  • Message for Real Deal… I read the forum as much as I do these pages and I really would appreciate it if you stop calling me insulting names on there and lying about what I’ve been saying on here.

    You’re a VS regulator are you not? Who regulates you?

  • Parklaneyido – with all due respect, I think you are either counting chickens before they hatch, or severely underestimating how severe our dip in form is.

    I don’t see how anyone can confidently claim that “we’ve a good chance to get a run of wins started in the next few games and then it’s just a matter of time before we’re back in the top 4”.

    Losing to Liverpool at Anfield is understandable, but we’ve dropped points against Everton (who are themselves just above the relegation places), Watford (dead last in the PL), and the mighty Brighton. Those are our last 4 league opponents and we haven’t exactly set an amazing bar against what should have been “beatable” opposition in 3 of those games.

    Our next 4 opponents are against 2 teams in top form (Sheffield and Bournemouth, respectively 6th and 7th and firing on all cylinders), a London derby at West Ham (which is always a banana skin game for us) and a trip to Old Trafford.

    Given our current form, can we confidently approach any of those games?

    Not to be defeatist but I don’t think getting back into the top 4 is a realistic short term target. We’re miles away from even entertaining the idea. A much bigger priority should be staying out of the bottom 3. We’re 5 points above Southampton in 17th place, and 10 points behind Chelsea in 4th. In other words, we’re a lot closer to the bottom than the top. Time for a reality check.

  • Geofspurs….to right, we will be better, the real Spurs team of the day is the side that Poch finally gets right/sorts out and delivers 100% fight/battle on the pitch, for all to see and more importantly for that magnificent Cockerel Badge.

    BS….I could handle being CL winners and finishing 17th in the Prem, but to be honest could I/we handle the stress it would cause/put on for the rest of the season lol!

    DH….yes for me in Poch carrying on to bring us back to where he got us in the first place.

    HT….Chill man, ignore the keyboard warriors and carry on with your good sometimes funny, lol! posts.

    I also noted that Our Arry and Son, good on ya, were on the flight today. COYS

  • El Jefe – “now we’ll be lucky to get into the top 6 and qualify for EL”. I’d argue that’s exactly where we don’t want to finish. If we can’t get top four then I’d rather spend a season out of Europe altogether than get trapped in the Europa again as we were for what seemed like eternity. Leicester won the title when they weren’t in Europe, so did Chelsea, no one’s done it while in the Europa. Now Leicester look like they may make top four this season and, guess what ? they are doing it while not in Europe. I’d argue we are in a rebuilding phase and we don’t need to be dragging ourselves to to Central Asia and back playing for peanuts while we are doing it.

  • I really have NO idea what tomorrow will bring. I trust it will be the real Spurs who will demolish Red Star as they did in the reverse leg. But it could equally be the pathetic, nervous indisciplined Spurs that we have seen so many times this year who will concede early and then implode. I still have no idea what is going on at the club and really cannot understand some of Poch’s team selections. His insistence on picking CE when CE is so obviously out of form/not interested is beyond belief. Surely Lo Celso is worth a punt in place of CE – my 2 month old granddaughter would be a better bet than CE!! Please can we see the real Spurs tomorrow?? COYS.

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