Date: 21st October 2019 at 6:55am
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Tottenham Hotspur somewhat drew a line under our recent poor performances and hugely disappointing defeats in Saturday’s clash at White Hart Lane against Watford, but we have a quick turnaround this week in the fixture list and Tuesday evening sees us back in Champions League action as we welcome Red Star Belgrade to London.

There’s no hiding how poor the Watford performance was, but there were certainly more positives on display in comparison to the Brighton and Bayern Munich matches, and we can only hope that having drawn that line under our recent defeats, we can get back on track in midweek and get back to winning ways.

Fans have their own theories as to why the proverbial wheels have fallen off, but all that most will care about is that we quickly put them back on, as there’s plenty of football to be played and plenty of time left in the 2019/20 campaign to salvage the season and get ourselves back on track.

What nobody wants, is for this clear dip in form (if you can call our struggles a dip given it’s lasted for most of 2019) to get even worse, as there are enough questions floating in the air at the moment, but the players haven’t become bad players overnight and it’s down to them to prove it.

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  • Regarding Dier don’t think he’s good enough anymore – too slow and rash in the tackle, decent passer of the ball yes but he’s not what we need if we really want to advance, could he be seen in the squad’s of any of the other main challenger’s for top 4 for example and Sissoko is already ahead of him as the main DCM in the side but we need competition for him so I would sell Dier and Wanyama and bring in a real quality DCM who can challenge Sissoko properly maybe even play together in the 1st team – someone who can dominate in front of the back 4 and allow the likes of N’Dombele, Sissoko and Winksy to move forwards with the ball. Stockpiling average players on pretty large wages is a recipe for disaster especially given our modus operandi! Winksy is another who has pushed Dier further back in the team and the same might soon be said for Skippy if he progresses as expected. I think all our English CM’s are squad players at best but there are only so many that you need and then there’s paying them relatively high wages on top. Our 2 Frenchies in N’Dombele and Sissoko are the guys for me in CM for the time being – depends how they get on but I’d still be inclined to sign a top DCM to challenge Sissoko and probably partner N’Dombele.

  • Dier is not in competition with Sissoko as a defensive midfielder. They are two completely different styles of player that have played two very different roles in the team.

    Sissoko has mostly been playing in quite a free role as a box to box player, if you like. Dier has more defensive attributes and can play and be relied upon, right across the back-line as well. In his time at Spurs he has proven to be a player that has helped the team a lot to adapt and be flexible in changing its formation and game-plan, in-match. Something that’s not been working recently without him. And, he really doesn’t lack pace. He is as swift as a DM needs to be. (He doesn’t need the pace of a flying winger to be good at his job). He is also a very good tackler and passer of the ball. He is a classy all-round defensive player, imo. And he can shoot and head well and get the odd goal. He has a decent free-kick in him as well… Some things Sissoko really can’t seem to do well at all. And it looks like he never will. And Moussa really can’t play a long cross-field pass the way Eric can…

    And why should we somehow degrade good team players by using the term “squad players”, using it as a way to relegate them as not being good enough? Its unfair to them to me and it is just based on simply not rating them. I see all players as ‘squad’ players. All of them have an important role to play. Some will just have less competition than others for their place, by the nature of their role and position in the team as well as age and experience. Lloris and Kane for example as a CF and goalkeeper are virtually guaranteed a start in most matches. Rose and Aurier, Davies and KWP, if all are fit and playing well, they will tend to be rotated a lot.

    Our attacking mid’s are all ‘squad players’ if you will. Players with fair competition for a place, most of the time. ………

    Ndombele looked great last night but will he be fit and ready for Liverpool? I have a feeling he won’t last the 90 mins even if he starts and may be a lot less effective against much tougher opponents. Luckily we have a super fit Sissoko to help out here. And then we have Winks to step back in as the more deep lying DM. Or indeed, Dier. Or any 3 from those four. Dele could pay in a 3 behind the front players. He may well be on the bench. He could play in place of Lamela or Son or Lucas. Play them all I say! All the time! 🙂

    If Toby is not considered. worthy of a start, is injured or needs resting we have Dier once more who can step in, if not Foyth or Sanchez.

    I could go on but I’ll leave it with this. Is Eriksen to be seen as a 1st team player or merely a squad player right now? I mean should he start on Sunday in place of players in better form or, let’s say a returning Dele. A player that intends on staying at the club. Or should we expect to see him on the bench but not even as a cert to play any minutes?

    I don’t personally see him as being good enough for the bench right now. But whoever called Eriksen a squad player these past 6 seasons or so?

    If he plays vs Liverpool and plays a blinder then all good. If not should he still be a starter in the following Merseyside match against the Toffees, just because we know he HAS been a very good player in the past? I say, no!

    … Sorry… bit of a ramble and a rant there…

  • HT you make a good argument for him but all I can say is I don’t rate Dier much anymore and think he’s living on past glories (some of which you clearly describe), but we need a lot better if we are to challenge the likes of City and Liverpool which is what we should aim to do surely. I think he’s slow to react and cumbersome – someone more nippy and nimble with a good engine like Kante is what I’d like to see and what is expected at the very top. It’s no coincidence he lost his England spot to the likes of Henderson, Rice etc and is now well down the pecking order. I think he’d be good for West Ham who are mid table and like to try and play decent football. As for Winks I see him as no more than a squad player – good enough to cover within the squad but not good enough to be a 1st team starter for us. Sissoko has stood out for me in CM these last 14 months and deserves his place and N’Dombele is beginning to show why we bought him especially when moving the ball forwards so for me they are the pairing needed in the 1st team as a double pivot with a more attack minded player completing the triangle in central midfield aka Dele/Lo Celso. I think a lot of England’s CM’s are limited and that especially goes for Dier and Winks – I don’t rate either very highly and think there is much better out there and if we want to move on and win things we need to make the necessary changes. For now I’d keep Winks but would get rid of Dier. I doubt any of the top 6 would be knocking down our door to sign Dier even Winks and that says it all for me. I would not be renewing Dier’s contract quite the contrary I would sell as early as January and start wringing the changes in the squad ASAP so we can challenge again sooner rather than later. P.S. If we miss anyone in CM it’s Dembele not Dier.

  • HT I would give the minutes to Dele and Lo Celso who are staying and both need to improve fitness and form and seeing as Eriksen has not been his usual self lately then it’s kind of easy to sit him on the bench. Indeed Lo Celso cost us a fair whack in a loan fee and is on a protracted deal so we may aswell give him plenty of minutes and see what we’ve paid and are possibly going to pay for. I gave my team for Liverpool already last night and so far stick by it.

  • el jefe – If Eiksen isn’t performing and will be gone at the end of the season why put him on the bench, why involve him at all ? Its the same problem as Arsenal have with Ozil. We need to focus on players who want to play for the club, without that desire it really doesn’t matter how much talent a player has. Hot Tottingham is right, Winks, Sissoko and Ndombele are all box to box players. Dier is a different animal, a pure defensive midfield player. His competition was Wanyama. The question is whether you need a DM or not. At home against weak opposition I’d say no. At Anfield against the league leaders ? Them maybe the defence needs some protection.

  • Just looked at Jods comments probably more elequently put than any I have made re Winksy. Perhaps he has been played out of position and asked to keep to a strict roll within the team or playing with a set up which doesn’t suit. However I’m more in the Sam camp as eljeffe. I see him as a squad player. I think HT’s comments re Dier are spot on I can see him starting to come back to form again.

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