Date: 21st October 2019 at 6:55am
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Tottenham Hotspur somewhat drew a line under our recent poor performances and hugely disappointing defeats in Saturday’s clash at White Hart Lane against Watford, but we have a quick turnaround this week in the fixture list and Tuesday evening sees us back in Champions League action as we welcome Red Star Belgrade to London.

There’s no hiding how poor the Watford performance was, but there were certainly more positives on display in comparison to the Brighton and Bayern Munich matches, and we can only hope that having drawn that line under our recent defeats, we can get back on track in midweek and get back to winning ways.

Fans have their own theories as to why the proverbial wheels have fallen off, but all that most will care about is that we quickly put them back on, as there’s plenty of football to be played and plenty of time left in the 2019/20 campaign to salvage the season and get ourselves back on track.

What nobody wants, is for this clear dip in form (if you can call our struggles a dip given it’s lasted for most of 2019) to get even worse, as there are enough questions floating in the air at the moment, but the players haven’t become bad players overnight and it’s down to them to prove it.

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96 Replies to “Red Star At Night, Can Spurs Finally Get Some Delight – Match Thread”

  • Fair play HT – I’d like Poch to explore all the option’s I mentioned above before getting rid off the Belgian pair especially as I still think there’s quality there even if they are quite slow especially nowadays – it might be the case that they’re past it for the Prem similar to me not thinking Foyth will make a good Prem CB due to his height – physical attributes are very important for CB’s and a decent turn of pace is pretty vital. Let’s wait and see how they get on for the rest of the season starting tonight – but I’ll back you up that you are always very supportive of the player’s even those out of favour so there must be a reason for what you’ve written and no one has covered themselves in any glory this season – the results speak for themselves – I guess partly I’m just worried about how to replace the likes of Eriksen, Verts, Toby, even Lloris given their un-doubted quality and even loyalty down the year’s and how much it will cost to replace them eventually. All good things must come to an end – and it’s been pretty much good these last few year’s so for me there’s a nostalgia attached to these players that there’s never been for me before – like the 90’s and even the 00’s!

  • The difference between N’dombele and Winks is clear to see. He drives forward, he is direct, sprays passes forward early and is much more of a goal threat. We need a class DM beside N’dombele imo.

  • Spurfect One, i totally agree. That DM is a must. Winks cant shield the back line, Dier isnt match fit and too slow, Wanyama is finished form us, Sissoko may be doing job tonight but want manage it against better sides, its not his natural game.

    With DM and Ndombele next to him we will have the midfield sorted. Then sort back line out, Sess at lb, new rb and cb

  • In full agreement regarding a new DCM – get rid of Dier and Wanyama, too slow and not good enough anymore. A new LCB to be Vert’s long term replacement. A new RB, Aurier finally sold and Rose aswell. I’ve been saying it for ages now. Still want to see Foyth at RB and Sess at LB to see what they can do – doubtful of Foyth making at as a CB in Prem at 5ft10 but happy to be proved wrong here!

  • Feels strange to say it but Sissoko had a poor game tonight when the rest of the team put in far better performances. Good to see Dele getting back to somewhere near his best form.

  • Great result…much needed,only listened.i wonder if eriksen would have spoilt it all.
    Watched juve and boy we missed a trick with dybala… two great goals,saved them.
    Let’s hope this is a turn for the better.
    Congrats lads.coys

  • 4231 the way to go – it’s the formation that best suits us and our players. Would love a new DCM and a new RB in January to go straight in – but will hope more than wait with baited breath.

  • There was only one player on that pitch tonight who wanted to leave in summer. Vertonghen while in his last year wants to stay, only Aurier wanted to leave for playing time.

    So just saying, that team was full of players who want to be there and it was full of energy. Regardless of the opponents its the energy we lacked recently that is what showed, so us it a coincidence that the high energy was from players who want to be there and those who dont are not in the pitch?

    Just asking.

  • 62 true regarding Dybala but would he really leave Juve and come to us?! I very much doubt it and now even less. We’ve still got Dele and Lo Celso who are similar players so we have to draw a line somewhere. Even with Eriksen leaving I think we’ve got enough AM’s in Dele, Lo Celso, Lamela, Son and Moura – then there’s still Sess who can play LW and young Clarke one expects will eventually come into the Squad – maybe as early as next year. We need to concentrate on a DCM, RB and a LCB first and foremost for me.

    • Very refreshing result, hopefully it represents a turning point, rather than yet another false dawn. This result shows the difference when we score first and early, it nullifies any bus parking intent by the opposition, although one wonders how good, and well coached, tonight’s opposition were. A win is a WIN, and 5 goals is encouraging. Now let’s get back to reality and prepare to meet a Liverpool side wounded after dropping points to Utd, this will be a real test.

  • If you read back earlier in the thread this evening I suggested trying Verts and Davy and low and behold they were picked and we get a clean sheet! Another partnership would be to buy a LCB and play him with Toby if he was to stay as still only 30. Perhaps the Verts Toby partnership has gone a bit stale but doesn’t mean the individual’s are finished – I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being. In addition finally we played Sissoko and N’Dombele in CM dropping Winksy which was not working and went 4231 – much more athletic and box to box in that central midfield.

  • Loz… Agree with your last post. Spurs players were so much better like chalk & Cheese this season. A great performance against a team top of their league, who beat Liverpool. So lets take this win and move onto the toughest team to beat in PL at moment on their home ground.

  • Happy for Lamela – 2 assists and a goal – I said earlier he’s had a decent season and deserved to start on Saturday and tonight and proved me right. Going forwards toughest match of the season v Liverpool away on Sunday – I would go with:

    Gazza, Foyth, Toby, Verts, Davies, Sissoko, N’Dombele, Lamela, Dele, Son and Kane.

    Subs: Vorm, Davy, Sess, Winks, Lo Celso, Eriksen, Moura

    DO not want Aurier, Rose, Dier or Wanyama anywhere near the team.

  • EJ, Dier looked very positive tonight and played 2 or 3 very good forward passes that led to scoring chances. I think that was much of the difference tonight, everyone was looking for a forward pass rather than sideways and backward. I agree he can look a bit ponderous and just wish someone would teach him to run on the balls of his feet rather than flat footed!

  • Great result tonite. I agree with a lot of the comments from Loz and Spurfect one. We had a lot of assertiveness and progressive play from midfield. Was it the shape of the team or the fact that Harry Winks wasn’t playing. As I said in an earlier post he is too crab like in his play (sideways or backwards) and for me brings little to either attack or defence. Hopefully this is not a false dawn and we can progress from this. Don’t forget a lot of other teams lately haven’t covered themselves in glory look at the Gooners on Monday nite and Man City against Wolves. Roll on January we can get rid of dead wood and” heads Goners ” and get some fresh blood in. Good to see Deli finding some form and Lo Ceslo finally taking to the pitch. COYS

  • I’m not sure why Winks is getting stick on here. He is not to blame for the teams overall poor form. Especially when we have seen much more senior, experienced club/international players, such as Eriksen, Rose, Toby and Jan all having a poor season so far. All making errors and all lacking in energy.

    It would’t surprise me if Harry is back for the Liverpool match on Sunday, having been rested last night.

    It was good to see Dier come on. He looked fit, sharp and played very well.
    I think we have missed him a lot these past few months.

  • Its all about attitude. The performance last night was far from perfect. The passing wasn’t always accurate, we tried to pass it in our own area when we were being pressed and the limited opposition managed to create too many crossing opportunities for my liking. But we were looking to attack and when we do that we have players who can score goals. A bonus was Foyth and Lo Celso getting back on the pitch. Not sure if Son was replaced by Dier to save his legs or it was tactical. Either way Dier did look good as Hot Tottingham says. To be fair nobody had a bad game. To keep that attitude going Poch has to work with the players who want to stay and if those who are planning on leaving don’t like it, tough.

  • As for last night, Spurs looked like a proper footballing team again. All of them played well. They were positive going forward and mostly comfortable in defence. But I have to say that Red Star made it rather easy for us. Often passing the ball to a Spurs player much better than Christian has been doing so far this season and at the end stage of last season… 🙂

    Personally, I don’t think that our performance was so much to do with the formation played or Sissoko playing in Winks’ role for example. I thought it was more to do with our attitude, positivity and confidence on the night. But maybe it did have something to do with the starting line-up as well.

    During the first half BT commentary, Hoddle pointed out that there was just one ‘want-away’ player on the pitch that may well not be at Spurs next season. (Jan).He hinted that this may have been a reason for our sharper approach and good start to the match. I’ve since read that it was also pointed out by a BBC radio pundit. After the match, it was pointed out on here by Loz. And, it what I was suggesting on here in my last post, before the game. (It’s what I’ve wanted to see since August). That, I would like to see more of a younger and dynamic team made up of those that want to stay at Spurs? I was talking more about what I expect to see next season but that I would like to see Poch be more bold with his picks right now. And not rely so heavily on those underperforming players that are likely to not be here next season.

    I think Poch will of course still be using the likes of Rose and Toby who were not even in the squad last night but I’m hoping he plays them more sparingly. In fact, we will probably see them return for Sunday. I just hope that if they do, they can perform as well as we know they can.

    I’m not writing off any of our players. I just want to see the future of Spurs happening much sooner than later. I feel that if Poch doesn’t do this that we will suffer in the long run and he may be out of a job come summer. I’d rather we falter a bit with the new breed than watch the more established ones lose grace and too many more matches…

    Of course it’s all so much easier said by me than done by the boss…

    Over to you Pochettino. Be bold my man. Be a hero!

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