Date: 21st October 2019 at 6:55am
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Tottenham Hotspur somewhat drew a line under our recent poor performances and hugely disappointing defeats in Saturday’s clash at White Hart Lane against Watford, but we have a quick turnaround this week in the fixture list and Tuesday evening sees us back in Champions League action as we welcome Red Star Belgrade to London.

There’s no hiding how poor the Watford performance was, but there were certainly more positives on display in comparison to the Brighton and Bayern Munich matches, and we can only hope that having drawn that line under our recent defeats, we can get back on track in midweek and get back to winning ways.

Fans have their own theories as to why the proverbial wheels have fallen off, but all that most will care about is that we quickly put them back on, as there’s plenty of football to be played and plenty of time left in the 2019/20 campaign to salvage the season and get ourselves back on track.

What nobody wants, is for this clear dip in form (if you can call our struggles a dip given it’s lasted for most of 2019) to get even worse, as there are enough questions floating in the air at the moment, but the players haven’t become bad players overnight and it’s down to them to prove it.

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96 Replies to “Red Star At Night, Can Spurs Finally Get Some Delight – Match Thread”

  • At least we did not lose on saturday… so an improvement in form. Dele looks like he has lost weight and a bit of improvement in his movement and ability, so getting back to form. I expect a tight game against bus parkers again, and this time more quick passing and forward running players that receive the ball ! The score 2-0 spurs, and a big confidence boost for all connected to THFC.

    As to Liverpool game due…. A revenge (CL loss) style of motivation should be prevalent within the squad, couples with new confidence as mentioned above, and seeing how Man Utd got a result yesterday should give spurs players ability to try and win… Danger is their fast running forwards against our DMF & back line, Gazza in goal needs to be more confident not a nervous nellie.

    • I am afraid that it is difficult at this time to forecast a Spurs win against anyone. I hope it comes right on the night, but we will wait and see.

  • Every team goes through a bad patch and we as supporters should stand by them,and by god over the last 40 years we have had our ups and downs,but when the chairman and manager seem to be singing from a different song sheet there are issues which bode badly for our future. When we start a team when 4 or 5 players are not totally committed to the club we are asking for problems.I fully expect our team to lose on Tuesday, and,the shame is that it takes a shorter time to get over it.

  • GA….very well said.

    b108s….good post there.

    We can do it and all things will change sooner or later for the better, sooner rather than later is expected after the 2nd half showing on Saturday, lets really start tomorrow night. COYS

  • Harrylujah, I’ve seen delight! And, I have quite often been delighted with this Spurs’ Pochettino team…

    Unfortunately, I’ve/we’ve yet to see it this season. But we will… Won’t we?

    Will the real Spurs please stand up. Stand up for Jesus, Poch and all!

    Up, up and away!

  • HT.. we did see the spurs players perform to the level we want them to.. Spurs 4 Place 0 remember this game at WHL 2 momths ago??

    • Of course I remember it block 108. But, even so, Palace were not very good that day… I also recall the team playing okay for spells vs City and Arsenal away from home. At least we didn’t lose, anyway.

      But, when the team is playing well in most matches and in good form, I do expect the odd bad performance and/or result. And when the team are generally in bad form (as we currently are), I will expect the odd good game and favourable result.

      It is about consistency though. Not just in results and points gained but in performing well, also.
      We can’t even show consistency within the one game at the moment and the players look to have lost all confidence in themselves and each other…

      This is not an easy fix for Pochettino but not impossible. But if there is a solution to be found anytime soon, we can still have a good season ahead of us. All is not lost… But, we will just have to wait and see…

      Maybe there will be a new twist on the word ‘Spursy’. Whereby we have a poor season in general, playing mostly boring and uninspired football but win a cup at the end of it all… You know, like we sometimes used to do in the old days.

  • An interesting night tomorrow. By all accounts there will be loads of empty seats, a poor atmosphere is inevitable considering current form and can we really expect a good performance. The players and manager seem to have lost total belief and desire. The same players are making the same mistakes week after week. There is absolutely no organisation. Watford should have scored more goals on Saturday. Everytime the counter-attacked they outnumbered us.The recent performances against Colchester, Bayern, Brighton and Watford that take me back to the dark days of the nineties. Poch seems unable to motivate the team who seem to lack the desire, leadership or know how to change things. We are witnessing the beginning of the end for Pochetino. It is just a matter of time.

  • I am going to have a play and name a side for tomorrow night, here goes….

    Foyth Toby Sanchez Davies

    Sissoko N’Dombele Winks

    Lamela Kane Son

    Subs…Deli, Maura, Lo-Celso, Rose, Verts, CE, Aurier, Parrot, GK +,

    Could be Lo-Celso or Sessegnon. COYS

  • DH… we all agree the players are at rock bottom in confidence motivation and poch is struggling. This has been happening over last 8 months in PL / CL. The management of poch and Levy have to start the transfers out and in for Jan window, for all players who are saying they want to leave, bench them / bring in the young players from academy and lets see some desire and fight for the 3 points in games.

    If poch walks away, Levy being the business man he is.. would have a replacement lined up. But i think poch is not a man who quits a job when it is in difficulties. Summer is the time we can expect a clear out, players and or poch.

  • In the early years of Poch’s reign we had the youngest squad in the premier league, now we have one of the oldest, we ran more than any other team, now we run one of the least, we pressed more than any other team, now we press one of the least. We had the two best full backs in the league (pacy attacking full-backs was central to Poch’s system), now we have the two worst. We had the best defensive record, now we have one of the worst. Worst of all, we are incredibly dull and predictable to watch. This is not a blip. It has been going on for well over half of a premier league season now and there is absolutely no sign of it ending. Neither the manager or the players seem to have the sufficient mentality to change things for the better. This is why I think Poch will leave sooner rather than later. Sucker that I am, i still can’t wait for the match tomorrow. COYS

  • DH …. I was getting really worried until I read your comments and realised, as you pointed out, that we are much better than I had previously thought. Phew!! Now I feel much more optimistic. : – )

  • I personally am resigned to accepting yet another underwhelming result at this point. What’s changed?

    I believe the squad needs massive reshaping in January, most notably by getting rid of players who no longer want to be part of the club. Until that happens, I can see the malaise continuing.

    Until something changes in the tactics and team selection, I just don’t expect different results if we are doing the same things over and over.

  • BS, I think Poch has tried different formations and changes of personnel (where player options have been available) without success, I think all of the changing around could now be contributing to the issue with players unsure what they are doing from one game to another.

    Without being too predictable in our play I think he needs to settle on the best formation that suits our current squad and stick with it to try and bring a bit of consistency back to our play.

  • Expecting a difficult match given our recent performances and there’s no easy games in the CL atleast not for us especially at the moment. I would go with:


    Foyth, Toby, Verts, Davies

    Sissoko N’Dombele

    Moura Lamela Son


    Drop Aurier and Rose as they’ve been terrible, also 3 in central midfield is not working so for me Winksy has to be dropped and anyway we’re at home and need a win so should put out an attacking formation. Moura needs to be used more often, Lamela’s form this season is decent and Son and Kane pick themselves. Eriksen, Alli and Lo Celso on the bench assuming all fit in case we need more guile at say half-time if things aren’t going our way along with Sess, Winks, etc.

    • My team as well El Jefe combining flair and pace with more solidarity in defence. But I doubt whether Poch has the imagination and courage to make these changes.

  • TQ – agree with that – about time we reverted to 4231 as has been very successful for us in the past. I think when everyone is fit that will be the go to formation with possibly Lo Celso, Alli, Son and Kane being 1st choice with Lamela and Moura being the go to guys on the bench. I would love to see Moura used much more often in the 1st team and hopefully step up, indeed given a run like Sonny was originally and has been given to show what can do – 15 goals in a season for a winger who does not play that often and has done it more as a super-sub is none too shabby and deserves better recognition but that’s my opinion like I say above think it will be the 4 mentioned as Poch will keep faith with Alli, Lo Celso given what cost is not going to warm the bench often and Son and Kane pick themselves as I’ve said many a time on here.

  • BS – agree there – in January we need to ship out players like Aurier, Rose, Wanyama, Dier, Eriksen and in my opinion also let KWP, Tanganga, Skippy, Clarke (somewhere but Leeds as not getting minutes) and Parrott go out on loan and get much needed game time. If we can attract 1-2 top player’s then do so immediately otherwise wait until the summer to do so but that could mean a wasted season but I guess we’re in transition whether we like it or not so will have to go with the flow.

  • Watching Monday night football and carragher talking about what’s gone wrong with Tottenham and as far as I’m concerned I completely agree with him basically the hole dressing room and management has gone stale in his reading off the situation and has basically laid a lot of the blame with the hierarchy of the club through lack of spending.

    • Pauric I was just about to mention the same thing, totally agree with carragher .get rid and bring in players and possibly coach too if necessary.i’m running out of fingers to cross ,gone to toes now.saw a bit more effort on Saturday but much more required.
      Also agree on playing some of the younger lads,sure to get more effort .

  • It’s funny, ain’t it? (maybe not). But a lot of supporters are suggesting that we need to offload around half a teams worth of our players asap, in order to move on, rebuild and improve. And yet most of those guys being mentioned are also players that many of the same supporters were insisting (before the start of this season), that we must do our utmost to hold on to. You know, pay them more. Pay them what they want, etc. Just don’t let them go!

    I was of the opinion that we needed change. I was more than happy to see many of them leave. I knew that we needed a fresh impetus. Pochettino knows this too. But, who said it would be easy? Who thought it would be without trouble?

    To be honest, I never saw it going so stale, so quickly. But football is never as predictable as us supporters always seem to suggest that i is. And because of this, I’ll not say I told you so. But I will suggest that as quickly as bad form can hit, good form is always just over the horizon. And, besides which, many supporters that are now saying, “I told you so” and say they saw this coming; Well, you were saying the same old stuff 5/6 years ago and never have you stopped saying it. You always say the same old negative stuff about the team you support. Even when all is well… Well, I suppose we all get to be right some of the time…

    I have no definitive answers myself on what could, should or will happen next. But I do know that being proved right or wrong , right now, doesn’t mean a thing until this season is over…

    I can’t wait for the new breed. The next version of Spurs. The more successful Spurs. But I guess I’ll just have to make do for now with many of the old guard and hope they can leave us yet, with some pride intact. But, as I will always say, who knows? I certainly don’t…

    Haha, sods law say’s we will win something this year… FA cup?

  • We are not the only club with contract issues and we are not the only club with unwanted players. But we are the only club who have so many contract issues and so many players that we clearly don’t want. I find it amazing that a regular champions league club who have apparently been on such an upward curve has got itself into such a situation
    I wonder why it takes us so long to offload players we don’t want. It seems to take at least three to four windows. Not always the clubs fault but I suspect a lot of it is.
    Liverpool raised over £50m from player sales this last window. All done very quietly and very efficiently. A sign of owners and managers working as one. This doesn’t seem to be the case at Spurs where every situation seems to turn into a soap opera – Eriksen, Toby, Jan, Rose, Aurier, Wanyama.

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