Date: 29th July 2019 at 9:00am
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Tottenham fans hardly enjoyed the performances of Kieran Trippier last season, and he’s done himself no favours with his recent comments either.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the defender, who was involved in the 7-3 thrashing of Real Madrid with his new club Atletico Madrid, had some choice words about his former club.

A lot of fans were happy to see Trippier leave when he did, and now that he’s come out and slammed the Lilywhites for ‘behind the scenes problems’ they’re again slating him

You can see exactly what the fans have had to say about Trippier here…

Spurs fans haven’t taken kindly to Trippier’s comments and will be keen to see the defender stop talking about their club now that he’s finally left it.

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4 Replies to “‘Really disappointing’, ‘Joke of a player’ – Loads of Tottenham fans slam ex-player”

  • The fact he has gone out with such snide comments tells you all you need to know about him. Not the brightest boy on the block and by his own admission was god damn aweful last season. He should really shut up as it will not take Athletico fans much time to suss out what an average player he is.

  • Trippier was the weakest link in the Spurs side last year, the problem was he believed the press he got from the world cup and didn’t feel the need to put the effort in for his parameters. Tottenham will be a stronger team without the need of the rest of the defence to cover his screw ups. I hope it works out for him 8n Spain but good riddance from WHO ( the new )

  • Things probably did happen behind the scenes. Poch and the club ain’t perfect you know.

    He played a lot of games with injuries last season that wouldn’t have helped.

    The time was right to sell but IMO he was our best RB. We are now weaker there.

  • I can understand Spurs fans unhappiness with his comments and many are calling him out for his performances last season . However in my opinion his levels dropped because he came back too early from the World Cup after playing a lot of Football , which led to tiredness and ultimately injuries. I think Spurs fans should take the emotion out of the debate and at least understand that.

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