Date: 16th October 2017 at 12:43pm
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The Daily Express says that( Poch has vowed to get on the front foot instead of parking the bus when we play Real Madrid on Tuesday. Poch intends to stay true to Tottenham`s ­attacking principles and will ­attempt to make a game of it. “We will try to ­dominate,” he said. We will try to be better, but it`s a massive challenge for us to dominate them. We will press high, try to play in the ­opposition`s half, try to be ­aggressive and brave. “That`s how we feel football should be played. If they try to push us back deeper, then OK, we may have to adapt to their quality. But from the beginning we will be brave and aggressive and play to win the game.” He added: “Everyone in ­football chooses their way to play. Football is so open with so many ideas and you must ­respect every way. But if you ask me, we are going to Madrid to play football and be ­Tottenham. “We do not change because we are playing in ­Madrid.” Poch insists he has the team to justify the hype around them and prove that they are worthy of sharing a stage with the ­Champions League winners in three of the last four seasons. But, do we have a side that can perform better than the 2011 side that went down 4 – 0 at the Bernabéu. We have never beaten Real Madrid but we have only ever met them 4 times in 2011 and the Europa in 1984.

Whatever we do, however we play this game, it was always going to be looked upon as a defeat. We therefore have nothing to lose. All players dream of games like this, it`s what you become a professional footballer for, to have evenings at the Santiago Bernabéu in front of a packed ground to play the best club side in Europe if not the world. But they are not invincible Levante and Valencia and Real Betis have shown that. Yes, against Dortmund they beat them away 3-1 but we had the measure of the German side as well.

Real will be all attack, they will be technically better than us and the game will probably focus down on how we compete in our final 3rd. We don`t have anything like the speed in attack that Real do, since Walker went and Rose has been crocked we have had nothing in the way of potency out wide. We are still waiting on Aurier to show a clean pair of heels to his opposing left back so with inferior speed we have no option but to close down every bit of space. When you look at their line up there is no position on the pitch that doesn`t wreak with class; Ronaldo – Benzema – Asensio – Ramos – Isco Modric and of course Bale. Bale may not play but Karim Benzema returns from injury and Marcelo and Theo Hermandez are also available again. Toni Kroos has also recovered from a rib problem. It will be a formidable line up with or without Bale

All we can do is close them down, be patient, because we won`t have the ball for long periods of the game. Christian Eriksen summed it up on Sky Sports ( Eriksen knows what it`s like to take on “Los Blancos”, having played them twice with Ajax during the Champions League group stage in 2012. Ajax lost both ties 4-1 but five years on, Eriksen believes Spurs are equipped to do better. ‘You need quality and belief. I think we have both so I don’t think we should be scared of anything,’ he told Sky Sports. ‘I haven’t won there yet so I need to change something. Of course it’s a special stadium, a special place”. ‘Playing against Real will always be special for any footballer with the history they have and the players there so it will be a good test, to see how far we’ve really come.’ But Eriksen says Spurs, on the back of third and second-place finishes in the Premier League, have shown they can go toe-to-toe with the best. ‘I think we’ve shown it in the Premier League,’ he continued. “Overall with the consistency over the last two seasons, we’ve definitely proved that we are a team that will hopefully have a very nice and very tough game at the Bernabeu.”

All we can hope is that we give it a go and give them a game and not ship too many goals, a draw will feel like a win but a close game will show how far we have really come under Pochettino. We will know for sure just how World class players like Eriksen and Kane are against a truly World class team it`s a pity Dele Alli had to miss this one maybe it will make him realise he has to reign it in a bit. Its show time folks! let`s hope we put on a show!


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  • A draw won’t feel like a win, it would effectively be a win. With two to qualify and Dortmund having already lost once to us and Real it will put the Germans under tremendous pressure.

  • TBH, my ONLY concern for this game is the temperament of the players. Spanish league, especially RM and Barca and renowned for feigning calamitous injuries from the slightest touch. They seem to think getting the opposition players booked and sent off is a win in itself. Just take a look at the celebrations when Crouchy was sent off…

    Just stay calm and composed and stick to our game plan (that includes you Aurier….if your starting!). Hope Dele is repenting his foolish sending off in the CL and learns from it. I’d take a draw right now. But, RM are no where near their usual best with some injuries. COYS!

  • Thank god we have five easy games before we have to face the mighty Crystal Palace at our adopted home! Madrid 0 – 3 Spurs.

  • A win will feel like a win to me. So in order win , I think we’ll have to win it. So, I’m definitely going for a Spurs win. (Or a draw).

  • This is the game Im sure all the players were waiting for, this is what the CL is all about, our defence will be tested alot tomorrow night. Cant see us having too many chances, so i hope we can hold onto the ball and keep possession.

  • I think that the Dortmund game is a perfect example of how we should approach this game. Be in control and take advantage of what the game gives you on the counter. I would set the team up to frustrate Real and try to capitalise on our chances on the counter. We’ll create a few.

  • Here’s some boring information: In La Liga, Real have virtually the same record as Spurs do in the PL. W5 D2 L1., 17 points. Same goals for, 15 but 2 more goals against, 7. They are 5 points off the top, as we are, albeit in 2nd place to Spurs’ 3rd.

  • I probably will miss the game so just wishing the best to the lads and supporters alike. One factor that is overlooked is that Madrid is approximately 2000ft above sea level and this will have a small but discernible impact on the players’ performance (unless they have been in an altitude tank ). The stadium is physically imitating as are the crowd and I hope the lads don’t freeze on the night. As Poch has acknowledged, they have individually superior players to us in many positions so we will have to really play a good team game to compete. If we do lose I hope it is on the back of a good performance rather than an abject inability to play. I thought we could win the last time we played there until Crouch went mad so let’s hope we do better this time.

  • If we need to look to the bench to change this game it needs to happen with at least 25 minutes playing time to go. Substitutes need 5 minutes to settle into the game and get their second wind, and 20 minutes to be effective.

  • Some great play and some good fortune from the powers that be (thank u Lord) and a famous win for us.. Coys… (Ronaldo sent off for a second yellow for diving and arguing with the ref)… Nice dream

  • Boring information, Part Two: In 2017 Ronaldo and Kane have both scored 43 goals each in all competitions. However Ronaldo has achieved this in a total of 46 matches to Harry’s mere 38 appearances.

  • We must try & close them down & not allow them to dictate the play.Easier said than done ,but Isco is their playmaker so it’s crucial to not give him time to breathe. Ronaldo is Ronaldo ,not much you can do about him except pray! I’m so excited to watch games like this .This should be a beautiful game as opposed to the rubbish Liverpool & Utd served up on Saturday.

  • RM are an open footballing team, they give up enough chances to lose, however, they create double the chances down the other end and usually win. Spurs players have to be confident on the ball and be willing to take it to RM when they can. Midfield is the key area for spurs the CM must be willing to posses the ball and bring it forward not just pass it to the nearest player as RM will press if Spurs players play safety passes and become predictable. Spurs can get a draw 2-2. Coys

  • Juicy game is what comes to mind, lets hope it is and we compete whatever the outcome and if we lose I hope our heads don’t drop for the next Pl game and return leg. We have to realistic but we have to be clever and brave.

    My heart says we can get something from this game, my head says we can’t – so nothing changes there.

    RM are favourites but teams do score against them and you never know, if we are clinical we could cause an upset, but most important thing is to compete be brave and not fall apart if we go behind.

    i am going for a 2-2 draw and if we do that i will be delighted even if we play rubbish, because a point there would be great whatever the performance.
    Key man for me is Eriksen and Kane for different reasons. Eriksen needs to impose hhimself something he has regularly done against top teams, and Kane needs to boss, hussle and be clinical.

    Key player in midfield, whoever plays, my guess Dier will play, he has to really work hard and be concentrated, put a foot in, and if Winks, or Dembele play they have to equally be prepared to work their socks of andnot lose possession.

    We also need everyone to defend, not just the back line, defend as a group and attack as a group, but we need our central defenders to be at their best and we need to try and not give free kicks and corners away.

    Finally we need Lloris to be on top form and not make any errors which he has done in the past in big games.

    I am waiting for this juicy game with great anticipation and love. COYS

  • Lloris. Aurier Sanchez Alderwiereld Vertonghen. Dier. Winks. Eriksen Dembele Son. Kane. 4-2-3-1. Manager: Pochettino. Assistant manager: Jesus. Hat trick scorer: Harry Kane! Rose: On the bench. Luke Amos debut? Probably not.

  • Shame that LLorente has not had much playing time under Poch as I would’ve preferred Lorrente as the striker with Kane taking up Dele’s position….leaving Son as an impact sub. The reason why I’d have preferred that option would be so that when defending, Llorente could stay by the half way, occupying two defenders. With Harry as lone striker, we defend as a team and any clearances would only bring another wave of attack. RM are nothing like the PL ‘lower’ oppositions we have faced so far (bar Chelsea). If we keep defending in numbers, I see it turning out to be a long night of trying to play out of our own half….. sideways and backwards ain’t gonna help. Fingers crossed for a draw.

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