Date: 11th October 2017 at 9:38pm
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The Express reported today that Real Madrid are SO intent on obtaining the services of Harry Kane that they are allegedly prepared to offer us Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and Karim Benzema in exchange for our goal scorer extraordinaire.

Would YOU as a Spurs fan consider such a swap? Do you think that our very own ‘hard liner’, Danny Boy Levy would consider it?

If not, what would you consider to be a fair price for such a proven goal scorer? My price would be, Gareth Bale, Luka Madrid, Karim Benzema PLUS Real Madrid covering all of their wages for 3 seasons PLUS £50m. I’d consider that to be a fair deal. Over to you to discuss


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  • There isn’t another CF in world football like Kane. So for that reason I wouldn’t sell at any price. IMO the best all round CF/Striker in world football.

  • Strange coincidence that we happen to be playing Real next week, isn’t it?

    For those 3, I’d throw in Dele, Eriksen, Pochettino and Levy too.

    In other news, Rose and Lamela are back in training. They can have them as well if they also throw in Zidane and the Bernabeu too!

  • Sorry, Dele is on his way to Barca. Apparently Messi and Suarez will be offered to Spurs, free of charge, as a good-will sweetener. Fair enough, I suppose.

  • What a load of rubbish. Well, I suppose we could just swap names with Madrid …. they can be us and we can be them. I think Lloris going to Arsenal (which looks more likely every day) is a more worrying story.

  • Of course this story has no truth in it, but the underlying question is: as a Spurs fan, what would it take, in your opinion? The deal is just click bait for a silly newspaper, but if I were to seriously consider any such deal, I’d still probably turn the deal down, for a simple reason: age. Those 3 players would undoubtedly improve us for the next 2 years. After which Modric’s effectiveness in the PL would probably diminish, and Bale and Benzema would be on the wrong side of 30. All the while, Kane would only be 26 and still scoring bags of goals. If they were to offer Kovacic, Asensio and their young striker (I forget his name), that may be more appealing to me.

  • Real Deal – “There isn’t another CF in world football like Kane. So for that reason I wouldn’t sell at any price. IMO the best all round CF/Striker in world football”. We all love and rate Kane, but strikers like Lewandowski or Suarez are just as effective as Kane, and Griezmann, Aguero and MBapp√© probably aren’t very far behind, if at all. Kane is up there with the best, but he’s not in a class of his own.

  • Sorry Arky, I’m sure I wrote his correct name, (especially when it’s done twice!), but it might have been a senior moment!! I did of course mean Luka Barca, (or something like that!!)

  • The thing about Kane is he’s not just a great striker and a team player. He’s also got the right attitude on and off the pitch. He’s a role model for younger players and he’s only young himself. There’s Noone that can repay the investment as much in my view, so fair price would have to be Bale, Modric, Isco + ?1,000,000, stadium and wages paid for.

  • not even read the article but commenting with simply this – Kane is going nowhere YET. I don’t see Kane or Levy or Poch wanting him out for any amount of money, players at this time. I see him staying at all costs for at least this season, next season and then we can talk. Kane wants that new stadium experience, he wants to break records, he is happy at Spurs, his life and loves Spurs. For him to move his choice it would not be until he feels he isn’t going to reach his potential with us, win something may be, and that isn’t now and so his thoughts of leaving are not this season or next then we see how things are after a season in the new stadium. Levy and Poch are not going to force him out, why would they, they have him under contract, he is top goal scorer, happy with his wages and we are progressing slowly but surely, the money or players offered cannot replace kane, players are seeking massive wages now and that alone for any new top incomings is going to be a problem for us at the moment, we can’t afford to break the pay structure yet. kane and Tottenham fit like a pea in a pod, just as Poch and Tottenham does at this moment. I don’t see any major changes with kane or Poch for this season or next, then we will see where we are.

  • Ossie, if you don’t think that this article is up to scratch, please feel free to write one of your own.

  • “There isn’t another CF in world football like Kane.” Well theres actually a few, but we’d have no chance of obtaining them, so I agree, he’s almost priceless.

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