Date: 5th September 2018 at 12:40pm
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Tottenham Hotspur were founded 136 years ago today, starting life as a cricket club before morphing into our current incarnation and we have had success over the years.

Having come to life in 1882, we remain the only non-league club to have ever won the FA Cup back in 1901 following the formation of the Football League and we were the first club to lift the league and Cup double in 1961-62. Notwithstanding our more reliable success in the FA Cup, there have also been European honours along the way.

To celebrate our birthday, the clubs’ social media team took to Twitter earlier today.

With a slow and steady turn in recent years seeing us move from title outsiders to at least being in the mix in the rebranded Premier League top-flight, hope and expectation levels are high this year of pushing right to the end of the campaign under manager Mauricio Pochettino and maybe challenging for that top spot in the table and enjoying ourselves once again in the Cup competitions.

Better than me will know our history in greater detail but fans are relishing the opportunity of updating the record books.


5 Replies to “Raise Your Glasses – Spurs Are 136 Years Young Today”

  • We were not the first club to win the double …. Aston Villa and Preston did it before us. We were the first in the 20th century. That’s good enough for me. COYS!

  • From The Spurs (earlier in their history) to just Spurs, what a roller coaster of ecstasy, agony, relief, disappointment, pride and frustration, but along with all this, consistent love. To be alive in
    their 1960s Glory years was bliss, but to be young was very Heaven! To actually see John White in my
    first game at the Lane, just months before he died, when I was just 12 ..and to see Maurice Norman, Bobby Smith, then later and more regularly, Alan Gilzean, Pat Jennings, Mike England, Alan Mullery, Martin Chivers, Martin Peters, along with my personal heroes throughout that decade, Greaves and Mackay, will stay with me forever. For me, the 60s were all about my 4 heroes such ie Superman, Greavsie, Ali (or Clay) and Bob Dylan.
    Now that we have a squad to match the Glory years, we must make sure of a legacy so that people in another 50 years time can look back and say this period was among our finest hours! Happy Birthday to the greatest club on the planet (and occasionally it did feel like they were).

  • Happy Birthday to the Mighty Tottenham Hotspur, always and forever a fan.

    Geofspurs….picky! lol

    c b waters….ditto forever memories mate, always with us, hopefully many more, my first season was 60/61 thanks to my Grandad god rest his sole. COYS

  • CBW … We seem to have a lot of heroes in common …. Mackay, Greaves, White, Jones, Smith, Ali, and still today, Robert Zimmerman! The memories of seeing them play is worth far more than any trophy.

  • PY …. Picky? I’d be really pissed off if someone said United were the first English team to win a major European trophy. Just keeping the record straight! lol

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