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The list of TV and media Pundits, ex-pros let alone journalists that have now put the boot into Alli continues to grow on an almost daily basis, having once exaggerated his skills and contributions and fast-tracked talked him up into the international elite, they all now appear to be relishing ripping him a new one.

Again and again you hear platitudes and cliches of ‘too much, too soon’ or ‘too many things going on outside of football’, you name it the list of problems that he has apparently brought upon himself for having such a precious talent is almost unbelievable.

Once hailed as the brightest young English Player in ten years, he’s now an over-rated has-been or a spoilt little kid…

I think at the heart of all this are some very simple, basic physical and physiological issues; for those of you who have the time and the inclination I’d urge you to read Physique, Fitness, and Performance, Second Edition
By Thomas Battinelli

it is a great start to understand why performance waxing and wanes in young adults as they mature.

There have been many intense long studies of the effect of playing high intensity sports at an early age before your body has finished growing and settles into it’s natural size and form, there have been a number particularly on young professional footballers and the correlation between top class football and a career then filled with soft-tissue injuries that never seemingly go away, some amazing pro’s have had their careers blighted by playing at too high an intensity, too young and for too long.

Eventually all those youngsters that have been thrust into the top level will hit a physical brick wall, descriptions can vary from an inability to control the ball as they once did, self doubt, niggling soft tissue injuries, faster effects of fatigue and of course what seems at times a complete loss of control and natural skills.

There are many physiological changes that occur all the way up to 25, frame, bone density (related to physical stresses) muscle fibres, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing – all have an effect on sleep patterns and inherent mental and physical well-being.

Despite the huge weight of evidence from sport science that these effects are real and manifest themselves in different ways, I haven’t heard a single know it all pundit offer these reasons up as to why he’s struggled for form this year.

The single biggest factor is in my eyes that he’s simply been playing at too high a level for too long. Fergie would rotate and rest his young up and coming players on a regular basis no matter what the pressure was to do otherwise.

I’m absolutely certain that Poch has daily access to our sports scientists, doctors and fitness coaches and I hope that every single on of them are now telling him to take Alli out of the firing line for the sake of his longer term career and to get some of this idiot should know better pundits off Alli’s back.

He’ll bounce back, I absolutely guarantee it, as long as Poch acts swiftly now and puts a long protective arm around his shoulder and shields him from the outright nastiness that some of these pundits seem to be loving?

I’m sick of reading and hearing armchair ex-pro’s and commentators calling fans ‘fickle’ and ‘impatience’ or being told that fans do not understand the finer points of player development or the game, maybe the sycophants that they were should examine their own roll in this daily diatribe of crap they are throwing at Alli and demonstrate that they do have a brain, they can use it and stop their jaws from moving whilst they all keep repeating one cliché after another?

What would you do?


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  • He might be young, but just lately he’s always in the press…. time to knuckle down train hard and back to basics … the success has gone to his head and think he can rest on his previous … sorry son, you need benching until you realise you are playing poor and do not warrant selection … same for trippier and sissoko and Dier and davies

  • It’s for Poch to ‘put the boot in’ that matters. Rightly or wrongly, he’s backed him throughout his misdemeanours on the pitch ‘cos he like ‘a bit of dirty’ in him. Let him simmer on the bench for a while to get his head straight. The fact that Poch put a boot in on Edwards, no need to have favourites.

  • I have no doubt that Alli is a good player and that he’ll be back. The pundits just need bit of fodder to tailor to their audiences, that’s all. It will blow over. This being said, this is why banking on young players is dangerous. Their progression isn’t linear and we shouldn’t assume that because a certain player was good last year, he’ll be even better next year. During the TW, we have refused to strengthen in certain areas, banking/gambling solely on the further development of our young players. That has backfired. Alli will be a great player for years to come but his best years will be between 25 and 30. Only then are we likely to see him be consistently good. If he’s still at the club that is…

  • A storm in a tea cup. A topic has to be found to fill air time and print media space. Our tactics , plan B, player rotation, transfer dealings, wage structure, Danny Rose and other regular topics will reappear soon.

  • A storm in a tea cup. A topic has to be found to fill air time and print media space. Our tactics , plan B, player rotation, transfer dealings, wage structure, Danny Rose and other regular topics will reappear soon.

  • It’s not that simple. Greaves, Giggs, Rooney, Kane, and many other young ‘stars’ across the years, were never rested and it did not affect their game.

  • Sports science has been available for many years now and some sports use it to great effect, I’m just not sure football is one of them. Ferguson was the exception in terms of rotating players, not the rule. Poch has tended to wait until a player’s performance levels dropped right off before doing anything where Ferguson would have dropped the player for a game or two as soon as there was a hint of a problem. His attitude was that if you wanted the player to still be firing on all cylinders at the business end of the season you couldn’t overplay him during the season. With the return of Lamela there is the option to rest Ali, whether it will be taken is another question.

  • The trouble is Alli has started to believe his own press! I remember seeing him on a League of Their Own and wondering if the Ego was now getting in the way of his form. I have seen it happen before at Spurs with Alfie Conn – Steve Archibald -Darren Bent – David Bentley all did well then their form dropped but their opinions of them selves didn’t! Poch has to handle Delle better he’s made him almost the first name on the team sheet and that has to change. Delle has been exposed this year because the players around him that he relies on have made him look good in the last two previous seasons – now their form has slumped he is more exposed. I have lost count the amount of times he has overplayed the ball and lost it Demebele is the same and when you have one player off form that’s one thing but having too many not showing up all at the same time is making us look very ordinary. The truth is we are now left to fight out 4th place with Liverpool and the Woolwich as there s not much chance of catching the Chavs and the Mancunians from here so there is going to have to be a different mind set out on the pitch and in the dressing room. There’s a huge stadium rising from the ground in N17 and its going to need filling and its going to need CL Football again next year. Personally if a foreign team was willing to come and Pick Delle up in the summer on a loan if I were Poch I would take it Delle needs to grow up with some other club and come back when he’s learnt he’s a footballer first and a Brand Name second.

  • Nothing wrong with Dele, he is a kid and his loss of form isn’t unexpected to me. At that age it happens, and when it doesn’t happen often its a real adjustment mentally to deal with, something he will learn and get better at. kane is an example, when he deosn’t score you see it in his game, no matter what he says in front of the camera there is an effect when he struggles to score especially at the beginning of the season, but he comes through it in time. dele will do the same. His loss of form is showing in his inabilty to hold the ball, he isn’t relaxed, and now he is really struggling to have much impact, he needs a rest and taken out of the firing line, he will be back. pundits bug me, they sit getting paid handsomely trying to get us to believe they know what they are talking about, they don’t. Bigging Dele up for example was nonsense, yes he has talent and was very good very quick but he was never showing as much as these people were suggesting, they do ti all the time and when the players hits a bad patch they lay into them. I don’t think changing agents is anything to do with his form, or his head turned its just happens, its his first real challenge since arriving, new experience, so it will take time to overcome. his agent thing does concern me because I have said, I want players settled, that goes for Toby and Lamela, but nothing to do with his form imo or his attitude. He needs a rest and time to gather himself, it was a quick upward curve and now it’s come crashing down, that’s normal, he will recover but needs to be benched if we can afford to do so, and I think we have afford to do so to save him from the cruel world of pundits, media and fans.

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